Surviving a Hillary-pocalypse

From:,  by John Kudla,  on Nov 7, 2016


For a moment, let us imagine on November 8 that Donald Trump is unable to pull a rabbit out of his hair and loses the election.  What then?  We will be facing four or possibly eight years of Hillary Clinton as president.  We will have to survive the dreaded Hillary-pocalypse.

The first thing Hillary is likely to do as president, besides gloat, is increase border security and send a few thousand illegal criminals back where they came from, and maybe try to get some kind of additional government assistance for displaced union factory workers.  Do not be fooled – this will be nothing more than a hocus-pocus misdirection strategy designed to mellow the opposition and increase Hillary’s favorability ratings prior to going after what she and the Democratic Party really want.  That would be amnesty for the mass of illegal immigrants presently in the country.

The number of illegals could be anywhere from ten to thirty million.  The Pew Research Center says the number has been holding steady at eleven million since 2009.  Former Mexican ambassador to the U.S. Arturo Sarukhan, in a 2015 interview, claimed that it was closer to thirty million.  Considering that Pew uses an estimate based on two different U.S. Census Bureau surveys, the Current Population Survey and the American Community Survey, both of which depend on illegals telling the truth, I tend to believe that the number is larger than eleven million.

Once these people can legally vote and are happily resettled in enough narrowly held Republican House and Senate districts to flip the Congress to Democrat control, Hillary can do pretty much whatever she wants.  A few items on the list might be raising taxes on the middle class, replacing Obamacare with a single-payer government-run health care system, placing liberal justices on the Supreme Court, opening the borders to immigrants from wherever she likes, and ratifying the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

If you are expecting the billionaire-backed #NeverTrump wing of the Republican Party to save you, guess again.  These folks want amnesty for illegals, too, but for a different reason.

Ask yourself this question: how do you increase sales at stores who sell food, clothing, shoes, medicines, cell phones, etc. without even trying?  Easy: You invite a bunch of new friends into the country, and you give them money to spend.

Where does the money come from?  As soon as our illegal friends have children within U.S. borders, the children are immediately granted citizenship.  This entitles them to a smorgasbord of federal and state benefits like welfare, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, food stamps, Medicaid, housing assistance, and so on.  Better still, all of the items mentioned above get charged to our credit card down at the U.S. Treasury.  As comedian Yakov Smirnoff used to say, “what a country!”

Also, as soon as our illegal friends get amnesty and become citizens, they can legally compete for jobs.  Have you looked at a job application lately?  Many of them say, “Must be a U.S. citizen to apply.”  I guess now that there are enough high-paying jobs for every U.S. citizen, it would be unfair to keep illegals from looking for work, too.

Do not expect the job pool to expand during a Clinton administration.  The only jobs Hillary has ever created were for investigators, prosecutors, and a few plead-the-Fifth computer techs.

What does this all mean?  If Hillary wins, expect taxes to rise on the middle class and jobs to be scarce for the working class, and expect more foreign workers to be allowed to come to the United States for employment.  In short, everyone who has a job should start saving his money for the tough times ahead.

Fortunately, saving money is not difficult.  Here are a few excellent ideas on how to do it.

Let’s start with the Republican Party.  This includes the moralists who pretend they are so ashamed of Trump that they are going to vote for Hillary, the #NeverTrump folks who like their perks and privileges and who want amnesty for illegal aliens, and our brave friends in the roll-over-and-beg Congress.

If you are a registered Republican and have contributed to Republican candidates or any cash-raising branch of the RNC, I am sure you have received contribution requests in the mail, which usually start out, “Dear fellow Republican.”  This is usually followed by a mention of Obama and his pals, Pelosi and her gang, or Harry Reid, all of whom are going to do yada-yada-yada unless you help us stop them.  Next is a fake survey with four or five hot-button issues, with a request that you select the ones most important to you.  Finally, there are check boxes with dollar values of 50, 100, 200, etc.  The idea is for you to be so outraged that you will check the boxes and send a contribution.  I have received so many of these that I could paper the outside of my house twice over.

