CIA Director Offers Stern Warnings to President-Elect Trump

Written by Julian Hattem at The Hill, 11-30-16:


The head of the CIA offered stern warnings for President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday about sabotaging the nuclear deal with Iran and about warming up to Russia.

Those steps, which Trump has promised to pursue as president, would embolden foreign hard-liners and meet heavy resistance from within the CIA, Director John Brennan said in an interview with the BBC.

Tearing up the Iran deal, Brennan said, “would be disastrous.”

“It would be the height of folly if the next administration were to tear up that agreement,” he claimed, warning that other governments would use the development to start pursuing nuclear weapons of their own.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the accord, which sets limits on Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

He has called it “the worst deal ever negotiated” and said that, as president, he would force Iran to return to the table or else risk the agreement falling apart.

In his interview with the BBC, Brennan also cautioned Trump against developing a close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, about whom the president-elect has been remarkably complimentary.

“I think President Trump and the new administration need to be wary of Russian promises,” Brennan said.

Moscow has posed a consistent obstacle to the Obama administration’s plans to stem the civil war in Syria and has been “disingenuous” during efforts to work together, the CIA head claimed.

Hackers with ties to the Russian government are also alleged to have penetrated political organizations in the U.S., including the Democratic National Committee, in the run up to Election Day this year.

The Obama administration’s extraordinary disclosure of Russia’s involvement in the hacks has raised questions about how the U.S. should respond and whether it would be advisable to retaliate in kind.

Americans should not “stoop to their level,” Brennan told the BBC, in part because of fears about an escalating cyberwar. Instead, he urged other means of retribution, which he did not outline.


It seems Mr. Brennan learned nothing from the election results. He missed the message that things are about to change. Brennan will be replaced by Trump’s nomination Rep. Mike Pompeo, who has vastly different views on Iran, and although we don’t exactly what to expect, it will an improvement over this administration’s lame efforts, whatever it is.

This administration dares to issue warnings to Trump after giving almost $2 billion in laundered cash to the worst sponsor of terrorism in the world. They loosened sanctions on Iran and signed a nuclear deal that basically doesn’t allow inspections, and by the way, Iran already tore it up and afterward continued to chant ‘death to America.’

Ever since O told Medvedev that he’d have more flexibility after the election, Putin has been playing these guys like a fiddle. He’s gone so far as to buzz our ships in international waters and even buzzed the US coast with his planes, and what was their reaction? Absolutely nothing.

Instead of whining to the BBC, Brennan should be in his office packing up boxes. If we’d wanted to keep business as usual, we would have elected Hillary.


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3 replies

  1. Very well said, Kathy.

    This guy’s got some nerve, hasn’t he? Maybe the losers who run our IRS and V.A. have some words of wisdom for their replacements. Trump should request that any advice from the Obama officials be put in writing and submitted on toilet paper.


  2. Obviously so, Kathy!

    At the same time, agreements, once done, are not easy to change, and sometimes undoing them can do more harm that good.

    In this case the Billion$ are already transferred, but we got some alleged time lines. Sanctions could be reimposed, but to what effect now that the cow is out of the barn?

    Bluster is great in campaign mode, but its utility diminished in real diplomacy, as I’m sure Trump understands. A deal must be mutually beneficial to be made.

    As for me, I’d rather start diminishing our role as World Cop. We can’t afford it, and don’t always understand the intricacies of centuries old conflicts.


    • Agreed, Curtis, there are times when the US should butt out of other countries’ business, particularly when liberal leaders like Hillary and O think they know what’s best. Then there’s that whole ‘nation building’ thing where we try to force democracy on countries when that type of government doesn’t necessarily work for them.

      Trump and his people will need to study that nuclear deal and it may take baby steps, but everything about that agreement is wrong and needs undoing.

      As part of his legacy, O was determined to make that deal, no matter the consequences, but Brennan had no business airing that warning to Trump. That should have been a private conversation between him and Pompeo.


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