Six Wounded During Gun Violence Vigil

Written by AWR Hawkins, 1-26-17, at Breitbart:

<> on April 19, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.

Six persons were wounded–two critically–when gunfire erupted at a Chicago memorial for gun victims.

The shootings occurred around 8:15 pm Wednesday night during “a vigil for another victim of gun violence in Chicago.”

According to the Associated Press, Community activist Jedidiah Brown says the mother of the victim for whom the memorial was held was among the six who were wounded. A 12-year-old girl was also wounded when a bullet grazed her head. She is listed in stable condition.

Chicago police spokesman Ron Gaines said “a 16-year-old boy and a 20-year-old woman are hospitalized in serious condition with gunshot wounds.”

Breitbart News previously reported that shootings and murder for January 1, 2017, through January 22, 2017, were higher than shootings and murder for the same period in 2016.  The Chicago Tribune  reported “at least 228 people… shot in Chicago” January 1 through January 22 of this year. That is an increase of 16 victims over the number shot during the same time in 2016. And there were “at least 42 homicides,” marking a “23.5 percent from the 34 homicides from the same period in 2016.”


There’s nothing quite like honoring a victim of gun violence with more gun violence.

This comes just after Trump threatened to send in the feds if Rahm Emmanuel couldn’t get the violence under control. I don’t see that as a solution, because sending in troops would only drive the shooters into hiding. When the troops leave the gangs go back to business as usual.

You’d think by now it would be obvious even to the city managers, that Chicago needs to back off the strict gun controls and allow people to arm themselves. To say their methods aren’t working is an understatement, but as usual, the libs continue to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

It was reported earlier that a person would be safer in Afghanistan than they would be in Chicago, and reports like this certainly makes that believable.


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  1. “You’d think by now it would be obvious even to the city managers, that Chicago needs to back off the strict gun controls and allow people to arm themselves. To say their methods aren’t working is an understatement, but as usual, the libs continue to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results.”

    What? Did you really write that? No, you are another one that doesn’t get it. Why can’t America get off its lazy ass and do something about the gun violence instead of preparing everyone to defend themselves against it. Just lazy and terribly selfish. The “screw you buddy” philosophy in the US is shameful.


    • What do you suggest, Henri? Should the non-violent people living peacefully in other areas of the country forfeit their constitutional rights to own guns and defend themselves just because the thugs in Chicago behave like animals? Should the taxpayers of Chicago foot the bill for a bigger police force so that city leaders can then be accused of militarizing the city and oppressing the black population?

      We’re not allowed to point out the out-of-wedlock births and generational welfare dependency that result in the culture of gangs and criminal behavior that are common in urban black communities where rampant gun violence is such a problem. Police are not allowed to profile and get the thugs off the streets before the violence occurs. Every act is decried as “racist” and police are constantly under attack and yet you demand that AMERICA get off its lazy ass and do something.

      Why don’t you get off your lazy ass and use your brain, Henri. Give us your brilliant solution to this problem, but don’t even think about suggesting that those of us who are peaceful and law-abiding should have to give up our rights to our guns.

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  2. Just being the pedantic ass I am, and quibbling over the phrase “gun violence” where “gang violence” is more appropriate.
    The gun-grabbers use that term to hide their real agenda, disarming innocent citizens – “Stop gun violence by getting guns off our streets.”
    I am less obscure about my agenda, making our cities safe for all citizens – “Stop gang violence by getting gangs off our streets.
    My 2¢


    • I had a similar thought after I typed that, Salty. It reads like I’m from the Department of Redundancy Department.

      You are so right about the gangs there, and much of the traffic across our southern border heads straight for Chicago. The gang violence increases every time more illegal immigrants make their way north with more drugs. Shutting down that border would slow down much of that.


  3. Great post and commentary, Kathy.

    How shocking to learn that the thugs in Chicago weren’t moved by the vigil on gun violence. Maybe all the mothers should wear pink hats and march arm in arm down Main Street. I’m pretty sure that would finally make the hearts of the thugs grow a few more sizes.

    What do you do when self-destructive people won’t help themselves? Maybe Obama would like to adopt some of these fatherless thugs. If he had sons, this is what they’d look like.


    • Thanks, CW. You would think the moms there would want to band together and try to turn this around, but most are probably waiting for the cavalry to come to the rescue, since that seems to be the mindset – wait for the government to step in. They could be in for a huge surprise – President Trump might not respond in the manner they’re expecting.


  4. As a veteran of several wars I would say it’s true or you move to the north side of Chicago where it’s very much better. My mother lives on the north side and hasn’t had any homicides near her in a long time


    • Good to hear from you bescher!

      At the risk of sounding racist, I’d guess the areas where most of the shootings happen is in the lower or regulated rent district, where a lot of blacks make up the majority of the neighborhood.. Not being familiar with Chicago, I could be wrong, but it sounds like these areas are similar to those in Baltimore where the housing is subsidized, and those on welfare, etc tend to migrate toward.

      I know it must be quite a relief to know your mom isn’t in that area.


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