Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!


Aside from the serious things like friends, family, the best country in the world and a roof over my head, here are a few things I’m thankful for, and please… have some fun and add your own to the list.

First and foremost, in spite of the yuge question mark we have with Donald Trump, I’m thankful Hillary Clinton is not our president.

I’m also thankful for…

Good hair days.

Finding the most amazing blouse on the clearance rack and there’s only one and it’s my size.

Inside jokes–the dumber, the better.

Hitting green lights all the way to Walmart, or wherever.

Elastic waistbands, especially on Thanksgiving day.

Customer service reps who speak English.

Duct tape and WD-40.

Home-made bread right out of the oven.

Warm fuzzy slippers.

And lastly….

Our kids and grandkids are coming to see us, but they don’t live here.



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  1. There’s such a thing as a GOOD hair day??? Must be nice….

    I like your list, Kathy! I’ll add good books, chick flicks, chocolate, wine, football and the two best inventions ever: the DVR and the Garmin.

    Sorry I’m late!


  2. Great list, Kathy! Especially the Hillary thingy. That would have destroyed us all.

    I’m also very thankful for all we have, for the freedom to worship the one true God, for my guns and ammo,my family which is growing, for health, husband, my horses and dogs and my friends here at Peskiy Truth. Thank you, Jesus!

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  3. Among those things for which I am thankful…

    Ibuprofen on those mornings when the body tells the mind, “Pack sand. We’re not getting up.”

    Finding a laundromat washer that runs a full cycle, and dryer that both heats up and tumbles the clothes.

    My dog whose idiot antics and unconditional love can bring back joy on the darkest of days.

    Those in uniform who have taken up shield and spear to defend our Nation, and families, against evil.


  4. Love it, Kathy!

    Let me add my Amen! to your list (though the blouse bit doesn’t really apply!) The rest of the list is a pretty good fit, most especially #1.

    America definitely dodged a bullet, allowing her at least a chance to preserve the Republic.

    I’m thankful also that Garnet got a respite from his near perpetual case of writer’s cramp while he was down technologically. I hope he got some extra rest. 😉

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, everyone!!!

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    • Thanks, Curtis. Yes we did dodge a bullet and I hope we don’t blow this opportunity to turn things around.

      Garnet’s internet issues were supposed to be repaired yesterday, and from his absence, I’m guessing they’re not resolved. Maybe we should be thankful we can’t hear him at the moment. 😀


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