Allen West Laughs: “Barack, You Got to Know Your Limitations”

Written by Allen West, 12-7-16:


How many of you recall the ol’ Clint Eastwood San Francisco detective movie series based on his character Harry Callahan, infamously known as “Dirty Harry”? Man, we all grew up wanting to shoot a .44 Magnum; that was a peacemaker of a handgun. But what I remember most are Clint’s famous one liners; he had a simple way with words. One of my favorites was, “A man’s got to know his limitations,” and that line is quite apropos for our story here, but with a twist. May I rebrand that line for one Barack Obama, “A man’s got to know when he’s irrelevant.”

As reported by the Washington Post, On the eve of a new administration that has promised more aggressive counterterrorism operations, the Obama White House has released a lengthy compendium of its own policies governing the use of force. 

The 61-page document outlines eight years of the administration’s legal opinions, executive orders and military directives. In a strong defense of the administration’s actions, it lists rules for lethal drones and terrorist detention and describes the international and domestic law that undergirds them.

Such rules are important to reduce “the risk of an ill-considered decision,” President Obama wrote in an introduction to the document. When making policy on war and peace, he wrote, it was critical to disclose “as much information as possible to the public . . . so that an informed public can scrutinize our actions and hold us to account.” 

Obama said that, together with the report, he was issuing a presidential memorandum “that encourages future Administrations to build on this report and carry forward the principles of transparency it represents.” The memorandum, he said, asks for it to be updated by the National Security Council staff at least on an annual basis and released to the public. 

There is no statutory requirement for the document, titled “Report on the Legal and Policy Frameworks Guiding the United States’ Use of Military Force and Related National Security Operations,” and no obligation to make it public. 

A senior administration official said that the White House-compiled report had “been in the works” since before the election and is not targeted at the incoming Trump administration, which will be led by a president who has spoken approvingly of using torture. 

“Putting it together and presenting it to the next administration, it would be a helpful guidebook, certainly,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in advance of the official release. “But it wouldn’t have the same import as informing the American public.”

Folks, when I read this story, I found myself ROTFLMAO, and I mean side-splitting laughing. Coming off his foolishly arrogant statement in Peru about how he’d continue to speak out on values, Barack Obama has to be suffering from such delusional depression realizing we don’t give a damn what he thinks. Obama is a lost soul in search of relevance, as he’s 43 days from the cold hard truth that his existence as president, his legacy, is embodied in one Donald J. Trump.

And so, as Clint Eastwood would say, “Barack, you got to know your limitations.” Can you believe, the Obama administration published a policy on the use of force? Yes, this was a waste of government paper, considering such great Obama achievements as the “reset button” and his “Semper Gumby” approach to foreign policy. Sixty-one pages of military directives, like, let’s all withdraw and create a vacuum in Iraq. Or how about the classic, “ISIS is not Islamic” — coupled with “ISIS is a jayvee team.”

Now, I know the Taliban rates as one of the great military directives of Obama, “I hereby declare combat operations ended in Afghanistan” — yep, that was a doozy. Or how about Mr. Tough Guy Obama drawing a “red line” in Syria — oops, in case y’all haven’t been paying attention, the “rebels” are about to surrender in Aleppo.

Included in this fairy tale bedtime story are just great tales on terrorist detention such as how to get back a single American deserter in exchange for five senior Taliban leaders. And to think, the foreword was written by Obama himself, where he tells us about the risk of an ill-considered decision, this coming from the man whose foreign policy and national security strategy was based upon the venerable maxim of “don’t do stupid s!@t.”

Hmm, ill-considered decisions, you mean like addressing Cairo University and requesting the Muslim Brotherhood to be front and center? Or, what about that dubious decision to support Islamic jihadists in Libya, and enable the destabilization of an entire country? Or the infamous pivot to the Pacific, just in time to allow China to build manmade islands and employ military weapons. One of my favorites was to supply the Ukrainian Army with socks, while the Russians were knocking at the door — yep, that was a great decision and proper use of force.

And get this one… Obama states, “it was critical to disclose as much information as possible to the public…so that an informed public can scrutinize our actions and hold us to account.” REALLY? Dude, YGTBSM! So, Benghazi was all about a crude anti-Muslim video? And Bowe Bergdahl served with honor and distinction? Told ya I was on the floor laughing so hard I cramped. It was Obama’s SecState John Kerry who once claimed, “the media would do us all a service if it ignored terrorism, people wouldn’t know what’s going on.” 

