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“Only religion can accomplish for a modern society what tradition, reason, and empirical observation cannot. Christianity and Judaism provide the major premises of moral reasoning by revelation and by the stories in the Bible. There is no need to attempt the impossible task of reasoning your way to first principles. Those principles are accepted as given by God.”

~Robert Bork, Slouching Toward Gomorrah


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  1. Such a true and appropriate statement.
    My favorite verse, “In the beginning GOD created …” Ifn one can grasp and accept those first few words of the Bible then the rest can be understandable.


  2. Wasn’t Bork a cantankerous old judge that went on about the effects of normalizing homosexuality? I recall a conversation with my mom from a few years ago – she was reading his book and referred to him as one of the good guys who wanted to see our country hang onto restraint and modesty.

    “You need to read this” she’d say, so I read a piece of it (for conversation sake & to hush her up) and in his book he warned about what would happen when religion got to the point it was relegated to the privacy of your home and church. He was absolutely right and we’re seeing it today, which is amazing since religion was such a large part of our Constitution and our way of government.


    • I’m afraid I don’t know that much about Robert Bork other than his infamous victimization by Democrats. I wasn’t even aware the he wrote “Slouching Toward Gomorrah,” even though I was familiar with the book. I came across this quote and it struck me as an excellent answer to those who dismiss the relevance of Christianity and Judaism. Looks like your mom knew what she was talking about!


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