About That Crowd Size Debate



2009 Inauguration crowd

Call me the testy one if you want but I get annoyed whenever I respond to a point someone is making and that person then acts as if I made a big deal over nothing by virtue of my having responded.  Pardon me, I will think or say, but aren’t you the one who brought it up?  If it was no big deal, why did you bother mentioning it?

By now you’re aware that the Trump administration and the news media were engaged in a hot debate about how much larger Barack Obama’s inaugural crowd was than Donald Trump’s.  After the “mainstream” press brought it up, Trump and his press secretary, Sean Spicer, were accused by people on both sides of the political aisle of being petty for reacting to it.  ‘Doesn’t Trump have better things to focus on?’ they asked.  Well shouldn’t that same question be put to the folks who evidently decided that crowd size was a top news story?  There’s a ton of important stuff going on in the world, particularly with a new government taking the reins.  How did crowd size manage to make the grade?

Naturally the leftwing media (and for those of you who still don’t know, that’s the same thing as what some refer to as the “mainstream” media) invested time and space on the crowd-size story because it reinforces the narrative that Obama is so much better liked than Trump.  Why is that important?  As Sean Spicer said, it’s all part of the Left’s strategy to de-legitimize Donald Trump.  That being clearly the case, I don’t fault Spicer or Trump for challenging the crowd estimates and perceived bias in the reporting.

Do I think Trump had as large a crowd as Obama?  Hardly so; but then why would we expect him to?  Washington D.C. is a Democrat enclave surrounded by states where Democrats far outnumber Republicans.  It should be a lot easier for a Democrat to draw a giant crowd, just as the home team draws a bigger crowd in a popular sporting event.  Maybe if Trump fulfills his promise to drain the swamp the demographics in and around D.C. will finally change and so will the inauguration crowds.


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  1. One thing about the liberals is that you can always rely on them to use the same methods in their attacks. It’s important when THEY question it, but if the response isn’t suitable to them, they revert to blaming the other side for focusing on something petty.

    This was one of those topics that would disappeared in the 24 hour news cycle had not the media kept going on about it for days.

    Spicer is right and I hope they continue to counter the bias.


    • The MSM is still used to the good old days when they’d influence opinion by virtue of what “news” they’d choose to focus on and hapless Republicans wouldn’t make an issue of it so as not to look petty.

      Those days are gone.


  2. Don’t think I was aware it was the media that started it. Oh wait, it was! My memory’s getting bad in my old age.
    But the main issue was crowd size. That’s why I forgot who started the ping pong game. They do control the issues, don’t they?

    It’s so great this admin is including so many other media in its press conferences like Christian Broadasting Network! Ha! Not that CBN is what I watch, but at least you won’t get as much communist bias! Love that they are so huffy and puffy over not be chosen in first press conference FIRST! LOVE IT!


    • I love that too, Tannngl!

      There’s a sense of entitlement by the old guard (AP, NYT, CNN…). They think because they’ve been around longer or they’re more widely read they should be given priority. Looks like the Trump administration has decided that credibility and fair reporting should be rewarded instead.

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