Trump is exposing the left

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As Pesky Truth regulars know, I’ve never been a supporter of Donald Trump, and in fact, I’ve bashed him unmercifully ever since he announced he was running. But since he won the election, his impact on the political climate in the U.S., especially on the leftist democrats, is positively gratifying.

They are so furious at losing the election that they’re exhibiting, for the world to see, the infantile, childish, irresponsible behavior that one would expect from a spoiled brat, in other words, a temper tantrum.

I love seeing them writhe in agony at the thought of The Donald holding the reins of power instead of the founding matriarch of the Clinton Crime Family, their Queen-in-waiting, Hillary.

I love seeing them flail about, kicking and screaming, infuriated at each and every statement Trump makes, including his announcements of cabinet nominees, and even his ubiquitous tweets. They are absolutely livid that Hillary couldn’t convince enough voters that she was honest and trustworthy enough to give her the win over a boastful, reality TV star who was also a serial exaggerator. They’re only now realizing that Hillary laid an egg and it wasn’t golden, it was rotten.

They’re making fools of themselves. They’ve figuratively flung open their political raincoat, exposing the wrinkled and flabby nakedness of their souls (for lack of a better term) and it ain’t pretty. Their shields are down. The façade has crumbled, and now the world can see them for who they truly are.

I’d like to challenge young people; those who haven’t been engaged in our political process yet, acknowledging that they may harbor mostly liberal tendencies force-fed to them by their educators, watch the leftist democrats, see how they behave. Does that behavior comport with that of serious, fair-minded adults? Or is it more indicative of a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum?

Watch as they figuratively crucify President-elect Trump with accusations that would make Satan blush. Note how they threaten to interrupt and/or shut down his inauguration ceremonies.

In the end, by winning the presidency, and regardless of whatever other positives may come out of a Trump administration, we do owe Mr. Trump a debt of gratitude since he has forced the left to show their true stripes.

There was a time when they might have been able to convince a curious person that they were the reasonable ones and that the other party (us) consisted of throwbacks to an earlier age when dinosaurs roamed free.

But never again – it’s all out there now, captured forever in binary bits. Every screeching, out-of-control democrat denying reality, refusing to accept that our system worked and a new president was elected according to our Constitution. Their antics will live forever now and hopefully, our descendants will recognize imprudent behavior and prevent them from gaining power ever again.

Thanks Mr. Trump for your service to our United States by exposing the left for who they really are.



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  1. It worried me when Trump was running how many folks of influence, both in Congress and on the blogs, were speaking disparagingly of him. But all us Larry Lunchbuckets and Johnny Sixpacks prevailed. This has to be the basis for a movie some day… Maybe…. If Hollywood ever regains some semblance of sanity. I remember when Brazil had the same groundswell resistance to the government and voted all the politicians out. Back in the ’50’s or ’60’s sometime. Readers’ Digest had a big story on it. This time…. silence…


    • I was one of those speaking disparagingly of Trump. What I saw in candidate Trump and his antics didn’t fill me with confidence.

      He is, however, looking better all the time and I do like several of his cabinet appointments. If he continues to do well, I’ll be happy to have been wrong and will readily admit it. One thing that you mentioned that was really gratifying – that is the way that voters made it plain that we were fed up with politics as usual and we wanted major changes.


  2. It’s always enjoyable and satisfying when the Left is frothing from the mouth but of course that’s only because they’re hell-bent on destroying America and we don’t want that. What nerve we have, eh?

    If they crack up this way over Trump, I can only imagine what the reaction would have been to Ted Cruz.


    • Interesting point, CW. I believe that they might be more outraged with Trump than with Cruz. Though they thought that Cruz was as unlikeable as Hillary, I think that they thought that Trump would be a breeze and that’s what caught them so unprepared. Cruz was more of a “standard” candidate and they would have simply attacked him just like any other opponent of Hillary. I don’t think that they ever knew what to make of Trump – he was just such an odd candidate and they didn’t know how to combat him.


      • In an effort to derail Trump the leftists tagged him with the “alt-right” label, which the stupid and uninformed have misconstrued to mean that Trump is ultra-conservative and/or racist. The ironic reality, of course, is that Trump is not ultra-conservative at all. They would have had far more to fear from Ted Cruz with respect to eradicating Obamacare and downsizing big government and welfare programs. No doubt they didn’t take Trump seriously enough and the shock of his winning is exacerbating their anguish, but I think if Cruz had won with the goal of upholding the Constitution the cries of “fascism!” would be even louder. Alas we may never know.


  3. My question is how long can these tantrums go on? For people who are supposed to be adults, they’ve outlasted all the tantrums ever thrown by a child.

    Pelosi said that Ben Carson was ‘disturbingly unqualified’ to run HUD. The woman is just disturbed, period. After seeing how they’ve run things for the last 8 years, I’ll gladly take my chances with Carson.

    Then the incident where Clinton’s people tried to get Mika Brzezinski kicked off the Morning Joe show because she favored Trump, or so they claimed.

    Juveniles act like this, not adults. Well, except for the lefties.


    • It really is enlightening to watch the lefty democrats exhibit their displeasure is so many ways – it runs the gamut from sobbing condolences spoken to Hillary to threats and predictions of the sky falling. They really have seemingly lost control of their senses and are flailing about for nefarious reasons for Hillary losing and looking for ways to blame Russia for Trump’s victory.

      Any day now, they’ll pivot and begin blaming cold snaps, blizzards, and glacial melting on Trump’s victory. They may even let up on Dubya Bush and Climate Change as scapegoats – for a while. They’ve essentially gone batshit crazy.


  4. Ah, yes… Schadenfreude!

    It IS so swe-e-e-e-e-e-t!


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