President Donald J. Trump


Well, I can’t say that this is how I hoped it would be when the race began two years ago. Lordy!

No, I was wanting a sensible, successful Midwestern Governor at the top of the ticket, and a firebrand Junior Senator Cruz from Texas in the Veep slot. Pence & Daniels chose not to run, Kasich is just too Kasichy, and Walker was simply too weak on the stump. Suddenly no midwest Governors.

The RINO wing guys, like Jeb!, were non-starters for me. I’m done with Bushes for now. Rubio double-crossed on immigration and has to earn trust back first, not be given a promotion. Huckabee? Graham? PLEASE!!

I liked Ben Carson, sort of. Great story, but where was ANY experience or depth of political insight revealed? Still a good guy, but . . .

And then there was Trump. I didn’t take him seriously for a very long time, thinking he was in it for brand building only. I didn’t understand his “strategy” and don’t get Twitter, so he was a distraction, a spoiler, an entertainer, . . . And then the leader of the race.

It would be interesting to see what would have happened in alternate scenarios, like had Jeb! and Rubio dropped out after NH, etc. Would Cruz have gained the lion’s share, and risen to the top? We’ll never know. That is where my heart led, but that’s mere speculation.

Instead, Trump masterfully navigated the primaries to win the nomination. He needlessly bruised feelings, but those gave him credibility with crossover voters that might not have come for a Cruz ticket. Trump thing continued bitch-slapping and cozying up to the MSM, playing them like a fiddle to garner free exposure, and take the air out of Hillary’s always leaky balloon. In the end, he outmaneuvered her, burst the midwest Blue Wall, and won the presidency.

Tomorrow, he will be sworn in as President. I wish him well. I am somewhat hopeful. Honestly, I am also quite apprehensive about his fealty to values I hold dear. But I know those values have a greater chance of being represented by Trump than they ever would have been by Hillary.

I ask God’s blessings to continue for the USA!!


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  1. I’m in agreement with both of you, and remain hopeful that he is surrounding himself with people who will nudge him toward upholding conservative principles.

    I also hope tomorrow’s inauguration goes smoothly and peacefully, but there are many indications it could turn into a massive riot.

    What I’m not looking forward to is the continual bashing from the Dems and the media, but reality says it’s here for the duration of his term.


  2. I have to confess that my elation at Hillary’s loss was equal parts relief that the country was spared another four years of death-spiraling liberalism and joy at seeing Team Democrat lose and suffer their great demoralization. But the honeymoon is over and reality is now upon us.

    Donald Trump will in most respects be a far better POTUS than Obama was or Hillary could have been if only because he sincerely cares about America and wants us, as a nation and as individual Americans, to do well, IMO. That’s completely contrary to Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, whose motives where entirely self-serving and therefore destructive to the people they were ostensibly were there to serve. Even so, Donald Trump lacks appreciation for the PRINICIPLES that made America great. He believes it’s all about economics, which every true conservative understands is just not the case. With Trump at the helm America has been given a stay of execution, but conservatism, as the Founders embodied it, is dead. At least for now. And that makes tomorrow very bittersweet.


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