Thank you!


To my friends at Pesky Truth:

Sorry about the absence, but I’ve been battling a medical problem that had me hospitalized for three weeks. I’m back at home now, and I hope to return to writing and commenting within a couple of days.

I wanted to be sure to thank my “partners in crime” who have kept the site active in my absence, most notably, Kathy, CW, and Curtis. You’ve done the site proud! Hang on, help is on the way!

Happy to (still) be among the living, Garnet92.


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  1. Well Garnet, i don’t know what is your health problem. But i also have had a very very hard time with my health. A cancer was driving me crazy. But i’m ALLWAYS positive and after all those hard treatments i’ve done with radio and chymiotherapy, i think, at least thats what they said, it is in the good path again.
    Well, just for today we are alive and that is enouth to make me feel very very good.
    All the best for you Garnet.
    Cheers from Portugal


  2. That’s the best news we’ve had in weeks! Glad to have you back!!

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  3. WELCOME BACK, GARNET!!! I’m so happy to see you’re on the road to recovery! Looking forward to your next post. 🙂

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