Just say “NO” to Federal Money for Chicago

The madness of liberalism has created a “state of emergency” in Chicago.  That’s according to Father Michael Pfleger, the uber-leftwing Catholic priest and “social activist” who’s been a longtime fixture on the more violent side of Chicago.  Actually, Pfleger only said there was a state of emergency in Chicago (just like a fire or a flood, he informs us).  It was I who added the part about the madness of liberalism being the cause, because what else can you call it when people double down on Democrat leadership and policies that are ruining their cities?  Sounds like madness to me.




In response to the latest news on Chicago’s ever-rising violence, Donald Trump tweeted on January 2, 2017:

“Chicago murder rate is record setting – 4,331 shooting victims with 762 murders in 2016. If Mayor can’t do it he must ask for Federal help!”

Actually, if the Mayor can’t do it he should resign, and he should take his Democrat cronies with him.


I’m not sure what Mr. Trump has in mind but as a taxpayer whose money helps fund the federal government and pays for the resources that Mr. Trump is so generously offering, I would like to suggest that we institute a policy of not using federal money to rescue people from perpetually making bad decisions.  Mr. Trump is always free to offer up a piece of his own personal fortune if he sincerely believes it’s money well spent.  It is not the responsibility of taxpayers, who are already paying to police their own communities, to save Chicagoans from their own mistakes.  In fact, rescuing them with federal money will only reward and embolden the stupidity, and ensure a bottomless pit of need.  What ails Chicago is an absence of common-sense (read:  conservative) leadership, and you don’t need money for that.  You just need people to suffer the consequences of their own decisions and to finally get tired of the pain.



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  1. I completely agree CW. States complain they have lost their sovereignty to the Federal government and this is why. The federal government does not have all the answers and money is not the answer. More money with the same clowns in charge will not change anything. Illinois should be able to handle the problem with the right leadership. And one of these days they will learn that liberals are not the answer to the right leadership.


  2. Those were almost my exact words, CW, when I saw Trump’s tweet. ‘You’re not even in office yet and already giving away our money.’ Plus, it makes no sense to offer Chicago federal money when he’s been talking about defunding sanctuary cities.

    It occurred to me that there was an off chance he meant sending in the National Guard instead, but I discarded that idea because there’s enough of a democrat in him that his first solution is to throw money at it.


    • I thought he might be thinking of the National Guard too, Kathy, but he’s telling Chicago’s Mayor to “ask for federal” help and you can bet Rahm Emanuel is going to ask for MONEY, not the National Guard. Michael Pfleger is already pleading for help in the form of federal money.

      I have mixed feelings on sending in the National Guard. As much as I’d like to see some real leaders come in and tame the animals in Chicago, it still amounts to rescuing people from their own mistakes and puts the burden on the Guard and on taxpayers. If the necessity of bringing in the National Guard can somehow turn Chicagoans against Democrats, only then would it be worthwhile.


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