Watch a Bunch of Democrats Try to Steal Our Democracy

From:,  by Charlie Hoffmann,  on Jan 6, 2017

Congress officially certified Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States on Friday afternoon over the objections of Democrats.

A handful of congressional Democrats objected as electoral votes for Trump were counted, but they were unable to hold up the certification process because they did not have the support of any Senate Democrats.

Vice President Joe Biden presided over the proceedings. He was forced to gavel the House into order numerous times as Democrats spoke over him with their objections.

At one point, during Biden informed the Democrats that “It’s over,” causing House Republicans to erupt in laughter.


Just before the election results were certified, Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.) pleaded for one Senate Democrat to sign on to her objections, which would have opened the session for debate. Zero senators obliged.


This is just one more illustration of what today’s democrat party has become – the Spoiled Brats Party. Their antics during this Electoral College event were NOT representative of a party of patriots cooperating in the peaceful passing of the presidential torch, their efforts at obstructing the certification of Donald Trump as our 45th president are evidence of doing everything they could to call Trump’s legitimacy into question.

Since the final votes were tallied, democrats who were so sure of Hillary’s win have been acting out in all sorts of ways, much like petulant brats who were angry at not getting what they wanted. Almost daily, we’re treated to new and seemingly endless actions by democrats who still can’t believe that voters of the United States went on record as preferring someone other than Hillary Clinton. They are the political equivalent of a spoiled toddler on the floor kicking and screaming until he/she gets what they want.

How long must we be subjected to these political temper tantrums? Are there any adults left in the democrat party?

Get over it – she lost and (God willing) she’ll never be POTUS.



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  1. “The Spoiled Brats Party.”

    That’s perfect, Garnet.

    Lots of spankings are in order.


  2. I tried to comment on this post. A short reminder that we are not a democracy, rather, it’s a Republic – IF we can keep it. For some reason, when I put the URL in for my website it would not take it. Help, please. Thanks. – Jackie


    • Not sure, Jackie. It may have been that your comment was in moderation – you being a first-time commenter. And yes, we know that we are technically a Constitutional Republic and not a true democracy, but the term was casually used by the author of the piece.


  3. Are the politicians copying the behavior of the millennials or is it the other way around? With so few adults around these days, it’s hard to tell.

    From the threats they’ve made over the past weeks, it’s all but guaranteed that sort of behavior will continue, primarily through the confirmations and then when it gets to choosing a nominee for the Supreme Court, they’re really going to lose their minds (what’s left of them).


    • Radical leftism is first a mental disorder. Two generations ago that mental disorder resulted in the free-love drug addled counterculture of the 1960’s. That generation finally came of age and began infiltrating public education at the teaching and administrative level from grade school through university. They spawned generation-X who were not necessarily suffering the mental illness of the previous generation, but they were impressionable and easily Indoctrinated. Gen X carried their learned behavior into the same arena of ideas as their parents. Morality at this point had suffered heavy casualties due to that age old leftist doctrine called relativism. GenXers championed single and unmarried parenthood and brought that along with the learned behavior of their parents and grandparents to yet a new he generation — we call them millenials and if we can’t reach them, if we can’t overcome their educational indoctrination, there will be no hope for the future of our barely hanging on Constitutional Republic.


    • A leftist is a spoiled child regardless of the age, Kathy. The only thing different now than in the past is their perception of what they can get away with. Obama has significantly raised that threshold, which is why it seems that there’s an epidemic of bratty-ness going on.

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  4. ” Get over it – She LOST and (God willing) she’ll never be POTUS. ”

    Better that way.
    Thanks, Y’all, very much.


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