Hillary Has Suffered Enough – Let’s Just Move On

Composite of "Equal Justice Under the Law" United States Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC. and Blind Justice and the Bill of Rights. Supreme Court - GOR-7508H

Please pardon the expression, but I can’t think of a more appropriate response to that statement other than … BULLSHIT.

Yes, Hillary did suffer an ignominious defeat at the hand of Donald Trump. A man, who the democrats believed, had zero chance of beating her. Her emotional pain and suffering because she lost an election, is a fitting end to her political career and is the result of overconfidence and a poorly executed campaign.

Thus, her campaign’s overconfidence coupled with the public’s dislike of her contributed to her (second) presidential election defeat in as many attempts.

My point is that Hillary and her sycophants dug that campaign hole and when Trump appeared to be closing the gap, they couldn’t buy political advertising fast enough to dig their way out. It was, as George Bush so eloquently put it, crummy campaign strategery.

But that’s the election. She came, she saw, she lost. Period – end of story.

There isn’t any logical link between Hillary’s numerous criminal misdeeds and her losing the election – they are two entirely separate issues.

Her supporters say, “c’mon, she’s suffered enough, let’s just move on.” Of course, that’s what they want. They don’t want to see the titular head of their party led away in shackles or being issued her orange jumpsuit. The optics of those actions would reflect badly on the democrat party.

But Hillary has been accused of a number of serious felonies and there hasn’t been a satisfactory conclusion to any of them – either she’s guilty or she’s innocent. She hasn’t yet been thoroughly investigated and had her day in court. And more importantly, letting her off without any final adjudication isn’t the way our laws are supposed to work.

No one, not even Hillary Clinton, is supposed to be above the law. Any ordinary American citizen would be indicted and stand trial for similar acts, there can be NO justification to treat her differently – period.

If Barack Obama doesn’t pardon her, I believe that President-elect Trump (and later, President Trump) should take the position of instructing the Attorney General, the Department of Justice and the FBI to continue any ongoing investigations and treat her EXACTLY like any other citizen, no better, no worse. And then he should recuse himself of any actions relating to her guilt of innocence. And there should be no pardon either. Simply allow our justice system to work the way it’s supposed to work.

Lady Justice is depicted wearing a blindfold. The blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice is or should be meted out objectively, without fear or favor, regardless of money, wealth, fame, power, or identity; blind justice and impartiality.

Isn’t that the way our justice system is supposed to work?


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  1. Look, I get it, she broke the law. She deserves to be in jail.


    A Hillary investigation would distract the nation’s attention. We need to get back to work (making this country great again) and a Hillary trial would be a three ring circus distraction of epic proportions.

    Plus, what could be more hateful to her than being beaten by the entertainer and then ignored?


  2. I agree wholeheartedly, Garnet, except for Trump instructing the AG to investigate. I think the AG should make that decision independently, otherwise it has the smell of political payback on it.

    If Republicans don’t follow the law to its conclusion, all of the attention on her misdeeds leading up to the election will look like nothing other than a political witch hunt – and rightly so.


  3. How can O pardon her if she’s (supposedly) done nothing criminal? Doesn’t she have to be put through the process and proven guilty before he can do that?

    Agreed that they should continue the investigations, especially into the Clinton Foundation, because as we’ve said before, nobody is supposed to be above the law, not even the Clintons.


    • I may be wrong, Kathy, but I understand that she could be pardoned for something like “actions taken related to confidential emails stored on her server” which would blanket all sorts of transgressions. If my understanding is wrong, I’d appreciate someone more knowledgeable correcting me.


  4. Right on, Garnet! (Good to see you back, BTW!)

    We either live under the law, or we don’t! If “some people” are exempted, the justice is neither fair, nor blind!

    If Trump wants to be magnanimous, do so AFTER she has been fully investigated, tried, and convicted.

    If BHO doesn’t pardon her first, Trump can do so after she has been duly convicted, or forced into a plea deal. The optics are REQUIRED!!!


    • Arrrggg! A day without BOTH television and the Internet is like a day in HELL! I’m glad to be back Curtis. The service call took the techie dude all of 20 minutes to fix – and for that, I had to wait THREE DAYS. A fine example of Frontier service since they took over from Verizon.

      I agree. Though I’d get a lot of satisfaction in seeing Hillary doing time (even in one of the federal “country club” facilities), I absolutely MUST see her convicted of her (many) crimes – you stated it perfectly, we either live under the law, or we don’t. It’s binary, there are only two states: we do or we don’t – ain’t no in between.


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