The Intolerance and Hypocrisy of the Left is Now on Display



I wish I could say that it’s unexpected, but it’s not. The left is doing exactly what we knew they would do, they’re SO predictable. The slang term that best describes their actions following the Trump victory is “butt hurt.” They can’t cope with the adversity that they believe will surely accompany the arrival of a savage hoard of Trump Neanderthals who will rape and pillage innocent American women and children all across the land.

That’s what they’ve been told and dutiful sycophants that they are; they swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

They were so sure, so confident, that the wrinkly, lying, old grifter with alternative plumbing would overpower Trump and win in a landslide; they simply can’t cope with the thought that she lost and the spawn of Satan (Trump) won.

They expected results like these: NBC/SM: Clinton +6, Ipsos: Clinton +4, NBC/WSJ: Clinton +4, ABC/WaPo: Clinton +4, Herald: Clinton +4, Bloomberg: Clinton +3. Their expectation was that Hillary would cruise into the Oval Office without breaking a sweat.

The democrats had an easy time convincing their automatons that Hillary was just as saintly as their kindly grandmother and would do anything for them. On the other hand, that Republican ogre running against her hated everything holy and would shutter schools; evict grandparents from their homes and barbecue young children on a communal grill. Trump was a monster and Satan owned every fiber of his being.

As evidence of their unbridled fear now, after a Trump win, we see students walking out of classes, demonstrations and riots in the streets, and all sorts of threats hurled against President-elect Trump. I don’t believe that the final vote tally has yet been completed and already, they’ve crucified him as a xenophobe, a misogynist, a homophobe, and Islamophobe.

He is such an evil man that anyone who voted for him will now be automatically categorized as xenophobe, a misogynist, a homophobe, and Islamophobe as well. According to the left, simply being deplorable wasn’t enough; we’ve also got to be labeled with all that other baggage as well.

They’re saying that he’s “not my president” and saying that they refuse to accept the outcome – like they have a choice. A news flash for them – they don’t have a choice. Poor, misguided little snowflakes, they didn’t get what they wanted, too bad. I don’t recall seeing any concern or sympathy for us when Barack Obama was elected twice over our objections. We didn’t like it, but we accepted it. We didn’t riot, we didn’t walk out, we didn’t protest when we didn’t get what we wanted. We’re the grown-ups; the adults. Their actions in the past couple of days only illustrate how the left are akin to spoiled children who act out when they don’t get what they want.

The left refused to believe the cold, hard facts that proved Hillary Clinton’s crimes; they chose to ignore the evidence and happily sucked down the Klinton Kool-Aid. If they’d just had done a little honest research, they’d have learned that she was the most flawed candidate who has ever run for the presidency. She didn’t deserve to win, she deserved prison.

So now, following their orders from, they rebel against the same election process that they embraced when they liked the results. There’s no need to give Trump a chance, they simply know that he’ll be an awful president. He simply can’t be a good president, not even a passable one; he’s not one of them.

It’d be one thing if he’d been in office for a year or two and they protested his policies and actions, but he hasn’t signed his first document as president yet and they’ve already gone ballistic.

We never had any doubt, but now they’re displaying their hypocrisy and intolerance for the rest of the world to see – and it ain’t pretty. I sincerely hope the whole world is watching.


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  1. “…spoiled children who act out when they don’t get what they want.”

    You nailed it, Garnet. What we’re witnessing is the effects of the mental disease of liberalism. These people probably still suck their thumbs when they sleep. Now we know why the minimum voting age used to be 21.


  2. If I was a little girl, I’d be giggling. Instead I emit a loud guffaw.

    Even though I’m not a Trumpite, I voted for the guy AGAINST BroomHillary, and am absolutely DE-lighted with the result, and all this bleating and moaning makes it just that much sweeter.

    Is it gloating? HELL YEAH! And after 8 years of the most destructive administration in the history of the country, I think it’s well deserved.


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