Blogger fantasies: What Would Be Your Dream Debate?


One thing that’s been sorely missing in this divided, heavily politicized atmosphere we’ve long been immersed in is the art of respectful, one on one debate, because that’s the way the Left prefers it.  If you can succeed at shutting out opposition, you win by default; consequently Democrats tend to be stingy with their time when it comes to political debates and conservative speakers are banned on college campuses.

The word “fantasy” isn’t often associated with the word “debate,” but the thought of watching some of the Left’s leading spokespeople go head to head with their critics is the stuff that people like myself dream about.  If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, take a look at this highly entertaining series of exchanges between Christian historian, David Barton, and Jon Stewart from a May, 2011 episode of The Daily Show, as posted on the blog, The Right Scoop:

I’ll leave it to the reader to decide who got the better of who in that informative exchange, but that’s what respectful debate looks like, and we don’t see enough of it despite living in a time where it would be easy to arrange.

So who would you like to see debate?  Here’s a few that I thought might be interesting:


On climate change:

Former U.S. Vice President and poser, Al Gore vs. the renowned atmospheric physicist, Richard Lindzen


On the Constitution:

Professor of constitutional law, Barack Obama vs. Senator Ted Cruz


On the role of the federal government:

Senator Elizabeth Warren vs. conservative radio host, Mark Levin


What match-ups would you like to see?



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  1. Constitution’s limits on government
    Cruz vs Schumer
    Cruz vs Pelosi
    Cruz vs Sanders
    Cruz vs Sotomayor
    Cruz vs Ginsburg
    Cruz vs Kagan

    If using two-person teams, add Levin to Cruz

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  2. Thanks for sharing that link, CW, it’s really interesting and I will go back to hear the other episodes. It’s a perfect example of a hearty debate, without hostilities, name calling and personal attacks, something that’s been sorely lacking as you said.

    I like all of your suggestions for debates and still munging on others I’d like to see – perhaps one on military strategy with General Mattis or Col West and O, who thought he had such a good grip on it.

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