Maya Kosoff and Fake Headlines at Vanity Fair


I once picked up an issue of Vanity Fair that someone had left lying around.  I wasn’t impressed.  It was, as is typical for every magazine aimed at a female audience, saturated in leftwing politics.  How bold, eh?  Not a one of them can summon the courage to challenge the stereotypical notion that all women are liberals, and that’s a big disappointment for this lady.

So I had to laugh today when I stumbled upon this headline from Vanity Fair:


By Maya Kosoff

Of course, any honest person who’s been following this story understands that Elizabeth Warren lost her speaking privileges because she broke the senate rules about not impugning another senator, but that kind of headline wouldn’t advance the Left’s agenda and journalism exists for the purpose of advancing the Left’s agenda, right?  Silly you if you thought it was about informing the public and letting the public form its own conclusions.  The feeble-minded public must always be nudged in the right direction by those who understand these things so much better than they do.

We can debate about whether or not the senate rule is a good rule or whether it’s been applied fairly.  That’s not the point of this post.  This post is about fake news created by fake headlines, a trick of the Left’s trade that’s been going on since before I was born.  A headline that says Republicans silenced Warren for reading Coretta King’s letter would be akin to a headline declaring that Democrats were up in arms because Donald Trump issued an Executive Order.   One can almost excuse Ms. Kosoff since she was taking her cue from Elizabeth Warren herself who, in typical leftist fashion, tried to make it seem as though Republicans had a problem with Coretta King rather than her; but substance matters. Truth matters.

Ms. Kosoff needs to put on her big-girl panties and see if she can make it as a journalist without resorting to fake news.  In the meantime I thank her and Vanity Fair for providing another perfect example of why liberals should never be trusted to report the news.




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  1. Well, as much as I hate to, I guess I have to give props to Donald Trump again – he’s the source for this new category of “news” – fake news. It’s been there for decades (since I’ve been around) but wasn’t really identified as such. The Donald did that and has made the identification of and shining a light on fake news another way for us REAL folks to combat the left.


  2. No doubt, the Truth is being hidden behind a lot of “fake” news. It is sad how people try to manipulate others.


  3. It’s doubtful she could make it as a journalist without twisting the news, otherwise she’d have nothing to say. The worst part is that the Vanity Fair readers will believe her version of it without bothering to see if it’s true.

    As Hillary once pointed out – ‘the average democrat voter is stupid’, and authors (cough, cough) like Maya Kosoff count on it.


    • Well I’m going to make it my mission to highlight it and name names whenever I can. If spreading the word is the only weapon we have we’d better make good use of it!


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