Veterans … Comin’ Home (tissue alert)

My friends, THIS is what it’s all about. This is Veteran’s Day, a day set aside for us to thank our vets for their sacrifice. For the most part, we recognize and understand that our voluntary military members give up their time with family and loved ones to serve their country. All too often, we forget about the same sacrifice endured by their families while they are away.

Moms and dads, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters are without a cherished member of their family for months at a time, forced to communicate via email, text messages, Skype, and other means just to stay in touch with someone that they love dearly. That my friends is real sacrifice, and we owe them for it.

This video captures some of the unbridled joy and love that overcomes all parties when one of our military is reunited with those that they love and who love them. It’s a tear-jerker to be sure, but there isn’t a more worthy cause for a lumpy throat and moist eyes than seeing a mom or dad surprise their kids by actually Comin’ Home.

It’s 8:55 of our military members being reunited with their families and I’ll bet you can’t watch the whole thing without happy tears flowing – I know I couldn’t.


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11 replies

  1. Yep, just had myself a good cry.


  2. I’ve seen so many of these and cry through every minute of them. They deserve so much better from our government. Thanks again, veterans!


  3. Thankfully, the honor our vets deserve and lives of sacrifice they’ve led will be vastly improved by the new administration. A huge thanks to all our veterans


  4. Don’t even need to watch it. I tear up on these every single time, sometimes even as I hit the play button.


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