I have a suggestion.  When you receive one that says, Hillary and her pals are going to do yada-yada-yada, please remember that Hillary probably would not be there if the Republican Party had fully backed Trump.  Then do what I am going to do: throw the letter in the trash.  Better yet, write, “When you do something about the issues I care about, I will send you a check” on the survey before returning it.  In business circles, that is called “pay for performance.”  If they never do anything, just think of all the money you will save.

Then there are the media.  Our left-wing friends at ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, etc., have done everything they can to boost Hillary and disparage Trump, going so far as abandoning any pretense of objectivity and conspiring directly with the DNC and the Hillary campaign.  At what point do we cease viewing them with rose-colored glasses and see them as they really are?  The leftist media are enablers of the socialist movement.  They are more than willing to help suppress conservatives, impoverish working-class people, sanction government corruption, restrict our rights, send our jobs to foreign countries, and wreck our children’s future, simply because we do not agree with their politics and beliefs.

If you want to do something about this, stop watching network broadcasts and stop reading the newspapers.  These are businesses who have to make money in order to survive, and the amount of money they make is partly based on the number of people who watch their programs and read their papers and magazines.

If you want to carry this a step farther, find a list of advertisers who are supporting the news programs and newspapers.  Once you know who they are, stop buying their products.  If they are publicly traded companies, sell their stock and refuse to buy it.  No need to protest or yell and scream on the internet.  Stay calm, stay cool, stop watching, stop buying, cancel your newspaper or magazine subscription, and help yourself at the same time.

As the French used to say not long ago, bienvenue à la résistance.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If Hillary wins on November 8th, we’re in for EIGHT interminable years with her in the Oval Office. Can anyone who’s familiar with Hillary’s criminal past really think that she will allow ANYTHING to prevent her re-election in 2020? With the full power of the presidency at her disposal, it’s the most sure bet on the planet that she won’t lose that election. So, whatever evil she’s able to conjure up in her first four years, she’ll have an additional four years to finish.

As awful as it may sound, I’m not so sure that the country wouldn’t be better off with Barack Obama for eight more years rather than Hillary. Truth be told, our America will be toast in either event. We can expect a gradual but concerted effort to circumvent our Bill of Rights. We can expect a diminution of our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, of assembly, of the right to petition for grievances, and we can kiss goodbye our 2nd Amendment gun rights. Hillary knows that these rights will stand in the way of our total subservience and therefore must be curtailed. And with the power of the presidency and the Supreme Court backing her up, we don’t stand a chance.

I’m still holding out hope that she loses. I’m cautiously optimistic that Donald Trump will pull it out. I’m certainly praying (while I still can) for a Trump victory. 

At my age, I’m too old to consider moving to another country, so I’ll be stuck with her if she is elected. If that happens (God forbid), it will be proof that America’s best days are behind us and our future will be filled with Hillary.

As Pogo once said (paraphrased), “we have met the enemy and she is Hillary.”




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  1. Indeed she is the enemy, but I’d rather take my chances with 4 years of her, than have O for four to eight more years, simply because of health reasons. She won’t last 4 years and that would leave us with idiot Kaine, who could more easily be defeated.

    “The Pew Research Center says the number has been holding steady at eleven million since 2009.” They must think we’re stupid to put forth such a blatant lie. Illegals pour over the border daily by the hundreds while even more wait in shelters in Mexico, so that’s not only a lie, it’s insulting.

    The media doesn’t show us the size of the crowds Hillary is drawing, but from the looks of Trump’s crowds it should be landslide. At least that’s what I’m hoping for, because I am also too old to move to another country, besides, there’s nowhere to go.


    • You’re right, Kathy I should have considered her health. Pew is just another left-wing think tank. They’ll report whatever serves their masters (democrats) best. The only reports of crowds I’ve seen always number in the hundreds for Hillary. Probably, she knows that she can’t draw anymore and intentionally speaks at smaller venues – so the media can show a “packed house.”


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