What Republicans Just Don’t Get About the Left

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl who had an ugly step-sister.  The step-sister was extremely jealous of the beautiful girl and treated her very badly, accusing her of being selfish, rude and sloppy,  even though the beautiful girl bent over backwards to please the step-sister by sharing everything she owned, by being as polite as anyone could be and by being fastidiously clean.  No matter what she did her step-sister disliked her and continued to treat her badly.

One day the beautiful girl complained to the wise old owl that lived in the tree outside their home.  “Wise owl,” said the girl, “my step-sister hates me because she thinks I’m selfish, rude and sloppy, but as hard as I try not to be these things she hates me still.  What can I do?”

The owl replied, “If someone claims to dislike you for reasons that have no merit, then clearly they are deceiving you about their true motives, and you shouldn’t take them at face value.  What is the real reason that your step-sister hates you?  Think about what makes sense.

The beautiful girl thought for a minute, then quietly said as she looked at the ground, “Well, some have said that she is jealous of me.”

“Bingo.” exclaimed the owl.

“So what can I do?” asked the beautiful girl.

The owl replied, “You can understand that someone who makes up reasons to hate you… someone who hides their real motives, is someone who can never be appeased or trusted.  Stop trying to please her and go on about your life.”


I’ve lost count of the number of times when I’ve heard conservatives theorize that the Left hates us because they believe we harbor terrible bigotries – racism, sexism, homophobia – or because of our supposed disdain for the poor or disregard for the planet.  Like the beautiful girl trying to appease the ugly step-sister, the conservative answer to these charges has often been to bend ourselves into pretzels trying to prove the charges false, as if any amount of proof could ever satisfy the Left.  This age-old game frustrates me to no end and leaves me to wonder how many more trillions of dollars we will allow the Left to siphon away and how much more of our personal liberty we will sacrifice before we engage our brains and see their game for what it really is.

Riddle me this one, Batman:  If racism is really what’s upsetting the Left, why are they so quiet when whites are the targets of racism?   Racism is racism, isn’t it?  Did you see the angry protests and rioting after the recent torture of a disabled white man by four black thugs?  Me neither.   Racism against whites is not only ignored, it is increasingly encouraged.  By the way, did you remember to check your white privilege at the door?

They supposedly detest our sexism, yet they defend and even revere Islam which views women as barely human.  Hellooo???  They take no issue with that certain genre of music that routinely calls women “hos” and “bitches.”  They supposedly revile Donald Trump for his sexist treatment of women, but Bill Clinton is just swell and dandy (Bill’s accusers, though?  The Left hates them).

They hate us because we’re “deniers,” yet never once do they complain when their leftwing idols – the Obamas, the Clintons, the Kerry’s….and all the limousine liberals they love in Hollywood – grow their massive carbon footprints with their lavish lifestyles.


Hmmm.  Are you scratching your head yet?  The serial hypocrisies and selective outrage always give proof to the Left’s lies.  Always.  My dear Republicans, tis better to educate the world on this truth than to perpetually waste our time on the futile exercise of trying to disprove the Left’s lies about us.

They don’t hate us because we’re racists, sexists, homophobes or deniers, even if they happen to believe that’s all true.  They hate us because by standing up for the Constitution, by defending our liberty and our rights, we are standing in the way of what the Left wants.  And what the Left wants is total control.  When the leftists say “Jump!” and you say, “How high?” then – and only then – will the Left finally be satisfied.

Let’s never satisfy them, and let’s stop playing along with their game.


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  1. It is never enough for Democrats. You give a inch and they want a mile. As far as the Constitution is concerned, they have gotten their way on too. The Commerce Clause controls intrastate and interstate economics starting from the FDR Court. They have wrongly used Substantive Due Process to conjure up make believe rights: The Right to Intern a race, the Right to Sterilize intellectually challenged, the Right to abort a baby for no reason, the Right for Homosexual marriage, and if we had their way in the early interpretations of the Constitution: the right to segregate, the right discriminate against women and blacks. The list goes on and on. Good Post, CW.


    • “It is never enough for Democrats.”

      True, Patrick. “Never enough” is the consequence of the Left’s deceptions about what it’s really after.

      Great comment. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Good advice, CW. When you know you’re in the right, you stop trying to reason with them, because there is no such thing as appeasing them. They have no standards and their labeling of us is selective – we’re only racist etc. when they say so.

    If they had their way, the Constitution would have been shredded long ago, and all laws/rules would be based on feelings and social justice. It’s like we’re sharing this planet with an alien species that refuses to accept reality.

    From the headlines I’m seeing today, some of that siphoning is coming to an end with this new administration. The whining and screeching we’ve heard during the women’s march will be nothing in comparison to what we hear once the new reality sinks in.

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    • “The whining and screeching we’ve heard during the women’s march will be nothing in comparison to what we hear once the new reality sinks in.”

      It’ll be music to my ears, Kathy. Maybe they’ll cry themselves to sleep.

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  3. CW, you’re right.
    There is no pleasing or satisfying the lib.tards, which very realistically is so clear and evident when having to deal with the Family Destruction Agency.
    With no more than a claim on paper about DV and the mother with children in tow will get everything provided to destroy family, all in the “best interest of the child.” And the State gets to plunder all the assets every bit possible as possible. Like being stuck in sand, there is no bottom to their plundering, without cause or justification.
    No matter how much a man jumps through hoops and strives to be a part of the child’s life, there’s never enough hoops to jump through or enough funds to ever get the buzzards off your back. You get to that point where you just quit. 18 years later I’m being abducted, detained, thrust back into court to have to face all that trauma, drama, alienation, no help, nothing but either “make gold out of straw or go to jail.” In a couple hours I’ll be facing the sentencing, most likely facing prison. It’s all too well known this outrageous dissolution of the family structure of sociiety is going on and yet where’s the debate, discussion, efforts to put the brakes on the courts that’s cultivating the environment. It’s all a facade of what is truly going on behind the scenes. The Family Destruction Agency is laying the foundation for the building of socialism, communism, etc.

    I need to spend more time getting ready to appear in court. May not be around for a while.
    Here’s a couple links to Stephen Baskerville, very well knowing about what’s going on. Yet how to get help? where to get help? Then what else is going on? and What else is going to happen?????
    I’ll be sending an email with some info to g92

    This one is his web blog:
    this one is where there’s a couple of his article easy to locate that’s pertinent to myself, especially “Fathers Into Felons”

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