Understanding the Left’s Love Affair with Islam


They say politics makes strange bedfellows, and boy are they ever right.  Nothing could be stranger – on the surface – than the Left’s sudden and nearly fanatical embrace of those who hail from the Muslim faith.  After spending the better part of the past century belittling organized religion and bombarding our courts with challenges to anything that smacks of religion in a governmental setting, the Left has suddenly discovered a newfound loathing for religious intolerance.    These are the same people who condescendingly sneer about “flying spaghetti monsters” and “bible thumpers,” but Islam and the Koran?  That’s all good with the Left for some reason.  And if you think it’s odd that the purported champions of women’s issues and gay rights are now ferociously defending a religious group that mistreats women and gays, well you would be right.  It is indeed odd.

They say if something doesn’t make sense then it isn’t true.  Well it doesn’t make sense that the Left has made itself the best friend of the Muslim community on the basis of their love for religious freedom.  If they stood for religious freedom as a principle they’d be taking up the mantel of Christians as well, and yet the opposite is true.  Christians are routinely under attack by the Left.  So now the question is, why would the Left go out of its way to pamper and appease Muslims?

To thoroughly explain the Left requires a bit of time and a good psychiatric dictionary but to keep it pithy I’ll sum it up this way:  Liberalism is a mental disorder that manifests itself as an absence of maturity.  A liberal is an adult child with a child’s constant need to gratify his ego, so much of what liberals do is for the purpose of showing the rest of us how superior they are.  Liberals also crave power and control.  Every odd thing they do can be explained by understanding these simple truths.

After 9-11 most Americans naturally began to look at Islam and Muslims with a bit more circumspection because that was the reasonable thing to do given the horror that transpired.  Liberals allowed us to grieve for about five minutes before they could no longer resist the prime opportunity they saw to feed their massive egos and to divide us in ways that could be politically useful to them.  After all, Muslims vote, don’t they?  They set out on a devious mission to portray our natural, self-protective instincts as “hate” and “religious bigotry” so that they could smugly show us how much more open-minded and resistant to stereotyping they are (not that the Left never stereotypes, but when they do they have good reasons, you see).  The truth is that there was commendably little backlash against peaceful Muslims following the bloody carnage of 9-11, but rather than applaud our maturity and restraint liberals began incessantly campaigning for “tolerance” as if Muslims were the ones under attack.  Muslims – the latest conquests to be pulled into the Democrat Party’s harem – are now the honorary guests of Democrats at highly visible events such as the State of the Union address, where they are paraded out like orphans at a charity telethon.  The intent is to create a false narrative of pervasive bigotry on the Right and foment a sense of victimhood among Muslims.  Does that game sound familiar?  It should.  Victimhood, after all, is the Left’s specialty, because when you don’t have principles to unify your party, you need victims.  And it’s working, of course.


Read:  The real swing vote in presidential election? It could be Muslim American voters.

Guess which way the Muslim vote is trending?  In the year 2000 80% of the Muslim vote went for George Bush.  By 2008 85% of Muslims reportedly voted for Obama.  Now, Democrats, Wikipedia and liberal journalists will tell you that the mass movement of Muslims to the Democrat Party was a consequence of the rhetoric and military policy of George Bush and the “neo-cons.”  But those of us paying careful attention would question whether it was the campaign against Islamic terrorism that turned the tide or whether it was the Left’s orchestrated scheme to cultivate victim status among Muslims that turned the tide.  And though the hard stats are difficult to pin down, one can find article after article talking about the high levels of welfare and other public assistance within the Muslim community, particularly the thousands of refugees brought in by Barack Obama.  Someone remind me which is the party of welfare, and which is the party that threatens (emptily, alas) to turn off the spigot?


Like every other special interest group wooed by the Left, Muslims know a useful idiot when they see one.  Once satisfied to assimilate and reasonably blend with American culture, Muslims now boldly establish Islamic enclaves here, secure in the knowledge that any resistance we show will be attacked by the useful idiots with loud shouts of “Islamophobia” or “religious bigotry.”  They know, as conservatives do, that the Left will foolishly sacrifice anything – even its own culture – for fleeting moments of power and the heady feeling that they’re better than everyone else.

That’s it in a nutshell, folks.  Muslims and the Left make natural allies.  There are now two Muslims in the U.S. House of Representatives:  Keith Ellison, Democrat from Minnesota, and André Carson, Democrat from Indiana.  Both are radical leftists.  Surpise, surprise.  In February of 2012 USA Today reported that the number of U.S. mosques was up 74% since 2000.  In November of 2014, C-SPAN carried video of the Islamic Opening Prayer to Allah in the House of Representatives.  In the meantime we’ve watched as our friends in countries all over Europe grapple with the consequences of letting their Left prove how open-minded they are over there.

It’s got nothing to do with religious liberty or religious persecution.  It’s got everything to do with expanding the Democrat Party tent.  The question is:  At what cost to the rest of us?



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  1. The Left will make use of violent Muslims to help undermine our western Christian culture. (A post Christian Europe is slowly being Islamicized by numbers.)


    • That’s exactly right, Larry. Then one day they’ll wake up and realize they don’t like the new rules that are imposed upon THEM. At that point they will demand to know how WE are going to solve the problem they created.


  2. Divide and conquer. It has been the political manifesto of the Left since FDR. I thought the Muslim attack on the LBGT community in Orlando would have changed their motives but I guess not. And the LBGT community is still on board with the Left. Go figure.

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    • The dirty little secret is that all of these special interest groups ultimately answer to a higher power. They’d betray their own mothers in a heartbeat for a little more political power.


    • Yet more proof that liberals know so much that isn’t true, eh Crawfish?

      The author of your post said:

      “Any human being capable of common sense should be able to discern the stark difference between the two monotheistic faith…”

      So now we know exactly what the problem is.


  3. After 9-11, you’d think the US would have all but driven them completely out of this country. Instead the Dems, seeing a usefulness for them, tagged us as hateful bigots and welcomed them with open arms. While our attention was diverted to that battle, the result has been this huge increase of their presence in our country.

    Votes and status elevation were/are more important than American people and they are so fixated on that, they fail to see the big picture. In a nutshell, the Dems picked the wrong ally and their failure to see that will cost us all dearly in the end.

    I think it’s time to admit the greatest terrorist threat to America is the Left.

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