Via Verde: Mexico Builds Vertical Gardens

Video courtesy and UnoTV.

This one minute video shows how Mexico City is fighting air pollution:

That’s great, it truly is, and I applaud their efforts, but does anyone else see the hypocrisy of this, or is it just me?

Smog from traffic pollution hangs heavily over Mexico City. Situated in a valley this area suffers from severe air pollution.It’s another example of lib thinking at its best – rather than go to the source and upgrade the factories to put out less pollution, they build gardens. Really? How long do you think those plants can live in that filthy air, let alone be strong enough to combat the factory and vehicle emissions? Which by the way, isn’t a very good prognosis for the people either.

Those vines will give the city a tropical feel and will look great to the tourists that visit Mexico City, but what about the dumps like Tijuana and Juarez where people can’t see across the street because the air is so filthy? How about cleaning them up and taking care of your people? How about using some of the hundreds of millions we send them in aid to help us secure the border and cut down on the drug cartels?? There are so many ways their money could be better spent.

Like so many of the liberal-run cities here in the states, Mexico City has its priorities backwards, yet the people keep voting in the same type of government.



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  1. Countries that mainly trade in cheap labor don’t have the luxury of demanding clean air because it adds to their production costs. Only when Mexico starts producing unique products and can trade in ingenuity like the more developed nations will they be able to insist on cleaner air. Like you I applaud this step, but if they would put the same energy into nurturing their best and brightest to transform their economy then they might finally have the resources to tackle pollution at the source.


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