The Iranian Infant and Democrat Hypocrisy


There is a story circulating now about a 4-month-old Iranian girl, Fatemah, who couldn’t travel to Oregon where she was hoping to receive heart surgery because of President Trump’s immigration ban.

Doctors in Iran did not have the surgical equipment necessary for the procedure. Her uncle, Samad Taghizadeh, a US citizen who lives in Portland with the girl’s grandparents, began making arrangements for the family in Iran to apply for a tourist visa so Fatemah could consult with doctors at Oregon Health & Science University, one of the premier facilities in the world for pediatric cardiology.

Fatemah and her parents were set to fly to Dubai on Saturday for an appointment at the U.S. Embassy there, but their appointment was abruptly cancelled after the ban went into effect the day before and the family has been left in limbo ever since.

The baby girl is gaining a lot of sympathy from people and in particular one Congresswoman who took her plea to the floor of the House on Friday. Oregon Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici, flanked by a large picture of Fatemah, called out what she said was a “hastily-issued” order from the president that is having unintended consequences on people like the young girl and her family, calling her the “human toll of Trump’s Executive Order” in a press release.

Seeing how Bonamici tugged at the heart strings of Congress, in typical Dem fashion, in efforts to get this Iranian child into the US, made me wonder how she feels about American babies.

It probably won’t surprise readers to learn that Bonamici is pro-choice and believes that women have a right to ‘choose their own healthcare and method of family planning.’

In June of last year, after a judge ruled unconstitutional a Texas law requiring abortion clinics to meet the standards for ambulatory surgical centers, she stated:

“Today the Supreme Court affirmed—yet again—the right of women to comprehensive health care. Attempts to limit women seeking access to safe and legal abortion, like the Texas law challenged in this case, are unconstitutional. I celebrate this victory today, and stand ready to speak out and fight back against attempts by Congress and other state legislatures to limit access to contraceptive and abortion services. Women have and deserve the right to make their own health care decisions, and I will continue to champion the right of all women to do so.”

In January, she joined the women’s march and had this to say:

“On Saturday, I joined the peaceful march in our nation’s capital with hundreds of thousands of women and men. And millions more marched in Oregon, across the country, and around the world to demand that our voices be heard. This bill turns back the clock. It puts women’s lives at risk. Restricting abortion does not make it go away – it makes it unsafe.”

The validity of her argument on women’s right is a conversation for another day, but it is unacceptable (or should be) for a representative to care more for the health of foreign babies than she does about the lives of unborn American babies. Her hypocrisy regarding babies needs to be on full display for all to see.


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  1. Great job nailing this liberal Democrat on her shameful hypocrisy, Kathy.

    Suzanne Bonamici is among the worst of the worst. Not only is she oddly selective in her concern for innocent babies, but she’s also another one of these so-called feminists who goes out of her way to embrace Muslims (“Bonamici Invites Washington County Muslim Leader as State of the Union Guest”) despite that religion’s tyranny of women. That makes a lot of sense, eh?

    When things don’t make sense, something is amiss. Serial hypocrites are liars and opportunists who should never be trusted. This is a woman who will do and say anything for attention and anything to increase power in her party, even selling us out to the Muslims and the possibility of Sharia Law getting its foothold here.


    • Thanks, CW. In my book she ranks right up there with Hillary in the hypocrisy hierarchy, because she’ll say and do anything to get re-elected. The blue voters in Oregon will keep her in office for years, so long as she supports their liberal agenda. They’ll praise her for the bravery she showed in taking this before the House. They’ll ignore the fact that she swore to uphold our laws, then turned right around and asked for special favors that violates them.

      The worst part is that none of them can see they are potentially endangering Americans with their misplaced sympathies regarding these refugees.


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