General Mattis Confirmed as Defense Secretary

By Kristina Wong and Rebecca Kheel,


Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis on Thursday cruised through his confirmation hearing despite senators’ attempts to draw him out in areas where he might disagree with President-elect Donald Trump.

The Senate Armed Services Committee afterward easily passed a waiver exempting Mattis from a law that requires Defense secretaries to be retired from military service for at least seven years.

The vote was 24-3, with Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), and Richard Blumenthal (Conn.), a Marine veteran, voting in the opposition.

Perhaps in a sign of how smoothly the hearing went, a handful of anti-war Code Pink members, who typically protest at the committee’s hearings, stayed silent throughout, only holding up peace signs with their hands and even clapping at times.

Many of the questions focused on getting Mattis to break with Trump on the record, particularly on Russia.

Mattis obliged, calling Russia the “principal threat” to U.S. security.

Trump has said he wants to improve relations with Moscow and complimented Russian President Vladimir Putin as a strong leader. He’s also dismissed the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Russia interfered in the election by hacking Democratic Party systems, treating the assessment as an attack on his legitimacy.

Senator John McCain, chairman of the committee, set the tone right away, saying in his opening statement that “Putin wants to be our enemy” and that Putin has left “a trail of death and destruction in his wake.”

McCain highlighted past presidents’ failed attempts to engage Putin and asked whether Mattis thinks the U.S. should learn from that.

“History is not a straight jacket, but I’ve never found a better guide,” Mattis responded, adding that there is a “relatively short list of successes” in bettering relations with Russia.

Mattis later added that the U.S. needs to face the reality that Russia has chosen to be a “strategic competitor.”

Still, the retired general said, the U.S. found a way to work with Russia in some areas even during the depths of the Cold War and could do so again.


Mattis also would not comment directly on Trump’s tweet that he would prevent North Korea from developing an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the U.S., instead agreeing it was a “serious threat.”

“I believe we got to do something about it,” he said. “I don’t think we should take anything off the table.”

On whether he would support moving the capital of Israel to Jerusalem, Mattis said he would defer to the president-elect.

Despite the handful of “no” votes, both Republicans and Democrats even before the hearing expressed positive views on Mattis. Many who opposed Trump’s candidacy are hopeful that Mattis can provide a voice of reason within the administration.

Warren sought assurances from Mattis that he would advocate for his views “frankly and forcefully,” and stand up to others within the administration.

Mattis promised he would “on every issue.”

“I am very glad to hear that,” Warren said with a laugh. “We are counting on you.”

Gillibrand used the entirety of her time to press the issue, asking him whether he’s changed his views on allowing women into the infantry, whether he still thinks love will interfere when men and women serve together in combat and whether gay troops are undermining the military’s lethality.

Mattis explained his past comments by saying he was “not in a position to go back into government when made those statements.”

He avoided giving a firm yes or no when Gillibrand asked about lethality, but later said “no” when asked if there’s anything innate about being a woman or LGBT that would prevent them from serving in a lethal force.

He also assured the senators that he won’t oppose allowing women into combat roles if they meet standards and said he wouldn’t roll back rules allowing LGBT troops to serve openly, unless a service chief presents him with a problem that’s arisen from those policies.

“I never cared much about two consenting adults and who they go to bed with,” Mattis said.


In typical liberal fashion, Warren says ‘we’re counting on you’ and votes against him anyway, as she probably will on all of Trump’s choices.

Leave it to the Dems to jump in with questions about their political agenda and leave out those little inconsequential questions about how to make the department operate better economically, or questions about how we strengthen our forces placed around the world – no, they’re more concerned about whether or not women and fruitcakes will be allowed special privileges.

In my view, Mattis seems to have outsmarted the dems by giving answers that were just vague enough to satisfy most committee members. This gets him in the driver’s seat, so once in there, he brings down the iron fist on all the politically correct garbage and sets about righting all the wrongs committed by O and his band of yes men.

Now if we can just wind up the 3 day (so far) inquisition that Sessions has endured and get down to business, America’s outlook will finally start to improve.


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4 replies

  1. I thought he was vague enough as well, Kathy. Smart man. Thank God he was confirmed. Next up!


  2. >>”Leave it to the Dems to jump in with questions about their political agenda…”

    Oh geez, Kathy, you talk as if the military had another purpose besides giving Democrats something to grandstand about.


    • Exactly, CW. Mattis used the strategy of winning one battle at a time. That’s what he did yesterday and can now move on to the next battle. They got played like suckers, imo.


      • I can only imagine the self discipline it must require for people like Mattis to keep their composure in the face of the idiotic questions that Democrats come up with. He deserves a medal just for that.

        Remember when Hillary was questioned by Congress and she made a big show of her contempt for Republicans? We’re seeing the difference between the adults and the children.


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