Planned Parenthood’s Annual Income is Appalling

From Amanda Prestigiacomo, 12-19-16 at the Daily Wire:


Abortion mill Planned Parenthood has raked in a reported $700 million in profit since the tenure of CEO Cecile Richards, taking in a reported $127 million in profit annually. Yes, that would be the same “nonprofit” corporation that your tax dollars subsidize—over $500 million annually.

In October of last year, Rep. Jason Chaffetz questioned why exactly Planned Parenthood is framed as a “nonprofit” when they are clearing so much cash:

“Planned Parenthood has annual revenues of $127 million more than their expenses,” stated Chaffetz. “They were sending money overseas, they were spending money and giving it political organizations, they have a lot of shared services—I think these are legitimate questions as we look at the finances of an organization that is structured as a non-profit.”

“Why do we send money to an organization where the revenues exceed expenses by $127 million dollars annually?” he asked. “It doesn’t sound like an organization that needs to be supplemented by taxpayer dollars.”

As well known, Planned Parenthood clears such huge sums by murdering the unborn in the womb, though the corporation hilariously contends that only three percent of their “services” account for abortion, a misleading number which has been widely debunked by even left-wing publications.

As noted by Live Action News, Planned Parenthood will perform an abortion on one in every eight women who walk into their facilities, and commit 160 abortions for every adoption referral they make. Further, according to Planned Parenthood annual reports, their other “services” are seriously lacking: While the corporation accounts for over 33 percent of the nation’s abortions, they performs less than one percent of the nation’s pap tests and less than two percent of the nation’s breast exams.

Planned Parenthood is also riddled with scandal. Last summer, the corporation came under fire after undercover videos exposed Planned Parenthood higher-ups haggling over the prices of aborted baby parts. It is illegal to profit off of fetal remains. The company also took heat when a facility in Ohio was busted for “steam-cooking” the remains of killed unborn babies before dumping them in a landfill across state lines. And as previously noted by The Daily Wire, the abortion mill has seriously injured and even reportedly killed some of their patients, often while failing to meet safety regulations.

Planned Parenthood has murdered over 7 million unborn babies to date, over 320,000 last year alone, according to an annual report.

Currently, the abortion mill is in a legal battle with the state of Indiana, attempting to overturn legislation which prohibits abortionists to commit discriminatory abortions on the unborn based on disability, such as detected Down Syndrome, or sex.


This harkens back to the Nazi days where they too killed people in cold blood and piled them into a landfill – the difference being, the Nazis didn’t sell the body parts for profit. It makes a person wonder if the progressives look to them as mentors.

The horridness of Planned Parenthood’s actions aside, Jason Chaffetz need to keep this issue at the top of his priorities and I hope the other conservative reps support him, so he can put a stop to funding these killing factories. With $127 million in annual profits, there is absolutely no reason the government (we) should be funding them. No doubt that if we stop funding them, those profits will go down and the good side to this is they won’t be able to contribute (our) money so heavily to Democrat candidates.

If Trump is serious about cleaning up wasteful spending, this would be an excellent starting point.


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  1. Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to finance Planned Parenthood regardless of whether they need the money or whether they are highly profitable. The very idea that one American is forced to pay for another American’s abortion is incomprehensible.


  2. There is a law against funding Planned Parenthood. I forget the name but why aren’t we following it?

    I wonder if this is still their goal? Most PP clinics are in black neighborhoods.

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    • Tannngl, I think the law is against funding abortions, which PP swears on a stack of Bibles they’re not using federal money for that portion of what they do. Now, everybody that believes that, stand on your head!

      Texas is in the process of stopping their Medicaid and of course PP is saying that women will go without healthcare. That’s also not true because there are other clinics all over the state that provide the same services, just not abortions.

      I’m not sure if the current bunch is focused on weeding out the blacks, or if they’re just greedy useful idiots. Either way, same results.

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