It’s Mourning in America


From “Beethoven & Trump” by Dr. Jack Wheeler


There is no word in the English language for schadenfreude – a German word that translates to “joy in the misfortune of others.”

British writer Alistair Cooke calls schadenfreude “an unworthy emotion, which may be why we don’t admit to it by having a word in English.”

Yet only saints don’t feel or enjoy schadenfreude.  This is particularly so when we feel the misfortune and misery of others is deserved.  That’s why audiences cheer when the villain in a movie gets his in the end. . .

That’s why it’s fun to see celebrities and college cry-babies going bananas protesting Trump’s landslide victory.  They hate America, want to see it ruined, and fully deserve all the heartache and despair they’re feeling.

However . . . Even though schadenfreude is fun to feel, we don’t want it to linger in our hearts.  The longer it lingers, the more corrosive it is to our souls.  Okay, laugh at the losers, but then start feeling something better.

I submit that our response to Trump’s victory and the left’s reaction to it not be one of schadenfreude, but a sense of overwhelming joyousness, a liberating joyousness that frees us from the liberal insanities of the past and enables us to create a sane future.  Trump’s victory should be our own “Ode to Joy”.

Let’s put the momentousness of what happened last week in context.  It’s far more than a revolution that overthrows one set of rulers for another.  What just happened is a full-blown paradigm-shift.

The classic example of this in the history of science is in astronomy.  Science in everyday activity is puzzle-solving within an accepted framework of how the world works.

For many centuries, astronomers couldn’t figure out why planets moved as they did, given the obvious framework of the universe – that the Earth was at its center with the sun and planets orbiting around it.

This “geocentric” paradigm got so fantastically complex with a dog’s breakfast of epicycles within epicycles that it had to be jettisoned in favor of a “heliocentric” paradigm proposed by Copernicus in 1543.  Planetary motion was far more easily explained by assuming the Earth was a planet itself, and it with all the other planets rotated around the Sun.

That is such a paradigm-shift that Sir Francis Bacon called it “the rape of the senses.” . . . A real 16th century mind-blow.


By November 8, 2016, the Liberal-Left’s Marxist-Fascist Political Paradigm that justified its controlling our lives had reached an intolerable apex of insanity.

College snowflakes with their triggers and safe spaces; the US military being transgenderized; protests demanding that men can use women’s bathrooms; letting the terrorist mullahs of Iran have nuclear weapons; ignoring the most scandal-ridden presidency in our history; trying to elect an impossibly corrupt overt criminal as that president’s successor – the examples could go on endlessly.

The American electorate has now decided to throw the entire Lefty Paradigm into the trashcan of history.  Its advocates are engaging in deranged spasms of outright fascism — Assassinate Trump and Rape Melania explosions on Twitter, fascist thugs and violent protests infesting city after city. The demonic anger on display is fueled by the realization that the Left’s Paradigm is toast.

We just don’t care if we are called racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic deplorables.  (T)he words don’t mean anything to us (actually, to anyone anymore).

We just don’t care what the MSM says anymore.  The New York Times, WaPo, NBC-ABC-CBS-CNN are irrelevant, headed for extinction – Dinosaur Media.

Here’s a headline this morning (11/17): Press Dig In for Long Battle against Trump.

You can almost hear the peals of laughter coming from Trump Tower over this.  It’s like the Japanese dug in on an island in WWII that MacArthur decided to pass by as no longer of strategic importance.

The old paradigm of arrogant, smug, we-know-better, elitist fascist control over our lives has crashed.  It is time for an

“Ode to Joy” celebrating our liberation from it, celebrating our opportunity to create a new paradigm of a Future of Freedom.

Trump’s mantra is Make America Great Again.  It resonates because the Left’s goal, personified by BHO, is to diminish America.  What I believe MAGA should translate to is this: Make America America Again – the freest, strongest, richest, and most morally noble country on earth.

We were that once.  Now we can be once more – with more opportunity to do so than ever.


My friend, Dr. Jack, an author of Reagan’s anti-Soviet policies, hits the nail on the head.

Schadenfrude, what a sweet, but bitter, concept! But so apropos to these days!

Yes, I admit just a touch of mirth at the discomfort of the “snowflakes”. No more deserving set of individuals may have ever drawn breath, other than the “Wicked Witch” herself!

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3 replies

  1. “Make America America Again”

    Amen to that!

    The greatest irony is that those of us who regularly blog here are not Trump fans, yet the more the Left shows itself to be unwilling to play by the rules (only when they lose, of course), the more I am inclined to defend him.

    I also loved this sentence:

    “We just don’t care if we are called racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic deplorables. (T)he words don’t mean anything to us (actually, to anyone anymore).”

    Oh so true!


  2. When we first learned the results of the election, the feeling was one of huge relief – now we at least have a chance at restoring our country. But as the days wore on and the crybabies took their misery to the streets, that’s when it became a schadenfreude moment.

    Now after more than a week of the whining, our patience is wearing thin (at least mine is) and it’s time to get back to everyday routines. Standing out in the streets changes nothing, so they need to suck it up and get on with life.


    • The leaders are being paid to foment the disruption, then the protestors are bused to the targeted site. It’s their job, so in a sense they are at work.

      The problem is that their job is to rend the social fabric even more than Obama intentionally did.


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