Celebrities beg electors to be ‘heroes’ and vote against Trump

Celebrities are teaming up to beg Republicans in the Electoral College to vote against President-elect Donald Trump, pledging their “respect” for potential “heroes.”

A slew of other has-been and B- or C-list celebs have piled on, calling for 37 “conscientious Republican electors” to swing the Dec. 19 Electoral College vote away from Trump. The Republican is expected to win 306 votes — more than the 270 necessary to win — based on the results from last month’s general election.

“Republican members of the Electoral College, this message is for you,” begins a preachy Martin Sheen. “As you know, our Founding Fathers built the Electoral College to safeguard the American people from the dangers of a demagogue and to ensure that the presidency only goes to someone who is to an ’eminent degree and down with the requisite qualifications.’”

“I’m not asking you to vote for Hillary Clinton,” some in the video say — just don’t vote for Trump.

“As you know, the Constitution gives electors the right to vote for any eligible person,” a celeb in the video states.

Sheen, who played the president in the hit series “The West Wing,” whose cast campaigned for Clinton, adds: “Any eligible person — no matter which party they belong to.”

“By voting your conscience, you and other brave Republican electors can give the House of Representatives the option to select a qualified candidate for the presidency,” says Richard Schiff, who played the communications director in that show.

“What is evident is that Donald Trump lacks more than the qualifications to be president. He lacks the necessary stability and clearly the respect for the Constitution of our great nation,” say the celebs.

Sheen pledges that anyone who votes his or her way will go “down in the books as an American hero,” and others say those electors will “have my respect.”

The video, released on YouTube by Unite for America, not only features Sheen and Schiff, but also Debra Messing, James Cromwell, BD Wong, Noah Wyle, Freda Payne, Bob Odenkirk, J. Smith Cameron, Michael Urie, Moby, Mike Farrell, Loretta Swit, Christine Lahti, Steven Pasquale, Dominic Fumusa and Emily Tyra.


Sheen who says that “Donald Trump lacks the necessary stability and clearly the respect for the Constitution of our great nation,” is on record as being an Obama supporter as well as a Hillary supporter – and HE wants to lecture anyone about our Constitution? 

Any elector who votes against his state’s voter’s clear intentions will be worthy of this bunch’s respect – he or she will be just as brain dead as these “celebrities” obviously are.

I’ve got to simmer down, this video really got my blood pressure going so I’ll collapse in my recliner now and watch some kiddie cartoons, they’ll make more sense than these Hollywood idiots.






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  1. Yeah, ya really gotta laugh at those morons. Those people live in a complete bubble, in which they think the gibberish they babble has actual meaning to people other than themselves and their fellow echo chamber dwellers.

    I’m sure it gave them all an insufferable air of superiority they could collectively bask in at their cocktail parties in Malibu.


    • You’ve described them perfectly, Brian. I can almost hear the disdain and condescension flowing from the superior elite now. To many of us, they exhibited their lack of critical thinking when they supported Hillary Clinton – that alone exposed the flawed group-think to which they all subscribe.


  2. “I’m not asking you to vote for Hillary Clinton,” Well, actually, they are. We sure as heck didn’t see them toting signs and campaigning for Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein, so of course, it’s about Hillary.

    Debra Messing is the same one who made the commercials for saving polar bears. She talked in this whispery tone as if it were a dire emergency, when in fact it was already known that the polar bear population had bounced back so well there wasn’t enough for all of them to eat.

    So much for the desperate lefty liars.

    Those electors who are thinking of crossing over should be more concerned about the wrath from the RNC and Trump supporters than they are about the hero status these has-beens will bestow upon them (which is another lie).


    • Good catch, Kathy! Not “asking you to vote for Hillary” is the same bald-faced lie as “we don’t want to take away your guns.” We’re onto them and they either haven’t figured it out yet or they just don’t care if we know they’re lying.

      As if these Hollyloons would actually respect a “faithless elector” for going against the vote of the people, they’ll just view it as one more ignorant rube that they’ve influenced.


  3. I’m scared, Garnet. Everyone knows how eager the Republican electors will be to earn the respect of Loretta Swit!

    Using one’s fame (such as it is) as an entertainer to try to influence the outcome of politics is a typically Democrat thing to do because they’re all cheaters at heart. It’s their nature. This is the very same group of people who supposedly don’t like the influence of money in politics (unless it’s theirs), but who see nothing wrong with using an advantage the rest of us non-celebrities don’t have in order to get their way.

    At least we know who the enemy are.


    • Yeah, Loretta Swit! A voice from over 30 years ago! Hot Lips Houlihan – probably Hot Flash Houlihan by now. Yeah, that’s the ticket – I wonder exactly how many “fans” she will convince to switch their vote? Probably about as many as are her chances of winning an Emmy this year.


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