The left is ‘projecting’ its own evil onto conservatives

From:,  by James Longstreet,  on Nov 19, 2016


Have there ever been better examples of the psychological phenomenon known as “projection” than what we see and hear from the left each day?

Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

1. The right is violent.

Anti-Trump rioting in Portland, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, and Omaha by the left in which private and public property is destroyed.  During the campaign, the husband of elected congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Robert Creamer, boasted on video of hiring thugs to violently disrupt the Trump rally in Chicago.

We still await the violent right-wing extremism of which the left always warns.  Maybe it is they to whom they really refer.  Projecting?

2. The right is not tolerant.

All one need to do is suggest that a conservative lecturer visit a college campus.  The opposing arguments and points of view are not tolerated by the left, and there are repeated examples.  “Liberal” education in its pure form “invites” discussion and opposing views.  Open debate and civil discourse is welcomed by the right, yet shouting down and denying opposing viewpoints is the new discourse delivered by the “projecting” left and driven by the Saul Alinsky principles.

3. The right is racist.

Everything the left witnesses is shot through the prism of race.  Race is their oxygen, and they can’t take a breath without it.   Of late, Lebron James, and the liberal press thinks a reference to the people with whom he travels as his “posse” is racist.   (The pendulum is hitting the wall.)  Gene Autry and Roy Rogers had posses – was that racist?  The absurdity and prevalence of these instances require no further comment.  Who invites race into each discussion or dissection of the events of the day?   The “projecting” left.

4. The Republican Party is infighting and in disarray.

As is the case in the previous examples of “projection,” this was patently false.  And, in glaring fashion, it was indeed just the other way around.  There were 17 candidates for the Republican nomination for president.  There were three from the Democratic Party, and quickly down to two as Jim Webb saw the game unfold and withdrew.

Seventeen candidates engaged in lively debate and constitutional discourse on the Republican side.  A Socialist and a former first lady with a checkered performance as secretary of state on the Democrat side.  The primary involvement of the Republican voters was record-breaking, not so much so with the Democrats.

In fact, in actuality, it was the Democratic Party that was imploding.  Nine hundred state legislative seats lost in the past eight years.  That is a record for a presidential stint, Mr. Obama.  Only five states have a Democrat governor, House and Senate.   Republican governors rose from 22 to 31, Democrats falling from 28 to 18.  Republican state Senate seats rose from a 2009 level of 899 to 1,089, as Democrat seats fell from a 2009 level of 1,024 to 823.  Likewise, Republican state House seats rose from 2009 level of 2,334 to 3,029, as Democrats fell from 3,058 to 2,340.

Finally, Barack Obama seems bent on reminding everyone that “I did a pretty good job.”  This is more delusional than projecting, but both are similar in their detachment from reality.

If this is a pretty good job, Mr. Obama, play on.  Your legacy will be shrouded in this detachment from reality, and the history books will speak of riots from the left, not the right.  It will speak of the steep decline in your party’s stature.  These “successes” you delivered will speak for themselves.  The Democratic Party looks to pick up the pieces if they can find them.  Accusations and “projections” from the left begin to fall on deaf ears.


This is not the first time that conservatives have identified projection as a major defect in the activities of the left. All of the points brought up by Mr. Longstreet are valid, true, and easily illustrated. Anyone who’s been aware of the political activities by the left before, during, and after the 2016 election will have already identified numerous occasions of projection by the left. The most interesting part is that they apparently don’t engage in any self-analysis in support of self-improvement, else they’d see that most of their accusations are nothing more than projection.

Of course, if that happened, they’d be “slapped upside the head” and change their political philosophy. But, since most refuse to believe that they could have been wrong (all this time), they simply revert to the other side of this psychological coin, rationalization. 

And there we have it, the bi-fecta of psychological self-delusion – and the political essence of the left.



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2 replies

  1. It really is mind-blowing how the Left is the very embodiment of so much that it complains about, and this election has seen this in the extreme. Money-grubbing Hillary Clinton was going to battle the corporate greed of Wall Street and be the champion of the little guy – LOL! Al Gore and all the limousine liberals were flying around the country on their private jets to save the planet from the climate change deniers – LOL! Hillary – enabler of Bill the rapist – was going to protect women from being oppressed by men – LOL! Oh yeah, projection much???

    Maybe the low-info crowd is dumb enough to believe what doesn’t comport with their own eyes (they still think Obama is a good president, LOL), but for the smarter ones like Hillary, projection is a tactic that puts their opponents on defense.


  2. To illustrate: The violent riots that happened after President Obama was elected. Either time.


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