The Overton Window


Putin-Trump-Promo.jpgCondensed from a piece from Dr. Jack Wheeler


Recall the days of yesteryear, when in 2008 it was absurdly ridiculous for Americans to consider electing a president with absolutely no qualifications whatever, so hardline Leftist he approved his Communist preacher praying for God to damn America, so mysterious he didn’t even have a valid birth certificate, simply because of the color of his skin.

Yet he was elected anyway, as no criticism mattered; if you dared criticize him, you were a racist. Once in the Oval Office, he initiated the most scandal-ridden presidency in US history – and none of that mattered as well. He proceeded to “fundamentally transform” our country straight into a cultural cesspool. Any objection to him and his policies was proof you were a racist bigoted homophobe, something irredeemably deplorable. . .

Which brings us to something called the Overton Window. . .

The late Joseph Overton at the Mackinac Center defined his eponymous window as the range of politically acceptable discourse on any given issue. The Left used its demonization of any critic of Zero’s to so radically shift the Window in their direction that formerly unimaginably ludicrous demands, such as transgenderizing the military, became the norm.

Trump is still four weeks away from his inauguration, he’s only President-elect, yet already he’s moving the Overton Window in our direction so fast it’s giving us all whiplash. . .

“When the meaning of language changes, that is a much bigger deal than a mere election.  This is more evidence of a truly seismic shift in the Overton Window of what constitutes acceptable political discourse.”

An Overton Window tipping point has been tipped,  and the liberals are rapidly skidding over the edge of the cliff onto the ash heap of history far below. They don’t know it yet; their foot is still hard on the gas. Go, baby, go!”. . .

Thirty years ago, I . . . predicted that the Soviet Union would collapse and cease to exist as a nation-state, that it . . . was brittle, such that . . .with the right pressure in the right places, one moment it would be intact and unyielding, the next moment it would suddenly shatter into pieces.

That happened with the pressure Ronald Reagan placed upon it. Now, with the pressure Donald Trump is placing upon the Left’s institutional control of our culture and lives, what happened to the Soviet Union is going to happen to the American Left.

We are going to have a superbly Deplorable New Year!. . .


Yesterday (12/22), the WaPo provided a preview of how fundamental will be Trump’s Overton Window shift:  The coming battle between the Trump team and economists over the true cost of climate change. . .

Global Warming aka Climate Change is the single most important issue of the Left. They’ll throw every other issue dear to their hearts overboard to save it. Why?

Because it’s the replacement for Marxism as the rationale for government control over everyone’s life. The purpose of every leftie’s life is to have control over other people’s lives. Not freedom, not prosperity, but control. Running people’s lives is what they live for. . . Communists, socialists, fascists, liberals, progressives, Democrats, are not and were never committed to Marxism at their ideological core. It just provided the best excuse they could get away with for ordering people around. . . and what better one could there be than a demonization of the basic element of which life itself is composed – carbon?

It was brilliant, allowing them to pull off the greatest scam in history, spending literally trillions of dollars subsidizing crony capitalist renewable energy frauds like windmills, enabling vast hordes of greenies to feed at taxpayers’ expense, and bribing throngs of scientists to prostitute themselves with fraudulent research.

That’s why Trump’s kneecapping of the scam is going to cause the greatest Global Leftie Freakout you’ve ever seen, . . .worldwide. . . Soon, Warmism – man-made global warming – will be gone with the wind. That may well turn out to be Trump’s greatest Overton Window shift of all. . .

But now, believe it or not, is a word in praise of Zero.

In his end-of-the-year press conference last Friday (12/16), he said . . .”The Russians can’t change us or significantly weaken us. They are a smaller country, they are a weaker country, they’re economy doesn’t produce anything that anybody wants to buy except oil and gas and arms. They don’t innovate.”

That is precisely and obviously true. . .

The alleged Trump-Putin “bromance” the Enemedia is pumping up will soon be over once Putin fails at bluffing or intimidating Trump.

That’s already started this week.  Yesterday (12/22), Putin gave a talk at the Kremlin.  The headline was: Putin Calls for Strengthening Russia’s Military Nuclear Potential.

 Within hours, Trump fired off this Tweet:


The Donald is not going to fall for the Russian Bear bully act. Note that Pooty-poot is getting the message. Today (12/23) he cooed, “If Trump invites me to travel to the United States, I will of course go.”  Off to a good start, Donald.


This is going to be interesting!

Between Brandon Smith’s elite-powered undermining of the global economy, and Dr. Jack’s real politik gamesmanship, “The Times They Are A-Changing”, as Bobby D. would say!

Talk amongst yourselves! I’m going to have a stout Single Malt on the rocks, and raise a toast to the new day dawning, however it unfolds!

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  1. Interesting post, Curtis!

    I think it remains to be seen whether Trump has lastingly changed the “Overton Window,” but I wholeheartedly agree that the “climate change” boogieman is “…the replacement for Marxism as the rationale for government control over everyone’s life,” and that this is why the Left will fight tooth and nail for it.

    Given that Al Gore has already found a receptive audience in the form of Trump’s beloved (and overly influential) daughter, I have my concerns as to the degree with which Trump will push back on climate change. The only thing in our favor so far is that climate change regulations are bad for the economy, and the economy is Trump’s top priority.


    • CW, I’m hopeful that Trump will focus more on genuine conservation rather than environmental hyper-regulation.

      BTW, I’m fully agreed about the shift in the Overton Window’s permanence. But the change can’t gain permanence if it never occurs, right? And we can readily see by the liberal meltdowns that such a shift is occurring. So I remain hopeful.

      I can see Trump being ineffective, disruptive, and a one-termer. Or I can see him being up to iconic in transforming the nation over two terms and solidifying Republican dominance in a historic realignment of both parties.

