Sheila Jackson Lee beclowns herself on the Ohio State terror attack

From:,  by Thomas Lifson,  on Nov 29, 2016


Texas Democrat Representative Sheila Jackson Lee has a lot of fixed ideas, and she manages to fit news events into a framework that reinforces her politics.  As a left-wing Democrat and member of the Congressional Black Caucus, she cleaves to certain givens that must not be contradicted.

Thus, when a Somali “refugee” decided to maim or kill as many Americans as he could by driving his car into a crowd, following the instructions ISIS recently gave to Muslims seeking vengeance, Representative Lee followed the ready – fire – aim protocol of the stupid, issuing this tweet:


Taken literally, the hero of the incident, Ohio State University police officer Alan Horujko is guilty of a “senseless shooting.”


It is possible that Representative Lee thinks that any use of firearms by a police officer is “senseless.”  And Officer Horujko is really, really white, isn’t he?  He shot a Muslim, so in some circles that could be regarded as “senseless.”

But I suspect that Rep. Lee appreciates the firearms carried by the Capitol Police, who guard her serene highness.

My guess is that the representative of Texas’s 18th District was just sloppy and assumed that any attack involves a shooter.  After all, guns are the root of violence in the Democrats’ worldview.

The other mistake Rep. Lee made is immediately clear to any fan of college football.  The Ohio State University is very proud of the definite article in its name.  Hence, its players identify themselves emphatically as playing for The Ohio State University.

Rep. Lee, obviously embarrassed, has deleted the tweet from her Twitter account.

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for stupid.


We Texans are a proud lot. We have much to be proud of and have been known to occasionally boast about how things are “bigger in Texas.” In fact, we’ve been known to boast about many things in Texas. Unfortunately, Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee isn’t one of them. Rep. Lee, a democrat, (surprise, surprise!) has been in Congress for 21 years (a strong argument for term limits) and her 18th Congressional District includes most of inner-city Houston. Fully 70% of her district’s constituents are minorities and she’s won each of the last several elections with about 70% of the votes – of course, that could just be a coincidence … 

Here is a Fox News account of that “senseless shooting” that Rep. Lee referred to: “An Ohio State police officer was being hailed a hero for his quick reaction after killing a man a minute after he drove his car into a crowd and then stabbed multiple people Monday. Horujko ordered the attacker, later identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, to drop the butcher’s knife and then shot him when he didn’t obey the command, university president Michael Drake said.”

Lucky for Rep. Lee, in politics stupidity, is not a handicap.


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  1. Well, if nothing else she should be charged with First Degree Murder of the English language.

    That Tweet… Yikes! Who wrote it for her? Her 5-year-old niece or something? I can’t believe any adult other than an Ozark hillbilly would write such gibberish.


  2. Maybe you should cut poor, befuddled Sheila a break. I have seen some of her speeches, and often wonder if English is a second language to her. Perhaps she was trying to convey that Officer Horujko’s response to the mutant was to “shoot him senseless.”

    Two to the brain-pan has that effect on murderous minded malcontents.

    On that note, I see the cop haters and anti-gun types have modified their tired old tune – slightly. Yes, the cop was right to intervene, even use his sidearm, BUT he should not have sent what’s-his-butt to see allah. (Bite me, spellcheck. I will not capitalize that name.) They whine that Horujko should have only shot to wound, so that POS could be captured and interrogated about motives and possible accomplices.

    In their world, even when LEOs get it right, they get it wrong.


    • It’s hard for me to cut SJL a break on anything, Salty. In my view, she’s a blight on the reputation of the good people of Texas, regardless of color.

      You’re right, the BLM and CAIR types will crucify the officer for shooting to stop the terrorist-of-color. They’ll say he could have shot the knife out of his hand, right? Shooting him was totally unnecessary.

      Or, maybe he should have offered to roll out a department-issued prayer rug so they could pray together? Officer Horujko didn’t try hard enough to end the matter peacefully – he’s the bad guy.


  3. I don’t think she was referring to the officer. She made the same mistake a lot of people did. The moment the news hit that OSU was under lockdown and before ANY details were known, people started tweeting about guns and gun control.

    When they learned later that he used a knife, they were embarrassed and had to delete their tweets. That’s what happens when you make assumptions and don’t wait for the facts.

    It was actually kind of funny to watch and I saw several of them. Because they were so eager to use this situation to push gun control, they made even bigger fools of themselves than usual.


    • I’ve seen other reports since that verify what you say, Kathy. But it doesn’t absolve her from exhibiting her natural minority and liberal mindset for all the world to see. No words of a “senseless attack” on the victims – or kudos to the officer who stopped the attack – where were those Tweets? She immediately jumped to conclusions that fit her anti-gun agenda – just what we’ve come to expect from her.

      A LATER UPDATE: SJL’s office did finally issue a Press Release yesterday that (correctly) lamented the “senseless violence” of the act, sent her thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families and praised the first responders for their swift and effective handling of the matter. I’ll wager that one of her staff wrote that and not SJL herself.

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  4. >>”a strong argument for term limits”

    She’s also a strong argument for voter I.Q. tests.

    Rep. Lee (D) could have issued a correction and changed “senseless shooting” to “senseless terror attack” but since victims of terror don’t advance the Left’s anti-Second Amendment agenda she saw no need to continue to feign sympathy. That pretty much says it all.


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