Nativity Scene Could Offend Muslims, Priest Says

From:,  by Nick Hallett,  on Dec 12, 2016



A priest in Italy has caused uproar after announcing there would be no Christmas nativity scene at the local cemetery this year because it could offend Muslims and atheists.

Fr Sante Braggiè said there would be no crib in the cemetery in the northern city of Cremona because it may anger people of others faiths or none whose relatives are buried there.

“A small corner of the cemetery is reserved for Muslim graves,” Fr Braggiè said. “A crib positioned within sight of them could be seen as a lack of respect for followers of other faiths, hurt the sensibilities of Muslims, as well as Indians and even atheists.”

He also cited a lack of council workers to set up the crib as another reason for abandoning the tradition.

Corriere della Serra reports that Fr Braggiè’s predecessor as local priest, Fr Oreste Mori, strongly criticized the decision, saying: “Seriously? I can’t believe it!”

“We cannot renounce our culture and traditions,” he said. “That would be an unpardonable weakness.”

 “I am, for the time being at least, in Italy, not Saudi Arabia.”

Cremona has been one of the many cities in Italy to bear the brunt of Europe’s ongoing migrant crisis, resettling thousands of migrants in the past few years.

The decision has also been criticized by local politicians, including regional councilor Cristina Cappellini. La Repubblica quotes her as saying: “I hope Fr Braggiè changes his mind and apologizes to the community.”

The local chief of the conservative Lega Nord, Pietro Burgazzi, also said: “I hope the decision not to put up a crib was not ideological, but hearing the criticisms it seems that it was.

“I want to stress the importance of the Christmas crib as a sign of Christian witness, which is always appreciated by the people of Cremona.”


This is a rather innocuous little story that’s taking place in a northern Italian city of 70,000 but is illustrative of the actions of some misguided individuals (in this case, a Catholic priest) who are willing to abandon long-standing cherished traditions in order to prevent possible “hurt sensibilities” among Muslims – and even atheists.

A Catholic priest in a predominately Catholic country (87%) is ready to forsake the centuries of tradition in order to be politically correct – he might say to be “religiously correct,” but I would call his actions ludicrously incorrect to the extreme. If all we were concerned about was the lack of respect and accommodation showed to Christians and Catholics by predominately Muslim countries, there might be a point there, but in some Muslim countries, Christians are deemed infidels and therefore subject to demeaning actions and even death. One might expect to see a nativity scene banned from view there, but in a predominately Catholic country like Italy, it flies in the face of literally centuries of honoring the most cherished holy day in Christendom by depicting the birth of Christ.

I’m only speaking for myself now, but I view this slow, seemingly inexorable, intrusion of Islam into our western culture much like the spread of malignant cancer-like growth, invading a once healthy entity and infecting it with a virulent agent destined to kill the host.

Maybe I’m just naive, but if I moved to another country, establishing a permanent residence there, I would expect to learn the language and respect the traditions of that country. I would expect to assimilate and become a productive member of that society; I’d want to “fit in.” And I expect no less from Muslims and other cultures who migrate to our United States. But I do require that they must ASSIMILATE. They MUST become Americans. They MUST honor our Constitution and NOT sharia law and they MUST respect our Christian heritage and not be offended by mentions of God, or Jesus, or Christ.

I know that this article refers to a single instance of ridiculous behavior by a Catholic priest in Italy, but I can see the camel’s nose inching under the tent as we speak and I don’t want to see nativity scenes banned from display in the U.S. in ten or twenty years for fear of “offending” some other culture. We are heading in that direction and it must be stopped in its infancy.



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  1. Everyone who immigrates to a new country would probably like it if the population there would adapt to them rather than vice versa, but no one ever dared to insist on it until the liberals came along to embolden them; consequently in my mind this is a liberal problem rather than a Muslim problem. Being the vast majority in Italy Catholics could easily band together to ignore or push back against the grumblings of those who are offended by the symbols of their religion EXCEPT that a large number of Catholics also happen to be liberals, and we all know that liberals are the great enablers.

    I’d like to suggest that we stop calling what’s happening “political correctness,” because that’s just the politically correct term for censorship. I don’t think younger people or people who don’t live and breathe politics as we do grasp the ramifications of “political correctness.” To them it just means we’re cooperating in using mutually agreeable language so as not to offend, but that’s not what’s happening at all. We are being censored, and the purpose of that is to aid the Left in creating a false perception of reality by which they can better advance their agenda. Control speech (all forms of it, including religious symbolism) and you control the population.

    Anyways, if you don’t want to be offended by religious symbols in a Catholic cemetery, don’t bury your loved ones there.


    • It all seems so plain and straightforward to us, but “politically correct” is just a newly conjured up replacement term for censorship – censorship has negative connotations so it’s been replaced by liberals by a more acceptable term. Regardless of what it’s called, when a vocal minority manages to influence actions by the majority for specious reasons, it’s wrong and if we let it happen often enough, it’ll become the norm. It’s no different than the hullabaloo about bakers and gay couples. Saner heads have to prevail else anything goes if enough stink is raised.


  2. It’s bad enough when they cave after being pushed into it, but it’s pathetic to cave before the muslims have even said a word, And what kind of example is he setting for the people who look up to him as their religious leader when he doesn’t stand up for his faith?

    I see it as a cancer-like growth too, much like communism and liberalism has done, it creeps up on us in small steps and then one day when they outnumber us and we’ve taken down all the crosses and Christmas decoration, boom, they will pounce. And the worst part will be that we made it easy for them.


    • I just can’t understand how a supposed “man of God” can jettison years of Catholic teaching and the feelings of his parishioners to keep from offending Muslims – and ATHEISTS! He should be defrocked and sent to any number of countries where he could get a first-hand look at how THEY treat his Christian brothers and sisters – might open his eyes.

      If we want to see what’s in store for us if we continued down Obama’s path, we only have to watch the previews in Europe right now. I’d like Trump to vet thoroughly any “refugee” coming from a predominately Muslim country and let those in who pass on a PROBATIONARY basis – either assimilate or be deported.


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