A Compilation of Media Fails – Trump Won’t Win Election


Detached from reality and super-glued to Hillary’s butt, the media got it wrong, not just once, but repeatedly for a year, we’ve heard nothing from them except to say that Trump had no chance.

Here’s a little 2 minute video put together by Mark Dice, that shows the barrage of negativity the media fed the public. Give it a listen…

Not that their tactics will change, but they should have to watch this every day for the coming year.


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  1. I love it! My favorites are the British Bozo and Barack Obama, because they thought they were so cute. They don’t look so cute now, do they?


  2. Great music in the youtube! Great youtube! Thanks Kathy.

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  3. Boy! I’m sure glad that I’m not as “SMART” as they are. They were supposed to be the most insightful, most intelligent pundits in the country and they reveled in telling us ignorant hicks how we just weren’t smart enough to understand these matters, so they ‘splained it to us. I am in AWE of their awesomeness.

    As you said, they should be forced to watch their prognostications over and over as penance.


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