Polarization is too big a problem for one man to fix.

Donald Trump troubled

David French is a staff writer for National Review, a senior fellow at the National Review Institute, and an attorney.

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The word of the day is “polarized.” The New York Times declared that Donald Trump “will take command of a country unsettled after one of the most polarizing periods in modern times.”. . . (T)he Washington Post, Philip Bump rightly noted that Trump “didn’t create the country’s divisions” before wondering: “Will he heal them?” The answer: No, he will not. He couldn’t heal them if he tried.

American political polarization . . . has more to do with starkly opposed attitudes than with conflicting ideas. Political ideas are remarkably malleable. Trump and Hillary Clinton were, in one sense, two of the least ideological nominees in modern times. Both had spent their public lives arguing virtually every side of every major American political issue. . . Trump and Clinton may have been ideologically flexible, but they were fiercely, relentlessly partisan. They fought. They both brought a “just win, baby” mentality to the public arena. . . This polarization has been a long time coming. . .

A generation of liberal elites has grown up steeped in a culture that believes that millions of fellow Americans aren’t just wrong, but evil — racist, sexist, homophobic, and drawn to religious faith as a vehicle for their bigotry. If you don’t think the Obama administration was infected with that mind set, you’re naïve. It relentlessly attacked religious institutions, even trying to inject federal oversight into the pastor-hiring process. . . It tried to enlist religious organizations . . . attempting to force nuns to facilitate access to abortifacients. It attacked the Tea Party root and branch . . . subjecting them to intrusive federal inquiries. . . In Wisconsin, politics was so weaponized that conservatives were subject to terrifying dawn and pre-dawn raids, as police barged into homes to investigate political speech. . .

As for politics? The Democrats took a gentleman like Mitt Romney and transformed him into a . . .  man indifferent to the suffering of others. They took George W. Bush, another gentleman, and transformed him into a bigot, equating his refusal to sign hate-crime legislation with a horrific lynching. The message was clear: The Left really, really hates you.

And over time, a response emerged: The Right really, really hates the Left back.

The numbers don’t lie. The Pew Research Center’s polling on polarization is sobering. . .


No one can reasonably argue that Trump was anything other than a polarizing force in the 2016 election. . . But was he creating the market for political polarization, or was he merely meeting its existing demands? . . .

Trump may win reelection. He may govern successfully, accomplishing his most worthwhile goals while forsaking his worst ideas. I hope and pray that he does. He might even change his tone, becoming more “presidential.” He could make things a bit better or he could make them worse. But he’ll never unite the nation — the gap is simply too wide for any one man to bridge.

This shit had to, HAS TO, stop! One way or the other!

Given the violence and anarchy shrugged off by the Left today, it becomes increasingly apparent that they must be destroyed, personally, politically, and professionally! They blacklisted performers willing to celebrate an inauguration??? F*CK THEM!!

We must drive them from their public outposts and into hiding, as they tried to do with us! We had the certitude of our faith and rectitude of the righteousness of our ideals. THEY DON’T! They can ONLY run & hide!

I’m only sorry I can’t see any responses until Garnet gets back!

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  1. >>“….one of the most polarizing periods in modern times.”

    We have Barack Obama & Co. to thank for that. Must be nice to be able to poop on a country and then go off on a lifelong vacation at their expense. He probably laughs himself silly every day.

    >>“A generation of liberal elites has grown up steeped in a culture that believes that millions of fellow Americans aren’t just wrong, but evil — racist, sexist, homophobic, and drawn to religious faith as a vehicle for their bigotry.”

    I disagree, because I don’t believe that’s what liberals sincerely BELIEVE at all. They throw around words like “racist” and “sexist” at the drop of a hat, with no justification whatsoever. Such claims are merely excuses used by the Left to justify the things they do in their insatiable quest for power.

    >>“The Left really, really hates you.”
    Yes they do, but again, the real reason they hate us is because we stand between them and what they want.

    “[Trump will] never unite the nation — the gap is simply too wide for any one man to bridge.”
    How are we supposed to unite with liars and thieves and con artists? Better question: why would we want to?

    I can totally relate to your anger, Curtis, and I think it’s high time we on the right got good and angry. You don’t solve the problem of spoiled children that are out of control by placating them and uniting with them. You solve that problem by punishing them and not giving them a seat at the table until they learn to behave.

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  2. I disagree with some of Mr. French’s statements, so maybe I need to think on this some more, but I haven’t seen the hate coming from the right that he references. They may have put some distance between themselves and the lefty temper fits, because no one wants to argue with toddlers throwing tantrums.

    As far as the toddlers in the House who refused to attend the inauguration, I’d like to see Trump walk into a House session and hand out pacifiers to all the dems acting like children. Embarrassing them would go a lot further than trying to get rid of them, besides, there’s too many anyway.

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  3. The Democrats have declared war on the two documents conservatives revere, the Bible and the Constitution, and for similar reasons.

    The Bible puts limits on the actions of man and defines morality. The Constitution puts limits on the actions and power of government. These limitations and rules were not put in place by liberals, so they are, to use a term liberals have been spouting a lot lately, “illegitimate”.

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