Eager Vermonters learning Arabic to better assimilate into Syrian refugee culture

From: americanthinker.com,  by Ed Straker,  on Jan 3, 2017

Rutland Cityscape keck vpr 2015

Vermonters are eager to get themselves some Syrian refugees.  Really eager.  So eager, in fact, that one town, Rutland, repeatedly requested to get some Syrians sent their way!  And not only that, but locals are learning Arabic (in a church, heh-heh) to communicate with their soon to be new neighbors!

They hustled into the church on a biting winter evening, unburdened themselves of scarves and gloves, and settled into pews to sound out words in Arabic.

“Ahlan fii Rutland,” said Fran Knapp, a retiree who lives about 20 minutes away, one of two or three dozen people who have attended a class here on rudimentary Arabic.

Welcome to Rutland.

It was one of many preparations this remote city in central Vermont is making before 100 refugees from Syria and Iraq arrive here over the next year, with the first expected to come later this month.

Do you think the church also offers classes on how to dress modestly and how to point your prayer rug to Mecca?

[T]he mayor of Rutland, Christopher Louras … [says] Syrian refugees … are an opportunity[.] … Syrian refugees, business leaders say, could become an integral part of that effort, both by adding to the population – if only slightly – and bringing cultural diversity that they hope will attract younger residents.

Isn’t it great to have cultural diversity to attract younger residents?  Imagine young Syrian men, age 18-30, roaming the streets of Rutland, bringing a new kind of explosive vitality to the downtown!

Peter Shumlin, the departing Democratic governor, said Vermont would welcome Syrian refugees, and Mr. Louras texted the governor to see whether they could bring refugees to Rutland.

Do you think Louras also made a special request that they not be vetted or put through metal detectors?

“I saw that as an opportunity to grow our population, bring in individuals, families, new Americans from Syria who have a strong work ethic, who were fleeing for their lives and looking to rebuild those shattered lives,” Mr. Louras said.

A strong worth ethic?  Was Syria the secret Singapore of the Middle East?  Has Syria ever produced anything besides war?  I think the “work” that Syrians are most known for is killing, with honorable mentions in slavery, rape, and intolerance.

But the Rutlanders are welcoming them with open arms.  As Will Rogers might have said, a stranger is just a friend who might or might not detonate near you.

Questions for discussion:

1) Are the people of Rutland dupes or active Islamophiles?

2) Can we expect Rutland to sign up to be a sister city with Aleppo anytime soon?

3) Do you think any of them will reconsider their position when burkas roam the streets and the call to prayer in Arabic is heard over loudspeakers at 4 A.M.?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.


LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 12:  Islam4UK Spokesman Anjem Choudary (C) leaves a press conference in Millbank Studios on January 12, 2010 in London, England. The radical Islamic group had planned to stage a march through Wootton Bassett to honour Muslims who have been killed in the conflict in Afghanistan, but have been prevented from doing so, under counter-terrorism laws.  (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

I must confess to never having been to Vermont, but I thought that it was just another state pretty much like the others up there in the Northeast. I do know that Vermont is famous for their maple syrup and colorful fall foliage and that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream started there. Also, consider that Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy are their U.S. Senators – that may give some indication of their politics (or the ability of Vermonters to think clearly).

Upon reading of the city of Rutland’s ill-conceived idea to encourage the importation of 100 Syrian “refugees,” I had to do a bit of research. I found that the word “diversity” doesn’t exist in Rutland. The town of 16,495 has ONE-PERCENT OR LESS of any race other than white. So, they don’t really have any experience with people other than lily white progressives – no blacks or Asians or Hispanics, much less a group of Syrian Muslims. 

I expect that things will go swimmingly for awhile, while the Rutlandians shower their new neighbors with condescention and patronizing behavior, catering to their every whim and eager to display their tolerance, but when the “refugees” eventually begin to exert their political influence and want activities in Rutland to lean more towards Sharia compliance and their treatment of women, some buyer’s remorse could appear.

Who knows, maybe Rutland will be successful in influencing the Syrian Muslims to assimilate or maybe we’ll see a new mosque, more burqas, and women prohibited from driving or attending school? Stay tuned, we’ll see …


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4 replies

  1. There’s nothing more dangerous or destructive than old, white liberals who crave attention.

    Kathy hit the nose on the head when she said, “…you don’t learn their language, you teach them ours;” But teaching them our language and expecting them to assimilate, as Americans always did in the past, doesn’t make liberals feel sufficiently special or superior. So to satisfy those needs liberals have decided to spoil the refugees, which naturally will bring about the same thing we get when we spoil children: brats.


    • It’s like there is nothing going on in Europe with the “refugees.” These libs are ignoring the out-of-control refugees all over Europe. They were also welcomed in and look at the way they show their appreciation – rioting, raping, looting and such. They are acting like … spoiled brats who act out when they don’t get their way.


  2. I’m having flashbacks to the stories we read when Angela Merkel first decided to welcome refugees into Germany. There were photos of residents standing in line with their sweet little signs that said ‘welcome to Germany.’ It was as though they thought the Girl Scouts were coming to town and they paid zero attention to anyone who objected.

    It wasn’t much later that the riots, fires, assaults and rapes began, followed by the attacks in Paris and Berlin.

    Even if they were decent folks, you don’t learn their language, you teach them ours. So far in the US, we still speak English. They should be careful what they ask for.


    • Exactly Kathy! Unfortunately, that’s the rainbows and unicorns mindset of liberals. They just KNOW that everything will be wonderful because it makes them feel good. I’ll wager that a few years down the line, these folks will be sorry that they begged for the “refugees” to join them in paradise.

      And you are spot on about learning the language – that’s the problem with the Muslims from that part of the world, they won’t assimilate – they want to maintain their environment to be just like the one they just fled.


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