Video: Fruitcake Is Surprisingly Bulletproof

From:,  by Stephen Gutowski,  on Dec 14, 2016


A disclaimer: I hate fruitcake. Even as a kid, I never liked it. I always felt like those neon plastic-looking bits of what was supposed to be “fruit” were just bits of artificial color added to entice an unsuspecting innocent into eating something that was obviously meant to be a doorstop. It comes as no surprise that it stopped a .50 cal bullet as easily as it stops digestion.


The bulletproof vest manufacturer BulletSafe likes to test its products against an assortment of other potentially bulletproof materials from time to time.

They have tested out Thanksgiving foods for their ability to stop a .50 caliber round with interesting results. Now they’ve tested fruitcake with similarly interesting results.

Apparently, fruitcake is bulletproof. Or, at least, 5 fruitcakes stacked back to back are bulletproof.

“Oh yeah!” the BulletSafe host said. “Folks, fruitcake is the first food item we’ve ever shot that stopped a bullet. It’s a much maligned holiday treat, people. Nobody talks highly of fruitcake but I tasted it and it tastes OK! And it stops bullets.”

“So, if you want to stockpile something for the apocalypse, maybe fruitcake is the answer.”


We do owe a debt of gratitude to the folks at BulletSafe for finally uncovering a practical use for fruitcake – a building material (similar to concrete blocks) that will also stop bullets.



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3 replies

  1. I guess if I hear a bunch of shooting on Christmas day I’ll know what’s going on!


  2. I can’t stand the stuff either, except my grandma’s where she used her own canned fruit and lots of nuts. I’m glad to see they found a use for it, and since it never deteriorates, you could stockpile it for fortress walls and be ready when the SHTF.


  3. Garnet, I never liked it either. That is, until I married. Husband grew up with his mom baking it for Christmas so I got her recipe and started baking it…I learned to like it, expecially with lots of nuts in addition to that sugary fake colored fruit. Good to know it stops bullets!


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