Who Should Be In Trump’s Cabinet?

There are lots of reports and speculation on who The Donald is going to choose for his Cabinet.  Taking the news reports and my own thoughts into account, The Crawfish presents for your perusal and discussion my picks:

Press Secretary: Although not a Cabinet position, it is a very important position.  I suggest the Talkmaster himself (he’s currently retired and available) Neal Boortz.

Chief of Staff: This person must know how to deal with all of the Administration and Congress, pushing through the President’s agenda.  Nobody is more qualified than Newt Gingrich.

State: Former UN Ambassador John Bolton.  Period.  End of statement.

Defense: Lots of names being thrown about here, but many see the front runner to be Alabama’s Senator Jeff Sessions to be the pick.  I will throw in a bonus pick here, with Allen B. West for Secretary of the Army.

Veterans Affairs:  We need a bull in the china shop here.  One who won’t take any BS.  General James Mattis USMC (ret) is my pick.

Health and Human Services: Dr. Ben Carson

Homeland Security: Rudy Giuliani or Sheriff David Clarke

Attorney General: Lots of possibilities here, and my top three are Giuliani, Governor Chris Christie, or Rep. Trey Gowdy.  A darkhorse here is Senator Ted Cruz.

Interior:  The head of Lucas Oil has been talked about, but this is the spot for a woman liberals detest, Governor Sarah Palin.

Agriculture: Governor Rick Perry

National Security Advisor: Duncan Hunter Sr. (former Congressman and father of Rep. Duncan Hunter Jr.)

Director of National Intelligence: Former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency LtGen Mike Flynn.

Treasury: Steve Mnuchin

Energy: Harold Hamm

Housing and Urban Development: Pam Patenaude

EPA: Myron Ebell

Labor: Victoria Lipnic

Commerce: Wilbur Ross

Education: Dr. Carson had been mentioned a couple of months ago, but William Evers is the front runner.

The first 2 SCOTUS picks: Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee

What are your thoughts?

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  1. A lot of good picks there, Crawfish. I personally wouldn’t have Chris Christie as part of the administration, not so much because of the bridge thing but because I think he’s a politically ambitious moderate Republican and that’s usually a dangerous combination. I doubt Trump will see it that way, though.

    There’s a long way to go yet so I will give Trump the benefit of the doubt but the bits and pieces I’ve seen so far suggest to me that Trump sees these gov’t positions primarily as a means to repay the loyalty of his supporters. I find it disturbing that his children and son-in-law are so prominently involved in shaping our new gov’t administration.


  2. Sorry to say, I’m not familiar with some of those names, but you have several I agree with, particularly Bolton and I really like West and Flynn in there. I’d rather see David Clarke get some more experience under his belt before he’s put in charge of a department. He’d be good at DHS, but maybe in a lesser role.

    Off topic, but I’m curious to see what Trump will do with the EPA, who’s issued more stupid and useless regulations than any other department.

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    • Some of them I didn’t know, either, but multiple articles mentioned their experience and they looked very good.

      For EPA, he has said he wants to roll them back to their original purpose and scope. He also said that for every new federal regulation proposed, 2 must be revoked.


  3. That’s what Kellyanne said last night on TV.

    I have LtCol West as SecArmy.

    Sessions is on the Armed Forces Committee and Judiciary Committee. He is a former US Attorney for Southern Alabama and Alabama Attorney General on the judicial side and was an Army Reserve Captain. Most of these articles I’ve seen have him wanting and getting SecDef, but AG is certainly a possibility.

    If Sessions goes to AG, I could see Flynn going to SecDef, although he’d need a waiver from a somewhat recent (as I understand it) federal law saying a military vet must wait at least 7 years to take a civilian leadership position within DoD.


  4. I understand that Kellyanne isn’t sure that she wants to dump her business and join the Trump administration. I agree that Bolton is the guy for SOS. I agree with most of your other picks, including the SC picks of Cruz and Lee – real conservatives! Sessions is a wild card since Trump has him penciled in at a bunch of slots – he can probably have whichever one he wants. I’d like to see Col. West in there somewhere too.


  5. Your picks are great! Especially love Bolton for SOS!
    But I bet Press Sec will be KellyAnne. She will prob have a hand in that job. She’s the first woman to run a successful prez campaign!


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