Professor Calls Police on Officer For Wearing Uniform to Class

Written by Erika Haas, 12-12-16, at Bearing Arms:

January 21, 2015, Ralph Musthaler/Post-Gazette, College Police Departments, Loc In addition to a taser Sergeant black was also issued a bullet proof vest and a tourniquet.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Josh Collins said he was discriminated against and “ostracized” for wearing his police uniform, including a sidearm, to class, in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Collins has been enrolled at Loyola University in New Orleans for eight years. While he typically shows up to class in everyday clothes, last week he didn’t have time to change out of his police uniform or remove his firearm before attending his “Law and Morality” class.

Shorty after Collins entered the classroom, a student complained, prompting the professor to call the police. The police told the professor Collins wasn’t breaking any laws by carrying his weapon or wearing his uniform to class.

In his Facebook post, Collins pointed out the irony that the police were called on a police officer.

“How ironical and dumbfounding is it that you called the police to tell them that there was a police officer sitting in your class,” he wrote.

Collins also said he now feels the need to hide his profession “in order to obtain a fair education.”

You can read the full post below:

You know, as a white male conservative, I have put up with a lot of prejudicial and biased comments directed towards me while attending Loyola University New Orleans. I usually think the comments are funny because the ideals of a 18 year old ultra socialist frankly are funny to me. But today made me sad for the youth and the college I have attended for 8 years. Given how busy we have been this past week, including today, I showed up to class late and was still in full uniform because I didn’t have time to change. Obviously, being in full police uniform, I was armed. This is the first time after having six previous classes that anyone became aware of my profession. Shortly after my arrival, a fellow classmate complained to the professor of their uncomfortableness of having an armed police officer in the class. Mind you, I have sat in the same class for the last six weeks in civilian clothing. My professor then called the police. Of course I was not privileged to either of these conversations as they took place behind my back. My professor then pulled me out of class and told me that he had called the police based on the student complaint. The police obviously never came and told him over the phone that I was perfectly within the law.

First of all, what type of over sensitive indoctrinated liberal flower petals has this generation created that they are scared of going to school with a uniformed police officer.

Secondly, how ironical and dumbfounding is it that you called the police to tell them that there was a police officer sitting in your class. Loyola University, a Jesuit Institution, prides itself on its commitment to social justice. However, in creating an environment where everyone is accepted for who they are, you have now created an environment where I have been ostracized. As a police officer, I feel as though I must hide my profession in order to obtain a fair education.

Funniest of all, the title of the class is LAW AND MORALITY.

The university issued a statement apologizing to Collins, and claimed the whole incident was a “misunderstanding” (via Fox 8 News):

An unfortunate misunderstanding occurred on our campus this week regarding a student who works in law enforcement. This misunderstanding was driven in part by the fact that the officer was wearing standard SWAT fatigues that were not recognizable to professor and students as a law enforcement uniform and in part by heightened awareness regarding recent gun violence and campus shootings.


To call the cops on a cop who’s been in your classroom every day and happens to have on his full uniform, just takes stupidity to the nth degree.

For most of us, logic and common sense would tell us that we’re safer than usual with a police officer in the same room, especially these days. But not so for the snowflake student and the reflexive professor, who should have used this moment to speak up for Officer Collins.  He could have used this opportunity to talk about guns in classrooms and on campuses – perhaps even take a quick survey to see if anyone else is as uncomfortable with it as the snowflake was.

Much like a parent, a professor is supposed to be the leader and be in charge, but as we’ve seen time after time, the snowflakes are running things, aided and abetted by namby-pamby professors.  Lord help us.


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  1. This CRAP that’s going on in our “institutes of higher learning” is ridiculous. It’s bad enough that our precious little snowflakes have been coddled and spoiled by their parents, now apparently the staff at our colleges is picking up where they left off and continuing to cater to the legion of brats. They’ve listened to much too much rap and BLM bullshit and I guess they believe it – after all, in their world, it’s hip to be a black gangsta and they are supposed to defer to blacks because of the sin of being white. If the gangstas hate police, they must be bad. What colossal idiots we’re about to release on the real world.


  2. “liberal flower petals”

    I love it!

    Are these the same flower petals who dive under their desks and grab for their cell phones to dial 911 when one of their fellow flower petals goes postal? “You can protect me but don’t offend me by letting me see the tools you use.”

    This is the stuff Ayn Rand novels are made of.


    • I liked his terminology too, and yes, that would be same people as the desk-divers. After class is over, the cop will once again hit the streets to protect the precious little petals, even though they’ve deemed him a threat.


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