F*ck Donald Trump, F*ck White People – Four Blacks Torture White Guy – a Hate Crime?


Many/most of you have seen this video by now, or at least have heard the reporting on it. In some of the reports, whether the attack would be filed as a hate crime had not yet been decided, what was apparently a later report is shown below wherein it is said that Chicago police were filing the crime as a hate crime incident.

I read quite a number of comments contained in several reports and one thread is common: “where is the outrage?” I think that it is entirely appropriate that this hate crime be treated and condemned exactly the same as if the crime had been committed by white racists against a mentally-challenged black person. Except that it is not. There is little (if any) outrage by liberals and progressives; the very same people who would be screaming at the top of their lungs for the crucifixion of four white people who kidnapped and tortured a black.

And they wonder why so many are rebelling against political correctness.

Following is from breitbart.com,  by Breitbart News,  on Jan 5, 2017


CHICAGO (AP) — Four black people were charged with hate crimes Thursday in connection with a video broadcast live on Facebook that showed a mentally disabled white man being beaten and taunted, threatened with a knife and forced to drink from a toilet.

The assault went on for hours, until Chicago police found the disoriented victim walking along a street, authorities said.

The suspects, who were jailed, can be heard on the video using profanities against white people and President-elect Donald Trump.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said investigators initially concluded that the 18-year-old man was singled out because he has “special needs,” not because he was white. But authorities later said the charges resulted from both the suspects’ use of racial slurs and their references to the victim’s disability.

It’s also possible that the suspects were trying to extort something from the victim’s family, police said. The man’s parents reported their son missing Monday and told authorities they later received text messages from people who claimed to be holding him captive.

The victim was a classmate of one of the attackers and initially went with that person voluntarily, police said.

“He’s traumatized by the incident, and it’s very tough to communicate with him at this point,” police Cmdr. Kevin Duffin said.

Excerpts of the video posted by Chicago media outlets show the victim with his mouth taped shut and slumped in a corner of a room. At least two assailants are seen cutting off his sweatshirt, and others taunt him off camera. The video shows a wound on the top of the man’s head. One person pushes the man’s head with his or her foot.

A red band also appears to be around the victim’s hands. He was tied up for four to five hours, authorities said.

The victim does not appear to make any attempt to defend himself or to escape his attackers. He is a suburban Chicago resident described by Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson as having “mental health challenges.”

“There was never a question whether or not this incident qualified as being investigated as a hate crime,” Johnson said. But “we need to base the investigation on facts and not emotion.”

The case heightened political tensions on social media, with some conservatives suggesting it was linked to the Black Lives Matter movement. Police said there was no indication of any connection.

The incident began Dec. 31, when the victim and one of the suspects, 18-year-old Jordan Hill, met at a suburban McDonald’s to begin what both the victim and his parents believed would be a sleepover, police said.

Instead, Hill drove the victim around in a stolen van for a couple of days, ending up at a home in Chicago, where two of the other suspects lived, detective Cmdr. Kevin Duffin said.

The victim told police what began as playful fighting escalated, and he was bound, beaten and taunted with racial slurs and disparaging comments about his mental capacity.

A downstairs neighbor who heard noises threatened to call police. When two of the suspects left and kicked down the neighbor’s door, the victim escaped. A police officer later spotted the obviously disoriented man wandering down a street.

The man was bloodied and wearing a tank top that was inside-out and backward. He had on jean shorts and sandals, despite freezing weather, officer Michael Donnelly said.

Most hate crimes are connected to the victim’s race, but hate-crime charges can be sought in Illinois if a victim’s mental disability sparked an attack, though it is rare.

In addition to hate crimes, the four were charged with kidnapping, aggravated battery and aggravated unlawful restraint. Three were also charged with burglary. It was unclear whether any of the suspects had attorneys. They were to appear in court Friday.

Family members of the victim spoke briefly to reporters Thursday at a suburban hotel but declined to comment on the allegations or the investigation.

Neal Strom, who is acting as a family spokesman, told The Associated Press that the victim has had “profound emotional and physical disabilities throughout his life.” He did not elaborate.

The grandmother of a young woman associated with the video said the granddaughter she raised from infancy is “not this person.”

“I’m so upset, my head is about to bust open,” said Priscilla Covington of Chicago. “I don’t know if someone influenced her … She had her ups and down. (She) was a good person. I’m so confused.”

In Washington, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the beating demonstrated “a level of depravity that is an outrage to a lot of Americans.” He said he had not yet spoken to President Barack Obama about the attack in the president’s hometown.

Cook County prosecutors identified the suspects as Brittany Covington and Tesfaye Cooper, both of Chicago, and Hill, of suburban Carpentersville. All are 18. A fourth suspect was identified as 24-year-old Tanishia Covington, also of Chicago.

The video emerged at a time when police dealings with Chicago’s black community are being closely watched. Less than a year ago, the nation’s third-largest police force was sharply criticized by a task force for using excessive force and honoring a code of silence.

The department has also been the subject of a long civil-rights investigation by the Justice Department, which is expected to report its findings soon.



These four brain-dead thugs are too stupid to realize it, but they’re sowing seeds that may come back to haunt them. White people are getting fed up with being treated like second-class citizens while we see black thugs coddled and treated with kid gloves. I think that because these thugly types most often live in low-income areas of inner cities surrounded by other blacks they have come to act as if they are in the majority. They are only about 13% of the population and a portion of the population that is less educated and lower income than the white majority. If God forbid, there is ever a race war, they will be wiped out. They need to stop inciting to that end.

