The Russians Stole the Election!


The leftwing media, unofficial arm of the Democrat Party, is proving once again why they’ve earned the disdain of Donald Trump and much of the American population.  Based upon interviews with anonymous sources in the CIA regarding unofficial, secret reports, the following headlines are breathlessly appearing on the front pages of “mainstream” news sites:

From CBSNews.comClinton campaign supports briefing Electoral College on Russian interference

From  Trump Engages CIA in War of Words Over Russian Election Hacking

From  Hacking Standoff.  U.S. Intel says Russia interfered with vote; not so, Trump says


(Emphasis theirs)

What is this new news of Russian hacking I wondered?  Well it seems it all stems from an article December 9th in The Washington Post which reported the earth-shattering revelations under the headline:  Bombshell Secret CIA Report Says Russia Aimed To Steal White House For Trump

What does this “bombshell” report say, you wonder?  Here it is:

“A shocking secret CIA assessment has concluded that Russia interfered with the U.S. presidential election expressly to help Donald Trump win, according to an exclusive report Friday by The Washington Post.  Until now, intelligence sources have indicated that Russian hacking throughout the campaign that repeatedly exposed information overwhelmingly embarrassing for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was an effort to undermine Americans’ faith in their government.”

So the “bombshell” news is not that the CIA has confirmed Russian hacking of the voting system or any other new allegation.  It’s the same old allegation about hacking into DNC and HRC emails.  But while we previously thought Russia merely wanted to undermine confidence in our government, now we think Russia wanted Trump to win.  Oh boy.  Apparently someone has finally crossed a red line that Obama is willing to defend, and our pacifist-make-love-not-war Democrats are ready to wage war with the Russians over it.

Moral to the story:  It’s all good until it happens to a Democrat.

Suddenly the Left is awash in patriotic feelings.    “How dare an outsider mess with our elections!” they cry.  Apparently foreigners can only mess with our elections if they sneak across our border first or funnel the money through the Clinton Foundation.  Hey – anyone remember Chinagate?

The Washington Post piece goes on to say:

“Though U.S. intelligence agencies were skeptical that hackers would be able to manipulate the election results in a systematic way, the White House feared that Russia would attempt to do so, sowing doubt about the fundamental mechanisms of democracy and potentially forcing a more dangerous confrontation between Washington and Moscow.”

The Obama Administration was worried that people would doubt the integrity of the election.  Isn’t that special?  Of course that was when they expected Hillary to win, so they didn’t make too big a deal about their purported concerns before.  But that was then and now that Hillary has lost, it’s okay to sow those doubts, you see?  It’s for our own good, I’m sure.

Look folks, the bottom line on this anonymous interview about a secret report is that we still don’t know for a fact who hacked into Hillary’s emails, but more importantly, the worst we can say so far is that if the email leaks brought Hillary down, she was ultimately done in by her own words as well as those of her colleagues.  Truth killed the Clinton campaign.  Furthermore, the people who are now righteously enraged over the leaking of authentic DNC emails are the very same people who routinely attempt to damage conservatives with false or misleading reporting, so all I can say is:  cry me a river.

And another thing (or two)!

Wasn’t it our Genius-in-Chief who told Mitt Romney that the 80’s wanted their foreign policy back when Romney suggested that Russia was our greatest geo-political threat?  Where – in all this outrage – is the apology to Governor Romney?  Wasn’t it Obama who whispered to Russian’s president, “Tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility after the election.”  Come to think of it, why didn’t Obama just call his old pal Vlad and say, “Dude!  Cut it out!”  And lastly, wasn’t it our brilliant Secretary of State Clinton who oversaw the “reset” with Russia?  Oops.  Looks like the reset didn’t work, Hillary.

Where are the stories about what this says about our leadership if it happens to be true?

Whether the Russians are guilty or not, Democrats’ concern for the integrity of our elections is as phony as Obama’s “shovel-ready” jobs.  These are the very same Democrats who have proven time and again that the integrity of our election systems means nothing to them and winning means everything.

But hey, it’ll make a good movie for Oliver Stone.



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  1. I suppose Democrats finally understand how Republicans feel when the Liberal media meddles in Elections to change the outcome. Romney does not pay taxes, McCain had an affair, Trump’s wife is an illegal immigrant and call girl. All false stories and narratives made by the left to alter the outcome of presidential elections. At least what Russia released was factual information. Karma.


    • Great point, Patrick. The Left’s outrage would be far more defensible to me if the Russians – or anyone – spread lies that created a false picture of Hillary. Instead they (whoever it was) simply leaked her and her friends own words.

      Remember when Harry Reid stood up on the senate floor and implied that he had inside knowledge suggesting Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes? Now there was a lie that impacted our elections, with no outrage by the liberals whatsoever. When called on it later Reid just said, “Romney didn’t win, did he?” No conscience, no regret.

      I’d trade the Russians for the leftists here any day.


  2. Great piece, CW, looks like we were thinking along the same lines.

    Some people are still buying into this BS, but many more are not. They’ve seen the media for what they truly are, thus discarding their statements like they would the National Enquirer.

    That doesn’t stop the Dems desperate attempts however, They’ll still be grasping at straws long after Trump’s in office, because they thought they had it in the bag, and now can’t accept the results not being what they wanted.

    Here’s one headline you can believe – “Julian Assange associate: It was a leak, not a hack and the DNC insider is NOT Russian”

    I’d believe him before I’d ever believe anything from the libs, the media or the current regime.


    • I believe it was a leak as well, Kathy. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t hacking going on as well but is that really news? Are we to believe foreign governments haven’t hacked our politicians before? On the one hand we’re supposed to believe that Hillary’s emails as Secretary of State were perfectly fine on her private server – nothing was ever breached, and on the other hand we’re supposed to believe that Russian hacking elsewhere corrupted the entire election. Give me a break.

      Here’s the thing, though, Kathy. It doesn’t really matter whether the sheep sincerely believe the election was corrupted, and leftists who run things understand this. This is really a call for solidarity against Trump and Republicans. The sheep are to SAY Trump got the WH nefariously so as to justify treating him with the contempt of an enemy throughout his presidency. They’re winking at each other just like any good con artist does. In the meantime we will spin our wheels and energy sparring with the decoy, writing posts and op-eds explaining the truth to people who really don’t care.

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    noun, plural hypocrisies.
    A pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

    Doesn’t that precisely define the leftist democrats? Our American population will be well served by watching the democrat’s activities leading up to and following the election. An objective observer monitoring their activities could come to no other conclusion except that they were chock full o’ hypocrisy.

    As you noted, their actions always depend on whose ox is being gored. If they’re being targeted, it must be that evil right-wing conspiracy at work, if conservatives are being attacked, they brought it on themselves and deserve whatever follows.

    They simply can’t be trusted – period.


    • Garnet I just watched a breathless Clinton Campaign spokesperson tell Shannon Bream on The Kelly File that “…I pray that if anything comes out of all of this in the election it’s that Americans come back and remember that this is part of the foundational core of our democracy.” And, “It is our constitutional duty to know the answers to these questions.” Then she invoked the name of Alexander Hamilton. Oh such passion!

      Of course she’s wrong – we’re not a democracy; but when was the last time we heard a Democrat get fired up about protecting the Constitution??? Now all of a sudden it’s critical to them. This is the same party that made a laughing stock out of Senator Joe McCarthy for 60 years for (rightly) acting on his concerns that our government had been infiltrated by communist sympathizers. Talk about a bunch of shameless liars.

      Things are getting very desperate. I suppose we should have expected it.


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