Trump’s Selection for Secretary of State Is….

By Harper Neidig at The Hill, 


President-elect Trump has selected Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as his nominee for secretary of State, NBC News reported Saturday.

Tillerson had reportedly jumped to the front of the pack of candidates in recent days, despite not being mentioned on shortlists as recently as last week.

Critics have already called into question Tillerson’s ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Tillerson negotiated an energy partnership with Putin in 2011 that the Russian president said could be worth $500 billion.

The following year, Tillerson received the Russian Order of Friendship, one of the highest awards the country bestows upon foreign nationals.

Reuters reported earlier this year that the Exxon Mobil deal with Russia had been put on hold due to sanctions levied against the Kremlin for its annexation of Crimea in 2014. The company has said it intends to resume the deal after sanctions are lifted — a process that Tillerson could help expedite as secretary of State.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said that two sources informed her that Tillerson’s selection is planned to be announced sometime next week. She also reported that former Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton, a neoconservative firebrand, would be tapped to be Tillerson’s deputy at State.

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It’s ironic that Trump should pick Tillerson, who’s on very friendly terms with Russia, while at the same time O and his team have all but openly accused them of tampering with our election and ordered a full report to be completed before he leaves office. Following closely on his heels is RINO Lindsey Graham tweeting statements like this –

Don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what Russia is up to — they’re trying to undermine democracies all over the world.

I’m not challenging the outcome of the election, but very concerned about Russian interference/actions at home & throughout the world.

A lot of Trumps selections have been businessmen and military, so his cabinet seems to be shaping up nicely.  Assuming Tillerman approaches this with a business attitude and logic, with Bolton as his Deputy, they should make a good team.

Just one suggestion though – let’s check his basement for servers before we give him the job, ok?


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  1. Not knowing much about Tillerson it’s hard for me to form an opinion about him as Secretary of State. He obviously has experience as a negotiator with foreign heads of state, but his politics and how he views America’s role in the world are also important.

    One thing’s for certain: he can’t be any worse than the last two Secretaries of State!


  2. I must admit to being perplexed about Tillerson being named Secretary of State. Apparently, his close ties with Russia is what sealed the deal for Trump. I also admit that I know zilch about Mr. Tillerson though I’ll do some digging to better make a judgment.

    I’m glad to see Bolton named as his deputy, at least we know that he has the cojones to look out for America’s interests (for a change). But, the CEO of Exxon/Mobil as Secretary of State? That just seems out of left field.


    • That one has me wondering why too, Garnet, but it can’t hurt to have someone who’s friendly with Russia as Secretary of State. Perhaps it will offset the sniping back and forth that’s been going on between O and Putin.

      Kellyanne Conway said not to expect Trump to do things in a conventional manner, and she certainly got that right.


  3. I’m quite enthused that Trump is putting proven successful businessmen in places of authority over general areas of government involvement. Putting former military as overseers of the military also makes sense, so long as the civilian authority is wholly respected.

    The Exxon/Russia deal must be handled with great delicacy, and must be a Win/Win for the nation, not just Exxon.

    Bolton knows the ropes around Foggy Bottom, and hopefully can rout out some of the anti-american imbeds there.


    • Same here Curtis – for the first time in nearly a decade, I am looking forward to what comes out of our government once these nominees are confirmed, assuming they will be.

      Every person Trump has chosen will have monumental tasks in front of them in cleaning up their departments, so it will be baby steps, but at least they’ll be in the right direction for a change.


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