Incoming Press Secretary Sean Spicer on the Media: ‘Business as Usual Is Over’

By Jeff Poor at Breitbart, 12-29-16:


On Thursday’s broadcast of Hugh Hewitt’s syndicated radio show, incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer told listeners to expect “business as usual” to come to an end regarding how President-elect Donald Trump will communicate with the American people and the media.

Spicer said it will be more about using other means and giving the American people a better product for their money.

Partial transcript as follows (courtesy of “The Hugh Hewitt Show):

 HUGH HEWITT: Do you expect him to keep up a regular and as energetic a series of press conferences as previous presidents? Do you expect him to be more or less engaged than previous presidents with that setting, that formal East Room setting sort of thing?

SEAN SPICER: I think the thing that you’ve seen with Donald Trump is that he doesn’t look to the past and say I’ve got to conform to these precedents. He figures out what’s the best way. And so maybe we do, you know, a series of press conferences, but maybe we do some town hall, you know, Facebook town halls. Maybe we go out and solicit input from Twitter. I don’t, I mean, the answer is we’re looking at a lot of things.

But there’s no question that you see through the platforms that exist right now, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, he’s closing in like 45 million people that he can have a conversation with, that there are new and modern tools that exist that while we have to sort of do these press conferences because they’re part of the fabric of our country, if you will, there are also some new opportunities that we can be utilizing to bring more people into the process and have a conservation with the American people and not just limit it through the filter of the mainstream media.

HEWITT: But Sean, you know by dis-intermediating the media you’re going to upset them. That’s how they make their money, right? If they don’t, if the President can go directly to the people repeatedly, they are out of, they’re out of gas in a certain respect, aren’t they?

SPICER: Yeah, but that’s the point, is that I’ve said this before, Hugh. Business as usual is over. And I think what I mean by that is that you know, the President-elect looks at this and says what’s best for the country? How do we put America and Americans first and stop trying to figure out how we cater to you know, pundits and the establishment class, big donors. He is putting Americans first and foremost. And when he talks about Americans first, he means I don’t care what a bunch of elites tell me or people at a dinner party. He wants to know what American workers care about, what American families care about, what’s going to help American businesses grow.

When we talk about the businesslike approach to the presidency, it’s not, it’s more of a philosophy which says can we do it smarter and better so that we respect the American taxpayer and we give them a better product, right?

And so I think that’s where sometimes the liberal media gets this wrong. It’s not saying we’re going to treat it like a business, quote unquote. It’s making sure that there’s a mentality that says can we make sure we get the American people a better product for their money.


 Seeing how the media bashed Trump at every opportunity during the campaign, and he berated them for it constantly, one would expect nothing less from a Trump administration. He seems to favor talking directly to the people more than going to the media, so the tweets will likely continue for quite some time and many in the MSM could see some payback coming their way.

Where to start with changes? For one, those daily briefings are useless and could go away without being missed. Next item to stop would be those long drawn-out and choreographed interviews on shows like 60 Minutes. They are also pointless and the president’s time could be better spent on real work, as he has much to do.

It will be interesting to see what changes they implement and how the media reacts to them. My guess is Trump keeps Fox News, with the exception of Megyn Kelly, and ditches MSNBC and the like, so we can expect to see folks like Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell going into conniptions (that will be fun to watch).

While Trump is no Ronald Reagan, he can’t possibly be worse than O, so good or bad, we’re about to see an administration like no other.


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  1. As much as I look forward to seeing the leftwing media get the middle finger they so rightly deserve, I am very troubled by the Trump Administration’s ideas about treating government as a business and giving Americans “a better product for their money.” America is not a corporation and the president and federal government are not business managers. The government’s job, according to the Constitution, is to protect our rights and our sovereignty and to protect us militarily. It is through the wise management of those responsibilities that the environment is ensured for Americans to manage their OWN businesses and be the drivers of their own successes (or failures, alas). I know to some that might seem like a nitpicky distinction but it’s critical that Americans be stopped from this dangerous trend of seeing the government as their nanny OR as the gatekeeper to their success in life.


  2. It’ll be interesting to see what transpires when The Donald is given the keys to the country. That’s the understatement of the year! While I readily admit to bashing Trump unmercifully, he’s beginning to give me hope that he’s not the buffoon we saw during the Republican nomination process and just could turn out to be a good president. We’ll see. It does appear that we are living in “interesting times.”


  3. Well, as to the MSM, screw ’em if they can’t take a joke!

    Let them stew in their juices, including FOX!


    • With the way Trump loves to use Twitter, they could find themselves on the other end of the bashing, and some of his knee-jerk reactions could mean bans for certain people. Could be very interesting.


  4. Sarcasm
    When I was a kid my momma said about politics, “every 30 – 40 years a republican has to get elected to fix the problems damnitcrats create.”
    O.K., we got a so-called republican, at least not another O.
    In the mean time, what I learn thru the years, DamnitCrats go for the public to pay for their largesse, while RepubliCrats are selected to enforce the policies of the moochers (poachers). Oh, and to get the credit while the economy gets rebalanced.
    So here we are in an age of multifaceted media arrangements, throughout the Trump administration, what other differences will we really encounter? Even for diehard Reagan supporters, his handprints are also attributed to Family Law as we are ever after having to realize that our gov’t sold US (The USA) out a long time ago. They have literally been cooking US in a cold pot till we are struck and served for THEIR pleasure.
    Those lib.tard leftists are just being overzealous in losing to the real loser who is just going to roundabout re-enforce the last 50, 60, 70 years of the Social Experiment upon the USA, the great melting pot of all the enslaved countries to serve US to their pleasure.
    An example proof, the current lame duckO has just sold out both Israel and USA out of the transition phase. It’s just politics as usual, it just has to look different and the difference will be realized after we’re cooked.

    Oh, and I ain’t in jail yet.
    23rd next month we’ll see where I sit.


    • WT, you’re right about that ‘so-called’ Republican, and although Trump’s promises and tentative agendas sound good, we’ll have to wait and see where the establishment Rs throw up roadblocks. Curious also will be his reaction to those roadblocks

      Personally, I’m looking forward to a little come-uppance for the media. They need that jolt back to reality and there’s enough alternative media out there now to refute their slanted stories. We could see egg on a lot of faces in 2017.

      We want to hear from you on the 23rd or 24th of next month, ok? It could take us a while to gather up bail money.


    • I concur with Kathy, WT. Keep us posted about your tribulations, we’re all praying for you!


      • Will try to let someone know, but it won’t be bail. That’s the sentencing date they now don’t want any more delay.
        Where I’m at for now is very limited for internet, a few days before will be a small window of access.
        Thanks much folks.
        Have enjoyed this blog a lot.


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