Trump Is Exactly Where the Elites Want Him


Condensed from Brandon Smith

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Cognitive dissonance makes otherwise-very-intelligent people blind to certain realities that they should normally see right in front of their noses. . . A key piece of logic, or a key fact (is not) taken into account simply because they have a singular idea of how the world works and cannot allow that idea to ever come into question. . . This is why most mainstream AND alternative analysts completely discounted a successful Brexit referendum.  And, it is why the vast majority of pundits could not even conceive of a Trump victory in 2016. . .  Because they were clinging to assumptions rather than evidence.

Unfortunately, the liberty movement is also sometimes vulnerable to such assumptions. The most dangerous of which revolve around the rise of President-elect Donald Trump. . .

How did Trump win within a system we know has been rigged for decades? : . .  Trump won the election because he serves the interests of the establishment. . .

This is not an idea that many liberty activists want to entertain. . .

Without Clinton as the counter-party, Trump would not have garnered the political following he did.  Any other Democratic candidate would not have galvanized conservatives so fervently. As I continued in my pre-primaries article:

“Donald Trump appears to be the perfect antithesis to Hillary Clinton. . . The real question is, is Trump . . . a clever ruse by the establishment to co-opt and placate the conservative population before we rebel?”

. . . In later articles. . . I stated that I had little doubt that . . . conservative movements would be set up as scapegoats for a crash the globalists had created. . .  Today, I no longer hold this view.

The first and worst sign that Trump is not anywhere near “anti-establishment” has been his complete reversal of his original “drain the swamp” rhetoric. Trump is . . . adding the same elitists he used to slam along with the Washington establishment. . .

It is interesting to note that over a quarter of the gains in the Dow Jones spike after Trump’s election was tied to a rise in Goldman Sachs stock value.  Imagine that…

Trump is also now “advised” on economic matters by the likes of JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon. Are we starting to get the picture here?

If that is not enough, then how about the fact that Trump is being closely advised by long-time globalist Henry Kissinger (just as Vladimir Putin is advised by Kissinger

. . .  Anyone in the Liberty Movement that is not at least generally suspicious of Trump at this point is probably kidding themselves.  Trump has already LIED to his political base.  He has surrounded himself with globalists and financial gatekeepers. . . There is no way for us to know if he is calling the shots, or if his handlers are making decisions for him. . .

Didn’t the powers-that-be do everything in their power to try and stop him from winning the election?

Well, not really.  The media firestorm surrounding Trump, though highly negative in tone, only boosted Trump’s exposure throughout the election. . . This was the exact opposite tactic that the elitist controlled media used against true liberty candidate Ron Paul in 2012.

. . . The elites also did not take very stringent measures to disrupt Trump’s candidacy early in the race. . . The party elites have numerous tools at their disposal to kill a candidate’s chances before he or she ever makes it on the national stage, yet, we are supposed to believe that Trump just slipped through the cracks, or beat them at their own game?  I think not.

The election itself was riddled with email leaks and data dumps showcasing the corruption of the Clinton campaign, and yes, this did help to ensure a Trump win. The accusation of “Russian hacking” is clearly a sideshow, but the question remains, who did feed that information to Wikileaks? . . . I think that most of the leaks were part of the election theater from the very beginning. In light of Trump’s clear goal to entrench banking vampires within his administration, I think that the elites always intended for him to “win” the election. . ..

NO ONE gets into the White House without being vetted by the elites, even Trump.

Working in alternative media means not caring if people like you or dislike you. I’ve been able to make numerous correct predictions because I do not concern myself with the pressures of conforming to group-think. My only hope is that many in the movement realize sooner rather than later that their faith in Trump has been ill invested. The great danger is that the liberty movement, the best last chance for saving this nation, will sit on its collective hands idle, centralizing all their hopes and eggs into the Trump basket, waiting for him to gallop in on his white horse and save us all from oblivion. And when that time comes, I suspect that he will do nothing, and the movement will be neutralized by its own desperate desire for a hero and an idol.