      What happens to the Dems if they lose 25% of the Blacks and 40% of the Hispanics??


      • >>” What happens to the Dems if they lose 25% of the Blacks and 40% of the Hispanics??”

        Better to ask what happens to Republicans if they gain 25% of the Blacks and 40% of the Hispanics at the further expense of conservatism and the Founders’ Constitution, because that’s the most likely scenario. There’s no point in celebrating Republican dominance if we get there by selling socialism under our own brand.


      • CW, I’d think the GOP would gain those supporters by improving employment, economic performance, honoring the Constitution, fairly enforcing the law, and being generally honest and ethical.

        You notice I’m not suggesting a majority of either group. But that kind of diversion away from the Dems would destroy their electoral viability.


  2. I noticed, but knew who you meant.

    My full initials are CWM, so it fits anyway. LOL!!


  3. Aftershock you should be hopeful that ANY President elect will do a good job.


    • I know you’re right generally speaking, but having followed the 2015/16 campaign as closely as I did and having seen how chameleon-like Donald Trump can be on issues depending on his audience, I have a very low expectation that PE Trump can rise above the man he was as candidate Trump. That said, remaining hopeful and prayerful is the right way to go.


      • After much afterthought on the recent election, I can now see the raison d’etre for Trump’s behavior. (That behavior towards his fellow Republicans I found repulsive at the time, and made it hard for me to board the Trump train until the final weeks.)

        In retrospect, it was that very nastiness that allowed the blue collar Dems in the midwest to actually cross over, instead of unenthusiastically rubber-stamping Hillary.

        His fluidity on issues reflects the complexity of those issues. I tend to be a cut & dried position kind of guy, but that isn’t a politically workable approach. Consider Civil Service reform, as THE requirement for Draining the Swamp!!??.

        But, like immigration, I can see how reasonable folks can disagree, especially as to the extent of changes required. Birth citizenship to children of those here illegally is an example. The child did no wrong, it has been judicially interpreted as a wholesale grant (wrongly I think), and the parent might not have been consciously dropping kids for the purpose of chain migration. Still, stuff still happens. Then those kids live “in the shadows” (not!) for decades before they interact with immigration officials, having been raised & schooled as with other American kids.

        There simply is not a simple reaction to that scenario that isn’t draconian or culturally self-destructive. So, first, stop the bleeding by sealing the border and ending all but individually sanctioned immigration. Let the water clear to see what really exists, then act judiciously.

        Not everything deserves to be addressed with a meat cleaver in anger.


  4. Once he’s sworn in, he needs to take –publicly– the unequivocal position that YES, the climate is changing; and NO, mankind is not responsible for it —in fact if anything the world is a greener place because of human activity. At which point I’ll begin to believe he’s serious. I’ll know he’s serious about making America great again when he signs a full repeal of the communist infrastructure known as the ACA/Obamacare. Those two issues will make or break the Republican party and conservatism. If he fails to make good on those promises, then it’s just the same old donkey-dung, different POTUS.


    • A.S., I agree, although I won’t limit him to being draconian. He has spoken favorably about ALL fossil fuels, including nuclear, coal, & oil. These are industries that create good-paying jobs for those willing to work hard & smart, though without higher education. The kind of jobs that support a family.

      We need a temporary freeze on ALL immigration, except screened applicants for higher education. Then establish clear control of the borders, and eject many illegals, especially those running around waving Mexican flags! I enjoy Mexico, used to have a vacation home there; but if you come here, it is to become an American! Not to recreate whatever cultural hell hole you’re escaping!

      Of course the hysteria about AGW is based upon corrupted, fraudulent schemes. Their lack of ability to forecast or create a model that WOULD HAVE forecast a direct correlation to mankind’s inputs is especially damning. If you can’t curve fit a known set of data, the hypothesis is toast!

      I’m shocked to hear the spokesmen say the GOP doesn’t have a replacement plan for the ACA. I’m aware of several that are out there, but no consensus apparently. The one certainty, the ACA must be repealed in its entirety, or the “Death Panels”, taxes, fees, etc. will live on to continue their economic destruction. Portability, interstate competition, high risk pools tied to Medicaid, and individual flexibility of coverages are no-brainers to me.

      Trump should back off on actually imposing general tariffs; the threat was sufficient. Rather, issue tariffs triggered by specific violations. This avoids a general trade war that would work against economic security.

      After so many years of Progressive abuse, there is much to be done. Entire Depts. should be eliminated, unionization of federal workers should be outlawed, or Civil Service eliminated, maybe both!
      We could all go on for days.



      • You are far more optimistic than me CW, its’ a dirty job but someone has to show optimism. I still think DJT is going to disappoint bigly. As for obamacare there should be no substantive Republican replacement save federal deregulating providers across the board, leaving all necessary and proper regulating to individual states. I won’t go so far as to say I’m optimistic but will pray and be hopeful that p-e Trump is minimally disappointing. I am optimistic that God can reach him if he’s at least open to hearing.


      • Agree with all of your points, Curtis. I also agree with Dr. Wheeler that climate change (formerly global warming) is the panacea for the left. The way they see/saw it, it can be the source of unending funds, control of the masses, and everything that’s good and holy. Without climate change, they’re going to be hard-pressed to find another pseudo-religious single issue that they can count on to be the basis for all of their needs and desires.

        I am currently enjoying watching the Overton Window move towards logical, sensible more conservative subjects and slowly sliding away from the left’s favorite talking points. It is very gratifying, even though I’ve never been a Trumpist, I have him to thank for the movement.

        Now, on Christmas Day, I’ll celebrate (like you) with a bit of an 18-year-old Glenlivet. Cheers!


      • Guess I had a confused senior moment curtmilr and called you cw by mistake 😬


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