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Condensed from a blog post by my friend, Hardscrabble Farmer.

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If there’s one aspect of this past election that deserves some deep introspection it isn’t how so many pollsters and media personalities “got it wrong”. That may be the fall-back position of a badly demoralized opponent, but it isn’t the truth and it isn’t going to lead anyone to a better understanding of why they are where they are a week after their defeat at the polls. . .  There are plenty of people in my circle of family and associates who threw in with the losing camp and I don’t wish to make their loss any more painful to endure. . . I fully understand what that’s like and it isn’t my place to make things worse, but I thought it might be helpful to try and lay out a set of bullet points that will help them grasp what actually took place while they were thinking about a Clintonian White House and the future that outcome held for them.

The media and everyone in it’s camp deceived the public deliberately.

They were . . .  exposed repeatedly, and yet people believed them because in their hearts they simply couldn’t accept the fact that so many people would be in collusion to defraud them of basic facts, that they would intentionally malign and revile people without just cause in order to promote others who were clearly criminals in order to pursue an agenda that benefited them. But that’s exactly what they did and they are not repentant, nor will they change the course they have committed to. You . . . cannot say that you haven’t been warned.

Getting what you want and how you get what you want are not always harmonious partnerships.

Some people want to afford luxuries and so they work for them, others simply walk in, brandish a weapon and then take it away from their rightful owners. In America we have lost sight of the fact that outcomes are not always based on common values and morality. . .

When you normalize aberrant behaviour, and marginalize virtuous ones, you enter a sphere where outcomes are erratic and unstable.

At a certain point the dependable craftsmen will sense that the system is flawed in its construction and begin to cut his own corners. The criminal or indolent layabout will no longer be able to depend on the upright and the industrious to keep their traditional agreement to do their level best and one day, when they come to feed at the trough, they will find it empty.

The truth will out.

. . . Bad people are bad people no matter how much they bullshit you into believing that they aren’t. Anyone who had even a moment’s exposure to Hillary Clinton and her closest advisers knew that they were dirty folks engaging in reckless acts of wanton criminality, but, because they promised policies and positions that were in alignment with certain parts of the electorate, people were willing to make peace with that. Some people can live with that on their conscience, but most people cannot. The truth is that the vast majority of people are neither angels nor demons, but clustered somewhere in the middle. The trick is to try and spend your life tacking towards what is just and truthful if only for your own peace of mind and most people do this. . .

If you taunt and berate and ridicule and demean, sooner or later the patience and forbearance wears out.

Call someone a racist, neo-Nazi, misogynist, Islamophobe, hater, homophobe often enough and with enough vitriol and the day will come that they’ll slip their shock-collar and come looking for payback. Especially when you refuse to allow any discussion of the underlying causes for their dissent from the dogma of the Church of Shut Up and Pay Your Taxes. You would think that this would be obvious by now, but judging by the recent riotous behaviour and the content of their vocal protests, these folks are right back there, kicking at the cage, this time without any shoes or socks.

Celebrations are for winners.

Winners are the people who cross the finish line first or in this case get the most votes. The kind of hubris demonstrated by virtually everybody on Earth except the ones who actually won this election was a thing to behold. . . Clinton won in every poll, on every show, in every venue except the one that counted. Real life.


This election is going to be, I predict, one for the history books. It . . . seemed to involve every basic tenet of the American experience rolled up into one big shit sandwich and served with a side whoop ass. . .

I could not resist comment if for no other reason than to encourage others to try and look past the prevailing wisdom of our time. It would benefit us all if we were to take a moment to look, rather, to the past for instruction and understanding. Traditions and norms exist for reasons completely disconnected from patriarchal domination of the culture, but rather because they are based on empirical reality.

Things happen for a reason and as a consequence of actions and for reasons disconnected from ideology or politics. . . As we move forward and the pain begins to diminish as it always does, we will have an opportunity for either reflection or denial and what we choose will, in the end, deliver us to a future we either earn or deserve.


HSF speaks for all of us who view individual liberty, personal responsibility, the Constitution, and patriotism towards our country as bedrock principles.

Those who see things from a one world humanist viewpoint have other ideas of course. I respectfully request that they renounce their citizenship and migrate to a land more to their liking rather than stealing or trying to destroy mine.

I understand I can’t force that to happen. But if the UN, Broadway, & Hollywood departed tomorrow, I wouldn’t miss them one bit. The same can be said for network TV as well. All those venues are cancerous tumors growing within the body politic.

Whether Trump will change a damned thing, I don’t know. But I DO know that there was zero chance of beneficial change under a Hillary Clinton regime. So I say a prayer of thanksgiving for this admittedly imperfect President-Elect, and wish him godspeed in his journey towards the betterment of our nation.

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  1. That “Reality Hits You Hard, Bro” video surely must be representative of how the leftist feel after the election, though the reality of the situation won’t be in full swing ’till January. It’ll surely hit them HARD!


  2. An excellent piece and he makes some great points, one being that we should look to the past and learn from it. Sad that so few people do, otherwise the Dems would know that communism/socialism has been tried and it doesn’t work.

    I ditto your request they renounce their citizenship and leave. At the very least, stop procreating and let the old ones die off.


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