Ladies and Gents, you cannot make this stuff up, they actually wrote a document that said this stuff — and they are serious. See, the problem with liberal progressive socialists is that they talk to each other, and as Forest Gump once said, “stupid is as stupid does.” They fail to realize that there’s an entire contingent of us that actually read and have functioning brains.

Obama is searching for a place, relevance, and the fact that he issued a presidential memorandum that “encourages future Administrations to build on this report and carry forward the principles of transparency it represents” — what a wheel barrow of bovine excrement. No one’s going to read this collection of self-absorbed bloviating. Heck, it was probably written by that brilliant literary scholar, Deputy National Security Adviser, Ben Rhodes; he is a brilliant storyteller, certainly not an expert in national security strategy.

And the National Security Adviser is one Susan Rice… Did she write anything for this tale — oops, sorry, report. Does the Obama administration really believe that anyone in the Trump administration is going to read this collection of fake news stories? Well, actually, if you’re suffering from insomnia, this may be the ticket to put you right to sleep — nah, you’ll be laughing too hard.

And who is Obama to say in his presidential memorandum that this report should be updated by the National Security Council staff on an annual basis? Does he truly believe LTG Flynn or KT McFarland are going to waste their time on this folly?

Sadly, we’re witnessing the meltdown of “No drama” Obama. He’s a man being hit with the cold wind of the reality that his eight years have been inconsequential, irrelevant and uninteresting. So the Obama administration took this guidebook — would’ve been better to make a coloring book — that they obviously thought would be handed over to Hillary Clinton, and instead of just not telling anyone, they released it.

Barack Obama just does not comprehend, Hillary Clinton’s loss had nothing to do with Fox News, crude nationalism or any other made-up boogeyman. Her loss had everything to do with a repudiation of him, along with the corruption, cronyism and elitism that Obama and Clinton both represent. The American people do not want any report by Obama and his minions, and they certainly do not need a report to “inform” them of how great a failure he was in the use of force. We will NEVER forget 10 U.S. Sailors on their knees at gunpoint by the Iranians…that was a use of force.

Barry ol’ boy, you’re leaving in 43 days, 23 hours, 42 minutes, and 30 seconds…and as Dirty Harry said, “go ahead, make my day!”


Leave it to O with his ego the size of Mt. Rushmore, to think he has helpful advice to an incoming president.

When Trump and his admin get there, I bet if they look around, they’ll find another manual with some great golf tips too.



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4 replies

  1. Sorry to be so late to the party – am experiencing ‘puter problems again. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a gigantic flash mob gathered in DC to collectively “moon” Barack as he left the White House? Thousands of naked buttocks showing our appreciation for damn near sinking the ship of state. Can’t be there myself, but I’d pay to see that!


    • That’s funny, and I’d pay to see it too, but somehow I don’t think that’s what CW had in mind. 😀

      Sorry to hear about the computer problems – hope all is well now.


  2. This was excellent, Kathy. You’ve got to love Allen West. I hope Trump finds a place for him in the administration. I’m not sure about using the word “inconsequential” to describe Obama, but I understand there really is no good word to describe a president who leaves a disastrous legacy.

    The other day I heard Obama’s farewell speech to our troops, and found myself shaking my head at his lies, his arrogance and his delusions of possessing great pearls of wisdom that others are anxious to hear. He seems determined to re-write history and fabricate a legacy that just doesn’t exist, as if reality consists only of what he says and not of what people have experienced or seen with their own eyes. I think he’s sending a message to his mind-numbed followers that this is how they are to remember him when they speak of his presidency in the years to come. He’s consumed with worry that the fable he’s constructed will be torn down by those who insist on spreading the truth.

    I wish there were some shared symbolic gesture that all conservatives and anyone else celebrating the departure of this evil man could engage in en masse on his last day in office to show our great relief and return to hope. We’re having a party at my house, that’s for sure.


    • Great comment, CW, you described him to a T. His sense of self importance is so huge he thinks he has influence over people’s future thoughts and words. He’s going to get his little feelings hurt when he realizes he’s irrelevant and hears people blaming him like he blamed Bush.

      This occasion certainly calls for a party – maybe I’ll have one too. First we had the Brexit, then talk of a Calexit, so maybe we could all get a shirt and have Obexit put on it, to wear that day. 🙂

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