Trump 2.0


While surfing through the myriad of news sites that I frequent, a common thread became increasingly apparent and stuck in my brain.

The democrats in general and liberals in particular, are trying every trick and scheme imaginable to destroy Donald Trump. They’re pulling out all the stops to discredit him, to brand him as a racist, a misogynist, and all-around evil demon.

In their eyes, he has no redeeming value and will be a blight on the presidency. If one accepts their premise, the country is doomed if he is allowed to take power.

To understand my reaction to this onslaught of venom on our President-elect, you have to consider my perspective. I was not a Trump supporter and bashed him almost daily during the campaign for the Republican nomination. I haven’t gone back to actually count them, but the number of anti-Trump pieces that I wrote or re-posted is likely in the 50 or more range.

I believed then (and still do) that Ted Cruz would have made a superior president. But Trump won – the people have spoken – and I’m going to do what all American patriots should do; and that is accept that the system worked and we should now experience a peaceful transfer of power from the old administration of Barack Obama to the new Trump administration.

But the liberal ne’er do wells have determined that they want to strike immediately, before President Trump has a chance to score any positive points by actually doing what he said he would do. They can’t take that chance, thus they have to tar and feather him with baseless accusations even before he’s taken office.

Consider those crimes against the country, against women, against blacks, that they say that Mr. Trump has committed. There is no actual evidence of any activity that rises to the level of a felony (like Hillary Clinton) or documented lies told on TV directly to the country’s citizens (like Barack Obama) or sexual escapades inside the White House (like Bill Clinton).

No, the left has come unglued based on their belief that they know what is in Trump’s heart and they have pronounced him guilty of racism, sexism, homophobia and every other negative appellation that they can hang about his neck.

Liberal “leadership” has actually done many of the things that Mr. Trump is accused of, and much worse. Yet, somehow, those icons of liberal thought and governance are all worthy of adulation and praise. In the case of those liberal icons, we have actual evidence of illegal, immoral, and even traitorous activities, not just verbal statements.

I think that they believe that if they push a package of negative attributes over and over, that sooner or later, enough Americans will begin to believe their propaganda and Trump’s approval will tank. They are trying to preempt any successes by President Trump with the accusation that he is an illegitimate president.

The so-called “Trump Dossier” is a prime example. This 35-page report has been publicized across the country for the past couple of weeks, with a few of its more salacious details “leaked” to the press to whet the Trump hater’s appetite.

Though I know that most Americans won’t actually read those 35 pages, I have and there is precious little “there” there. Two small mentions of the “golden shower” incident in 35 pages, yet the accusations try to imply that there are 35 pages of deviant sexual activity. And to make matters worse, all of the actions noted in the dossier are reported only by “supposedly reputable,” but anonymous, sources.

Reputable news sources refused to publicize the dossier because they couldn’t verify its accuracy, yet CNN published a summary and BuzzFeed published the complete report – it can be seen HERE.

You can read a number of articles by reliable news entities that have perused the dossier and found several identifiable errors and they don’t believe that it has any real evidence of anything untoward by any in the Trump camp. Yet the liberal anti-Trump movement continues to accuse him of conspiring with the Russians to affect our presidential election.

Was there any interference by the Russians in our election? Honestly, I don’t know, and neither do they. But they’ll make that case just trying to saddle Trump with anything that they believe will taint his presidency.

Except for nominating cabinet members, President-elect Trump has done nothing yet. NOTHING. Everything that the liberal left is accusing him of are figments of their warped imagination.

When President Trump is inaugurated and takes office, THEN he can be held liable for whatever he does as president.

Until then, give him a chance and let’s see what he does.


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  1. Good post, Garnet.

    While it may seem reasonably peaceful on the surface, America is in reality a stalemate between those who are readily willing to play by a fair set of rules (which we know as the Constitution) and those who only play along because they lack the power to do otherwise, and because they have been progressively placated by the Left’s incremental erosion of the Constitution. Though they would have preferred to destroy the Constitution altogether and exert their will over us, getting there is problematic. Instead, the slow erosion of the Constitution gives them more and more of what they want without their having to risk even one drop of blood. With their political losses piling up and their power being rolled back, however, they no longer see any point to keeping up the pretense, and we’re seeing who they really are. As far as the Left is concerned, it’s their way or the highway, and they’re daring us to do something about it. Maybe the Left is hoping that if they can agitate black Americans and Hispanics enough that those groups will fight a proxy war for them, or at least weaken us to the point that they can recoup the power they’ve lost.

    Ultimately the message is clear to me that the Left has no intention of living by the social contract we call the Constitution. Thus, those of us on the Right need to make it equally clear – while we have the power to do so – that the agreement for peace and our respect for their Constitutional rights does not apply so long as they reject the Constitution. If they want war we shouldn’t tie our hands living by one set of rules while they play by their own rules. Hopefully conservatives will wake up and see this before it’s too late.

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  2. Weren’t these ‘deviant sexual activities’ supposed to have happened in Russia? Seems easy enough to verify if Trump was even there at the time(s). But they didn’t bother to verify that and state it, did they? Maybe because they couldn’t actually prove it. As if they weren’t already behaving like 4-year-olds, these guys are reaching down to new depths of depravity in their desperation.


  3. It’s the seriousness of the charges, so he better answer up. Don’t be troubling US with facts.
    And stop bothering about all the HillaryUs fiascos, that’s old stuff by now and we’ll find a place to get her busily involved again anyway.


  4. Actually his words and actions that are in evidence are only (so far) anti-left for the most part.
    This is the only realy thing they have against him. I say, “YEA!!!”


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