Inauguration Day: Everyone Stayed in Their Typical Roles


Most everyone has watched all or part of the Inauguration Day proceedings and festivities, but other than a most elegant new First Lady coming on the scene, most everyone else was fairly predictable. Although I will say that Trump stepped up and appeared more presidential than he has in the past weeks.

Here’s a quick clip of Trump, in what had to be his proudest moment, taking the oath of office.

Speaking of typical, caught later in the ceremony, was this shot of Bill and Hillary, being as they always do – Bill ogling the Trump women and Hillary giving him ‘that look’ which he now completely ignores. (Note: this is a Facebook video, all I could find, and may not open for everyone)

We’ve watched them behave this way for decades, so would it be any different today, right?

Then there were the thugs, aka the diaper democrats who were well disguised as they continued the trend of damaging property, just as they did in Ferguson and Baltimore.

When does this idiocy stop and why weren’t the cops already there? Spread too thin, I suppose, after all, it is a large city.

Share your thoughts on today’s activities??


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  1. I correctly identifird the protestors as being the Democratic Party in action. The usual suspects immediately said those were not Democrats, but rather anarchists. When asked why those “anarchists” didn’t protest Obama, but instead were praised by Obama and the Democrats, told to “stay the course” by Obama, and invited to the White House, they had no response.


    • I hope we see Trump, the DHS or someone address this and put a stop to it, without infringing on their precious rights, of course. Protesting is one thing, but damaging people’s property is illegal and has to be stopped. The dems let this get out of control and now it’s up to us to clean up their mess.


  2. Watched OAN which summarized the protests and violence around 5 or 6 but kept all attention on the inaugural activities. I like that.

    I felt relief. Now I”ll be watching.

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    • Now I’ll be watching too, tannngl. I refused to before when it was O and we knew all he spoke was lies. No doubt there will still be some bs in there, but at least we know Trump’s heart is in the right place.

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  3. I’m glad it all went off without a hitch, other than the stupid protesters. Looks like the video footage is pretty clear. If the cops in DC don’t take action the businesses or their insurance companies should track these thugs down and sue them.

    I only saw bits and pieces but I did happen to catch the helicopter carrying the Obamas away. Yippeeee!!! That was the best part, IMO.

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    • Agreed, CW. Seeing them go away was the best part of the day. And just a bit ago they said 217 were arrested so law enforcement was more on top of it than I gave them credit for, and that’s good. It’s about time to put a stop to this and I’ll be curious to see how it’s handled going forward.

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  4. Finally it’s POTUS Trump, and that ObombUs regime gets the hell out of Dodge, there’s a new sheriff in town.


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