A Quick Update on Our Friend Garnet

Man in bowler hat looking through binoculars

Some of you may have noticed Garnet’s absence over the past few days, so here’s the scoop. He’s on a secret mission in Washington DC to spy on our outgoing president (yay) and count the number of temper tantrums he throws while watching President-elect Trump’s inauguration proceedings.

Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be delightful to see? 🙂

Seriously, he’s away for a few more days taking care of a personal matter, and will hopefully return later next week. The rest of us here at PT will do our best to hold down the fort and appreciate your continued support and input.

~The Crew at PT

Categories: Political

1 reply

  1. Well speaking as one that probably should be apologizing daily for my own temper tantrums… No LOL, I hope all with Garnet turns out okay.


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