Congress Looking to Reverse Obama’s Social Security Gun Grab

From the NRA, 1-25-17:


The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) today scored a significant victory when Congress agreed to review a final rule by the Obama administration that would wrongly strip law-abiding Americans of their Second Amendment rights. View Related Articles

“Congress’s decision to review the Obama administration’s back-door gun grab is a significant step forward in restoring the fundamental constitutional rights of many law-abiding gun owners,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director, NRA-ILA. “The NRA has been fighting this unconstitutional government overreach since it was first discussed and we look forward to swift congressional action to overturn it.” 

Last year, the Social Security Administration finalized a proposed rule to ban certain recipients who use a representative payee from owning firearms. This ill-conceived action stripped the right to keep and bear arms without due process from some of the most vulnerable Americans.  

The NRA immediately opposed the Obama administration’s efforts when the proposal was first announced in summer of 2015. The NRA has fought every step of the way to ensure that social security recipients are not stripped of their rights without due process of law. 

Congress is now going to review the Obama administration’s unconstitutional ban under the Congressional Review Act (CRA). CRA allows Congress to dispose of any actions an outgoing administration initiates in its last six months. This final rule falls under that time frame, and the review process is expected to move forward in the House and receive a vote as early as next week. 

“We are pleased that Congress is moving swiftly to ensure that law-abiding Americans’ constitutional rights are respected,” concluded Cox.  “We would like to thank Reps. Sam Johnson (R-TX) and Ralph Abraham (R-LA) for leading this effort in the House, as well as with Speaker Paul Ryan for his leadership on this issue.”


This is good news, especially for many of our veterans who were the prime target of O’s gun grab. He used the Social Security Administration and the VA to specifically to go after veterans who used family members or friends to help keep their checkbook in order and pay bills. O’s claim was that if they weren’t capable of maintaining their finances without assistance, they weren’t fit to purchase guns, which of course, one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

What makes this news even better is that it’s going through Congress rather than via another EO from Trump. This was an unconstitutional action by O and assuming Congress reverses this, the law will stand and can’t be undone by another Dem president in the future (God forbid) without Congressional action.

I wouldn’t put money on it just yet, but perhaps there is hope for our Congress after all.


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  1. Must have been that epidemic of senior citizen shooting rampages that got the Obama Administration in a tizzy, Kathy. You know how those old folks can be once they start joining gangs and hanging with their homies.

    One has to marvel at the richness of the irony here. The Obama administration instituted “a rule” to deprive a certain class of citizens from owing firearms based upon the assumption that they couldn’t be trusted with guns because others were helping them with their finances. If that really were the standard, then why didn’t Obama have a blanket rule preventing African-American males from owning firearms? As a class of citizens they kill at 7-8 times the rate of whites, and therefore can’t be trusted to own guns. And talk about being irresponsible with money……


  2. The whole concept, stripping citizens of their Constitutional rights, without due process, declaring them “mentally defective” because they can’t (or choose not to) balance a checkbook, reeked of fascism.

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    • It sure did because O was doing all in his power to turn our government into just that.

      It seems now there is even more good news coming out of DC – I just read where Senator Cruz and others will be working hard to bring about legislation that supports Trump’s EOs where needed. That’s a relief as I was beginning to wonder if we were moving to the other end of the fascist spectrum.


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