And the Razzie Goes to…..




Donald Trump is a meanie!

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)!

…for turning what he hoped would be a moment of emotional inspiration into a laughable farce with a completely non-believable performance (see the fake tears here).

Whoever said Democrats can’t be funny?




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  1. I agree! That was the funniest speech I’ve seen in a long while.

    Meanwhile we have Governor Cuomo. LOL!

    Hope it’s ok to post link to my blog?

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    • Absolutely it’s okay to post the link to your site, Tannngl!

      Cuomo epitomizes the typical, scummy Democrat politician who seizes every opportunity to whip up divisiveness so that he can then purport to help unite us. Someone should let him know that terrorists don’t discriminate. They’re happy to kill any and all New Yorkers.


  2. Maybe he’s the next one that needs to go on the comedy tour, the big fat phony. Did you see when Trump called him out on it and questioned his acting coach? lol

    Notice that he never mustered up tears for ANY of the recent attacks on Americans, but he’s got big alligator tears for unnamed, unknown refugees. Ppfftt!!


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