Have protesters morphed into political mercenaries?

People protest against the election of President-elect Donald Trump Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016, in front of City Hall in Kansas City, Mo. Thousands took to the streets Saturday across the United States as demonstrations against Trump continued in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and beyond. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

What do the Trump protesters hope to accomplish?

These people hope that their protests will cause such pain and anguish in Donald Trump’s soul that guilt will cause him to simply surrender and resign.


Fat chance.

That goal is admittedly remote, even within their contorted strategy. So, in the absence of a resignation, they’ll reluctantly accept a permanent state of protest wherein they’ll join the ranks of the employed and make a career out of “improvised and spontaneous” protests. Anything to keep the government in turmoil and reflecting badly on the new President-elect.

In the past, they’ve been able to eke out a minimal existence, at least covering their Starbucks lattes and laptops, while retaining their freedom to gather with other like-minded ne’er-do-wells, to smoke weed and complain about the inequities of a capitalist nation.

But now there’s a new employment category: professional protester.

I don’t know whether it’s been added to the Standard Occupational Classification list yet or how the EEOC classifies them, but apparently it’s fast becoming one of the rapidly growing new occupations – at least since Donald Trump’s arrival on the political scene.

A recent ad in the Seattle area Craigslist posting asked for “motivated individuals” for the state’s “oldest and largest Grassroots non-profit organization – Washington CAN.” Washington CAN is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

A second job listing by Washington CAN, posted on November 11, has another job offer: “Organize to stop Trump Agenda! Be Civil, but Don’t Back Down. $15/hr!”

And a third Craigslist posting says, “Help protect the planet from Trump! $13-15/hr.” This one asks for “motivated, energetic, environmentally and politically-minded individuals to fill open positions with our full and part time field organizing teams.”

There were even “jobs” being advertised in Pittsburg, PA right before the election for “up to $1,500/week” to “STOP TRUMP.”

There have been similar ads in large cities across the country advertising for activists to protest Trump, some even offering full-time employment at $27,000-30,500 annual pay. All of the Craigslist ads were traced back to organizations funded by George Soros or moveon.org.

In the end, it appears that traditional protesters (unpaid issue-oriented activists) are becoming rare and are being replaced by professional paid protesters, who are being manipulated by big money interests with left-leaning agendas.

In effect, these professional protesters are nothing more than political mercenaries – selling out to the highest bidder.

We need to remember that when we hear of protests in favor of or against anything. They’re probably not reflective of real people’s feeling about an issue; they’re simply dancing to the tune of the puppeteer, like George Soros.


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2 replies

  1. Just like Hillary, one of these days, Soros will have his come-uppance, and it won’t be pretty. I hope I’m around to see it.


  2. Excellent post, Garnet.

    I guess when Democrats talk about “grassroots” they’re talking about a very different type of grass.


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