Oh No: Super PACs Have Formed Urging Michelle Obama to Run for President

From: townhall.com,  by Jason Hopkins,  on Nov 30, 2016


Three separate super PACs have formed calling on Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020. One was even formed before Trump won on Election Day.

Ready for Michelle was filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on October 31 and is legally able to raise unlimited amounts of funds. The name is a knock off of Ready for Hillary. The PAC is operated by founder Donald Garrett and four other volunteers. They run a website, www.ReadyforMichelle.com, and a subsequent Facebook page.

Ready for Michelle 2020 and Friends of Michelle 2020 were filed with the FEC following the presidential election. None of the three PACs appear to be operated by any political professionals, but have been filed by D.C. outsiders. Ready for Michelle has only raised less than $1,000 since its inception. It does, however, boast more than 1,000 signatures in support of a presidential run by the first lady.

The super PACs are also joined by a hashtag trending on Twitter since the election, #Michelle2020.


Despite supporters’ pleas, Michelle has been adamant about not running for elected office, especially the presidency. She had this to say about running when asked in May of this year, “I will not run for president,” she said to a disappointed audience. “No, nope, not going to do it.”

Here’s to hoping she keeps her promise.


Personally, I always thought that she’d run for the Senate first and then the presidency, but after eight years as First Lady, she had all of that wonderful experience to justify her elevation to the “Leader of the Free World” job – kinda like Hillary. She says she won’t run, but that remains to be seen.

I wouldn’t discount Chelsea Clinton from taking the U.S. Senate route, though. She’d probably be elected in New York and after 2 years in Congress coupled with her extensive experience as First Daughter, she’ll be ready to run for POTUS herself.

Please God, can’t we ever be rid of these parasites?




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  1. This is so typical of adolescent-brained Democrats. If you asked any one of them if a foreign leader’s wife should be made president solely on the basis that she was his wife they would scoff and say, “Of course not!” Yet here they are begging Michelle Obama to run like a bunch of drunken groupies. They make me sick.

    I think Michelle Obama will run for office at some point and I think Chelsea Clinton will as well. The smell of power will be too hard for the leftists to resist.


    • Both Michelle and Chelsea have the most important qualifications for a democrat presidential nominee – name recognition and possibly becoming the first woman president. The tipping point will be if either of them runs for any other office. If they do, that’ll be the signal that they WILL run for president. Even so, Michelle could run without an elected office, but I don’t think that Chelsea can.


  2. Here’s a sickening thought – that would make O the First Gentleman, which is as bad as having Bill Clinton back in there with Hillary. Between the Clintons and the Obamas, this country has barely survived, so please, no more.

    These super PACS could be in for a rude awakening in the near future. Ted Cruz and Mark Meadows have drawn up the SuperPAC Elimination Act of 2017. They say it ‘champions free speech in the election process and effectively eliminates SuperPACs by allowing unlimited individual contributions to candidates with immediate disclosure.’

    “‘The current system is absurd,’ said Mr. Cruz. ‘As a candidate who has had super PACs supporting me and super PACs attacking me, it makes no sense not to have candidates able to communicate their own messages and instead have this bizarre world of super PACs.’”

    I think they’re trying to even up the playing field, but I’m still munging on it, as our dear Mrs. AL used to say.


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    • As usual, in my opinion, Cruz is right. The super PACS are just a democrat ploy to fund their candidates without disclosing the people funding them. We’d be better off knowing who is supporting whom – we can form our own opinions as to why.


  3. Political cold sores – just when you think they are finally gone, they reappear to make life miserable again.


  4. I see. More PACs raising money from the suckers, like Stein’s recount BS. Hoover up a bunch of dough from desperate and bleating pinheads who apparently have more money than brains.


    • Wouldn’t Michelle be perfect for the left? A black woman – wow! And one with eight years of First Lady experience too. And top off that tasty treat with the fact that she’s a Harvard lawyer. Damn, what leftist box doesn’t she check?


  5. Well, the Dems need some young blood.

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    • So, there is hope after all!

      Except that Michelle checks all the necessary boxes – see my reply to Brian for her leftist qualifications. She’s got maybe three years to change her mind and who else are they gonna run that has her qualifications – especially with the way they’ve worshiped her as FL.

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