Hmmm. The author certainly has my antennae on alert! I must admit that the number of  CFR, Wall Street, and banking insiders that Trump has named to his Cabinet, etc. has given me pause. Are they all really patriots intent on transforming the corruption in Washington? Or are they merely the next set of grifters installed to pick what flesh is left off of the body politic?

I don’t know! I was never a “true believer” in Trump, I was a Walker/Cruz or Pence/Cruz guy, though I definitely saw Trump as better than Hillary. But I was never quite comfortable that he wasn’t just a carnival barker putting on a show on behest of the puppeteers pulling his strings.

So now we get to find out. Barring him starting wars, in either trade or militarily, we’ll likely be better off. 

And certainly better entertained! But is that now the role of the POTUS??

Stay tuned for Season One of “The Trump Show”!

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  1. I’m not thinking Trump was picked by elites so much as that they realized he was the only horse they could ride to defeat Ted Cruz. They just didn’t want it to look like that’s what they were doing. I am still of the mind that Trump never really wanted nor expected to get the job. His domestic policy agenda/advisers and cabinet picks are in aggregate tilted left, notwithstanding DOJ. What concerns me a great deal is that Paul Ryan and Mike Pence are using almost identical language in discussing their plan to repeal the ACA — Obamacare. Today, in fact, Paul Ryan released a statement regarding the legislative approach to that agenda item. I read the facebook post from Paul Ryan. according to Ryan, they will repeal Obamacare but — and this is the point of concern — they intend to replace it with a “system” that works and that the American people want. Yep, they’re just gonna give us their version of Obamacare. FDrom what Mike Pence had to say on the topic, and what Trump himself has been saying, it looks like they are all on the same legislative page. We don’t need a government “system”, we need a deregulated unmandated free-market system that responds to our choice where and when to spend our hard-earned dollars… or not.


  2. I disagree with Mr. Smith and I’m not sure who these elites are that he refers to, but I have serious doubts about Trump kowtowing to them or anyone else – not with that smart brain of his.

    I’ve also not seen any evidence of Trump going back on his word to drain the swamp, but apparently Smith thinks that by talking to Henry Kissinger and that guy at JP Morgan Trump is back-peddling. Trump also talked to O, but that doesn’t mean he listened to him or took any of his advice.

    Trump is neither a full-fledged conservative nor a flaming liberal – Trump is Trump, and as surprising as his election was, his presidency is sure to be full of surprises too.


  3. >>”Trump won the election because he serves the interests of the establishment.”

    I think the elites are credited with having more power than they actually have, and Trump won because the Republicans – with some 17 candidates to choose from – couldn’t be herded as they usually are like sheep behind the establishment picks (Bush and Kasich). It was an unusual primary and Trump was able to appeal to a Republican element that some of us didn’t even know existed.

    I agree with Mr. Smith, however, that Trump is not nearly the anti-establishment candidate that people seem to think he is. For starters, look who he chose for a VP. No matter what you think of Mike Pence he’s not an outsider by any means. Sadly I don’t think Trump is really going to rock the boat when it comes to government spending and government socialism. That should keep the establishment happy enough.

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  4. I’m not entirely on board with Mr. Smith. Believing that Donald Trump was put in place (or at least aided) by the political elites is not something that I can believe. I may be wrong, but Trump is not one to kowtow to the elites and in fact seems to get great delight out of thumbing his nose at them.

    As far as picking informed, qualified people to head up agencies, where do you find them? They’ll generally already be among the top people in their field. I just hope that Trump vets them well enough to be assured that their expertise will helpful in executing his programs and not just be figureheads.


  5. I’m not a very eloquent writer nor speaker but my question is: what else can he do? Is he going to go out and look for that person that makes 100 grand a year to be labor secretary? Or the Pvt that has been in several countries due to deployments as Secretary of State? Now I agree that after he is swooned in he should break ties from the politicians that have been there forever. But the other problem is all these career politicians it’s very very hard to get rid of them. I’m not condoning everything he has done. But what


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