Catherine Engelbrecht: Voter Fraud Has Been ‘Institutionalized,’ Allowing Non-Citizen Voters to ‘Flood Our Rolls’

From:,  by John Hayward,  on Nov 29, 2016


True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily to discuss accusations of voter fraud in the 2016 election, including President-elect Donald Trump’s assertion that millions of ballots were cast by people who were not legally allowed to vote.

“You know what? I think we don’t really know,” Engelbrecht said of Trump’s allegation. “We put out a statement shortly after the President-elect’s comments came out, and we said that we support the belief that there could, in fact, have been millions of illegally cast votes, and we are doing tremendous amounts of research to try to get to some of those answers.”

“We set ourselves up, Alex, in a system where for a long time, nobody’s wanted to get answers, so questions haven’t been allowed to be asked,” she told Marlow. “That’s the paradigm that we now have to shatter.”

Marlow noted that while some illegal votes are certainly cast in every election, Trump’s dramatic claim of millions in 2016 was very broad. He asked Engelbrecht if she thought the number could really be that high.

“I think so, yes,” she replied. “And here’s why I think that: When we talk about fraud in sound bites, we often sort of get caught up in, oh, you know, the dead are voting, people are being bused in. Do those things happen, and are those all worthy of debate? Absolutely. But the real problem that we face is that fraud has been institutionalized. We have set up processes that allow for non-citizens, among other ways, but non-citizens certainly to flood into our rolls. And that’s just one of the ways that we set ourselves up with the potential for illegal votes.”

“I think that we are at a place now where we have an opportunity to have a sane conversation about the deconstruction of our process and the examination of the sieve that we’ve created and better ways to go forward,” she said.

Marlow criticized corporate media outlets, particularly CNN, for dismissing Trump’s allegation out of hand, without doing any research and without reminding their readers of notorious ballot hijinks from the past.

Engelbrecht said it was right to be concerned about vote fraud, on a scale large enough to turn close elections. She vowed that she would not be intimidated out of voicing those concerns.

“The amount of vitriol that has come at our organization and board members as a result of this discourse, this exchange of ideas, is nothing short of stunning,” she said. “It begs the question: how close to the bone must we be to engender that kind of outrage by those who would oppose this idea that, hey, let’s just take a look. You know, let’s just see how deep this problem really goes.”

“If you want an answer – I mean, if it’s so easy to be a CNN, right, to affirm that there are no concerns to be had about illegal votes, and non-citizen voting isn’t something that we should look at, then let’s get CNN to ask the federal government to show us how they can conclusively tell us that non-citizens aren’t registered. Show us the process that they use to screen federal registration applications,” she suggested.

“They can’t. Why? Because they don’t. And when states ask to, they get sued. We’ve institutionalized the fraud, we’ve made it this taboo that no one’s allowed to speak about because this is what happens. It’s a political minefield, and it’s not for the faint of heart. But somebody’s got to walk through it, or at some point, we’re going to find ourselves in a banana republic where votes really don’t matter, and then you can’t unring that bell. We’re perilously close to that point now,” Engelbrecht warned.

She said it “serves all of our interests” to ask tough questions about how many illegal voters might be on the rolls.

“Every eligible American citizen ought to have the opportunity to participate in an election that is free and fair, to promote the idea of political engagement and healthy debate,” she declared. “We function better as a country when we are an active and an engaged electorate. But we’ve got to make sure that when people go and vote, they can be certain that that vote counts, and will be counted.”

“America has among the lowest voter turnouts in the industrialized world, and the reason is, people don’t think it matters,” she pointed out. “They don’t trust the process.”

Engelbrecht said True the Vote is engaged in a “massive and ongoing research effort to begin to overlay these databeds, of using the baseline of voter registration files with sanctuary city grids, on and on and on, the layering needs to go now, to really get a full and complete picture of what it is that we’re really looking at.”

“And then from there, we hope to be able to take that empirical evidence and use it to support common sense reforms at the state level,” she continued. “Our goal is to see states really take ownership of processes that work, that make sense – and then together, nationally, we can all rest assured that our votes are being cast and counted in a way that is deserving of the importance and the sanctity of our votes.”

Marlow asked about claims that hackers tampered with the results of the 2016 election.