These thugs decided that this one white life didn’t matter. In my opinion, those four black lives don’t matter, it wouldn’t disturb me to see all four of them hang (literally).



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  1. What’s really pathetic about this and the other attacks is that these 4 black kids were probably unaware of the divide between blacks & whites before the BLM garnered so many headlines. Sometimes our ‘free press’ gives too much notoriety to the wrong people and things.

    It’s also doubtful that they have even the smallest clue why they don’t like Trump – they’re just repeating what they’ve heard others say. We’ve had white presidents for centuries and it never bothered anyone until the one president who followed the black one.

    Meanwhile, all influential voices remain silent.


    • Just looking at the mug shots of the perps says all we need to know regarding what’s in their hearts. The arrogance on the faces of the males, they actually look jus a little proud of themselves. One thing fer sure, Obama won’t be directing Loretta Lynch to look into this one as a violation of civil rights, though he may have her recommend that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges for a harmless prank that perhaps got a little out of hand.


      • I had that same thought, Aftershock. Anyone who can look at those two males and not see the belligerence embedded in their faces is either blind or willfully denying reality. Those two are trouble waiting to happen and while I don’t know where those photos were taken, they were not taken during the altercation, but either before or after, but while the two were at ease. Those aren’t the faces of choir boys.


    • I’ve spent a good amount of time in Chicago as an adult. I strayed into the southside in 1986, I avoided incident, barely, but was told as I stopped at a pay-first gas station, and in no uncertain terms by the cashier who was speaking through a talk box from behind 1 inch reinforced glass,, that I didn’t belong there and had better get my gas quick then get my ass out of there. He would only sell me 5 bucks worth of gas because a group of 4 or 5 young thugs were standing on the adjacent street corner gesturing in my direction. These “young people” in cities like NY Chicago or LA are out gang-bangin even at 9 and 10 years old. That’s the culture extremist leftism allows to develop, in fact, they want it to develop, or there would never have been Black tolerance of an Al Sharpton, a Jeremiah Wright or a Louis Farrakhan. Their chickens, are coming home to roost.


    • You can bet that if they voted, they voted for B.Hussein and if they were polled, they be giving him high approval ratings. All the while, never knowing what Obama did or didn’t do, or what Trump did or didn’t do – as you said, they’re just going by what their “homies” are saying and BLM is feeding these savages raw meat and hoping they’d do just exactly what they did. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if BLM doesn’t name these two scum their “bruthas of the week.”

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  2. This has been going on since I was a youngster. Same hate, same groups of thugs just a new century.It was often black on white racism back then in northern cities. I have first-hand knowledge in one case. Not saying racism and discrimination didn’t exist both ways, but it was never a strictly white against black issue. It was then as it is now the result of racial hate fostered by liberal-progressives that have always sewn the seeds of racism and distrust among us. These soulless punks are little better than pond-scum and need to spend 10 to 20 in the nearest Penitentiary for their actual crimes. All assaults and battery have their roots in hate, hate isn’t the crime it’s just the impetus for the crimes of kidnapping, assault, and battery. The torture is an aggravating factor that should affect the level of punishment they receive. My heart breaks for the teen victimized by his so-called friend, he thought innocently that he was meeting his friend to spend the night at his house after a bite at McDonald’s. And how awful for his parents how they must feel knowing they dropped him off with the trust that his friend really was a friend and their son would be safe. It’s just sickening.


  3. It would be more productive to go to war with the liberals than to have a race war, as liberals are the ones who are fueling the racial divide for their own political purposes. Notice how the Leftist-in-Chief, Barack Obama, didn’t bother to hold a news conference or insert himself into this news story as he has any time he’s perceived (usually incorrectly) that there has been some injustice done to a black person by whites. Instead he’s been trying to tell us how much race relations have improved since he’s been POTUS, as if we are all blind to reality. Take the mischievous leftists out of the equation and let the rest of us deal with each other with honesty and with clear lines in the sand about what behaviors will not be tolerated and our race problems will be few and far between.

    There shouldn’t be any such thing as a “hate” crime, and if conservatives believed that before they should still believe it. We all know that the whole “hate crime” thing was a liberal idea for the purpose of giving the Left the authority to police people’s thoughts and artificially alter the way we perceive crime. There was never any logic or moral imperative to punish a person more for killing someone over race than for, say, killing them to steal $3 out of their wallet. While I fully understand that conservatives want to see this law – this weapon – turned against those who invented it, we shouldn’t betray our principles by appearing to now embrace a law that is fundamentally wrong. What these people did, regardless of the race of their victim or their reasons for doing it, was barbaric and displays a level of depravity that civilized people shouldn’t tolerate. The conversation should be about what should be done to permanently protect the innocents in society from them. Hang them, drown them, electrocute them – I really don’t care; but we need to send a strong message that savagery won’t be tolerated for any reason.


    • While it’s true that it would be more productive to war with the liberals, that will essentially be a “cold” non-shooting war and so many of them wouldn’t self-identify as liberals, they’d lie and only evidence could identify them. That war would be a war of words, few of them would actually be prepared to go to the mattresses.

      Whereas, the racist militant blacks keep making noises about shooting “whitey” and such. The ones doing that are, I’m sure, a small percentage of black folks, but they may push too far and actually cause a small-scale shooting war between militants on both sides. That wouldn’t surprise me.


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