The Real Reasons Why Another American Civil War Is Possible


Condensed from a new post by Brandon Smith:


. . . With Donald Trump on the way to the White House in January, along with a Republican majority in Congress and the Senate, leftists long accustomed to dominating the public narrative through the mainstream media have found themselves without leverage. Now, they must resort to ankle biting with efforts like the “fake news” meme. . . Obviously this will fail. It is far too late for the mainstream media to gain back any social capital, and they will have to adapt or die out.

With this avenue closing for the left, the next stage will be direct asymmetrics; they will use subversion at a more localized level; working to provoke “marginalized” groups into taking extreme action in order to illicit a negative and totalitarian response from conservatives. . .

(R)egressives in the form of social justice warriors are. . . only (in) an early stage of their movement.  When these people do not get what they want, . . . they will inevitably turn toward militancy and aggressive mob action. . . There is nothing worse than a psychopath with a desperate desire to nurture you. . . They will seek instead to FORCE us into compliance. This ensures that a violent conflict will eventually arise. . .

I’ll have to use the old Lord of the Rings analogy once again here — big government is like the “one ring;” it will always result in evil, no matter who is wearing it.  Good people will take hold of it thinking they can resist abusing it and that they will exploit its incredible power to help others; and they will fall into darkness like everyone else.

The solution?  Conservatives must face leftist extremists on equal ground. . .  And yes, this means a decentralized civil war — a war in which government is denied as a player.  As long as conservatives refuse to wield government as a sword in our arsenal, we will win against all enemies.  The second we wimp out and beg government to aid us in our fight, we will be co-opted and assimilated by the elites. . .

(T)he elites have allowed us into authority at a time when trust in government is at historic lows.  We have been handed the reins of power, but I say this is not a cure, but a curse. We will no longer be considered freedom fighters.  We will be considered the jackboot stomping on the face of America. . .

Here is the problem — multiple groups on the left and the right have entirely different concepts on what the final American product should look like.  Some on the left are anarchists, some are communists, some just want the continuation of the democratic process (but still think Trump should be supplanted). On the right, there are hard-core neo-cons and war hawks that want to nuke the Middle East into oblivion, women and children included.  There are libertarians that just want a return to small government and constitutionalism.  There are anarcho-capitalists that seem to want the erasure of government and the constitution entirely but live in a world of theory rather than practicality (I call them egghead libertarians).  There are even Christian factions that long for a Christian-based theocracy.

Then, there are people like me, who just want to get to the root of the problem and hang the globalists from lampposts (after a speedy trial of course).  We don’t necessarily have a beef with any other group as long as they stay out of our way.  We would like to circumvent the danger of a civil war altogether if possible.

Unfortunately, I think . . . while we are all at each other’s throats, the elites will be lounging on the Riviera sipping mojitos and laughing.  The most dangerous faction (besides the elites) will be the catalysing faction; the regressive left.  They will be the group that initiates all other hostilities.

What leftists do not know is that they have always been useful idiots for the global elites, and, they will be thrown in the garbage once the elites are finished with them. . .

(C)ivil war is unavoidable. The left is too crazy, and the right has now been given the weapon of government too enticing to overlook. Consider for a moment which “faction” in the world benefits most from this arrangement and then you will understand that the left is ultimately a distraction from the greater enemy. Remove the globalists from the picture, and the left will sort itself out.


Again, the shadowy elites are weaving their webs, now seeking to trap Trumpians into discrediting populism, Republicanism, conservatism, and the Tea Party in one fell swoop. We must resist the urge to use the overwhelming force of government indiscreetly.

We must begin anew every day teaching and exposing the truth of the insidiousness of the persistent assaults on Liberty that the Administrative State, neo-Socialist nostrums, Mercantilism, and economic Fascism all propose. We must preserve individual Liberty to follow our own lights to the creative limits each of us has within us. This requires a live and let live ethos that is hard to maintain when presented with the burden of power.

This is not to say that we should lay supine, and allow the Leftist ruffians to create havoc unopposed. But, as Brandon pointed out, nor should we allow ourselves to be seduced into seeming abuse of military/police powers.

When a mob of SJWs takes to the streets, they should be met by a countervailing group, peacefully supporting societal normalcy. By stoically walling them into their own communities for their destructive acts, they will quickly be shown to be counterproductive actors to all but the most destructive elements in society. Police powers should be used to prevent overt criminality and to keep streets and highways open other than for permitted orderly demonstrations.

By consistently holding the higher ground, not fighting except in self defense, speaking loudly and clearly for true justice, fairness, ethics, and morality, we will win the war of public opinion, and thus the political battle.


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  1. >>”We would like to circumvent the danger of a civil war altogether if possible.”

    The problem, unfortunately, is that we are already embroiled in a civil war as evidenced by the fact that the Left has repeatedly defied the terms of the ceasefire, i.e. the Constitution. We are fooling ourselves when we believe that because we haven’t elevated the fight to a violent level that the war has been put off. Of course we’d rather things not get violent, but the price of avoiding violence has been the steady erosion of our rights as if the confrontation had taken place, with no physical cost whatsoever to the warmongers. How’s that strategy working for us?

    If you picture the original Constitution and the Founders’ vision for the country as a clock set at noon, the patient Left has successfully been able to rotate the hands second by second over the years until the clock now stands at 11:59 p.m. They’re like guerilla fighters moving stealthily undercover of night, getting into position while their targets sleep peacefully in their beds. When the clock strikes midnight, poof – the Constitution turns into a pumpkin. This is the precipice we’ve all been cautioning against year after year, know that we’re inching closer and closer to the edge. With the presidency and the congress and hopefully the Supreme Court under Republican control, we may be able to further slow the hands of the clock and maybe – if we’re REALLY lucky and/or smart – we can roll the hands back to 11:30 or so, but there will be no full restoration of the Constitution without a successful and violent civil war.


    • CW, I fear you may be right, though my estimation is that we are not yet that close to midnight.

      I agree that the Progressives’ march is well advanced, but most citizens are genuinely unaware that an assault is actually under way. A Hillary victory would have made that obvious, and a violent conflict couldn’t have been avoided.

      Trump merely gives us the opportunity to mark time, and perhaps begin a rollback of government overreach. Whether his heart is really in that project remains to be seen. His Cabinet picks give me some hope that it is so, but the proof will be in the pudding.


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