“Again, if people want to cheat, there’s a way to do it,” said Engelbrecht. “Our systems are so decentralized. We have systems in Texas that are still – the platform that supports them is Windows XP. I mean, good luck hacking that; it’s not even supported, which is a problem in and of itself. So, you know, does it merit examination? Sure. Again, bring all comers to the party. Let’s talk about the problems.”

“Is the time to do that in the eleventh hour before the election is certified, in a way that we’ve seen, to essentially disrupt the Electoral College?” she added. “Well, I think that that’s hyper-partisan manipulation, but I think the question bears asking. It just needs to be asked in the right form.”


I touched on this subject in a post just yesterday and came to the same conclusion as Ms. Engelbrecht and that is, that we really don’t know how many illegals may have voted.

This is really a ludicrous position to be in – for a nation founded on the rule of law and one that supposedly honors our vote so highly – we have to grudgingly admit that we don’t know how many noncitizens may have voted illegally in our 2016 presidential election. They’re not supposed to vote, only citizens are supposed to vote. They’re not citizens so you’d think that they wouldn’t be able to vote – but, you’d be wrong. 

Ms. Engelbrecht has been at the forefront in the effort to clean up voter rolls for years. Her True the Vote organization has executed a number of spot surveys and identified numerous occasions of dead people still listed on voter rolls, yet our federal bureaucracy rebels as states try to clean up their rolls prior to an election – in some cases, going to court to prevent any cleansing of unqualified voters.

Just ask yourself why would any entity refuse to clean up voter rolls, refuse to require positive identification in order to vote, and automatically register anyone qualifying for a driver’s license to vote (without proof of citizenship). There’s only one answer to all of those questions, and that is that democrats benefit from fraudulent votes cast by non-citizens, and “dead” people. In other words, democrats have sold out the sanctity of our vote to gain additional democrat votes.

Is it really too much to ask that only legally qualified, living citizens vote in our elections?

I don’t think so – we should protect the sanctity of our vote with the same vigor as we reserve for our freedoms of speech, of religion, and of our right to bear arms.




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  1. >>“ Just ask yourself why would any entity refuse to clean up voter rolls, refuse to require positive identification in order to vote, and automatically register anyone qualifying for a driver’s license to vote (without proof of citizenship).”

    Exactly, Garnet. Why indeed. I don’t know whether I’m more offended by the obvious scheme to normalize illegal voting or the expectation that we’ll be stupid enough to just go along with it, but when the actions of Democrats don’t match their claims of wanting “free and fair” elections, I’ll draw my conclusions from their actions.

    I know Trump will have a lot of fires to put out after the reign of Obama, but this is a battle we must have and must win right away. Any judge that’s sided with Democrats on the necessity of protecting this nation against voter fraud should be removed asap, if possible. Any laws or regulations that are standing in the way need to be repealed. I would support a federal law requiring states to verify the legal right to vote and subjecting states to regular audits of their voter rolls. I would also support lengthy prison sentences for voter fraud.


    • And I would support the same requirements as well. We know that the dems claims of wanting “free and fair” elections is so much BS. If there’s ANYTHING that they DON’T want in our elections, it’s fairness. In free and fair elections, when voters understand the platforms of the parties and the candidates, the dems can’t win fair elections – thus, the only way for them to win is to cheat.


  2. ‘True the Vote’ was one of those orgs that were not approved as 501c3 by this aministration’s IRS.
    I still don’t know if they became a 501c3 org. Sure would help with their funding.

    We NEED them.


    • “New IRS emails released by the House Oversight Committee show staff working for Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings communicated with the IRS multiple times between 2012 and 2013 about voter fraud prevention group True the Vote. True the Vote was targeted by the IRS after applying for tax-exempt status more than two years ago.”

      Ms. Engelbrecht was indeed targeted by the IRS and denied 501(C)(3) status. But she beat the rap and won her lawsuit (under appeal) against the IRS.

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  3. Ms. Engelbrecht is taking on a colossal effort and I don’t envy her job. Without mandated voter ID in every state, there’s no way to track the illegal votes, and even then forged IDs can be easily obtained.

    Remember in California when they started issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants? That action tipped the scale in the dems’ favor and would be impossible to undo. Just cleaning up this one state would take until the next election if they started now.

    Doing away with early voting would be a good place to start, but people would never go for it.


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